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Boy Napped

Kenzie Madison determines to play lovely today, or does he? Kneading Calvin Croft and making him ejaculation seems far too adorable for the evil Kenzie , and it is. He shortly demonstrates his true motives for making Calvin jism so briefly - to make his head ultra fragile for some rock-hard, tough, COCK BALL TORTURE. With pegs, flogs, and sploogs, Kenzie indeed hurts Calvin's newly emptied man sausage until he can take no more, and then some!
Luckas Layton is back and sexier then ever. He's been brought to the mill for the very first time, a entire fresh practice for the strung up youthfull youngster. Roped down and at the grace of both Ashton Bradley and Kenzie Madison, Luckas was given more than he bargained for. Face boned by Ashton and cropped by Kenzie, this flick can only end in one way, a sticku mud of steamy youngster jism!