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Brain Washed Teens

Violet has been trained to be a foot fetish whore in the past. No matter what training she's had, she must obey her new Master.
Our perverted Doctor calls Asian hottie Mia Li for a session. She comes in curious and shy. That's makes for a fun session, especially with the sexy body she has. He calms her down and gets her to a peaceful place. She enjoys becoming vulnerable to her perverted master. He has her undress and walk around the room. Of course his eyes are looking at every inch of her.
Our perverted Doctor uses his abilities unexpectedly in this clip. He needed some plumbing done and the company he called sent over Chrissy Nova. He wants to have some fun.
Our creepy Doctor keeps getting the hottest young girls in his office, all wanting to be his sex pet. His next trainee, the sultry Natalie Lust, comes in for the fun of it all.
Our perverted Doctor has recently seen a few clients that want to find relationship solutions through his training. Natalia Roballez, a sexy Latina with an incredible body, comes in for some clarity concerning her boyfriend.
Poor Sofia Vega. She's come to see our perverted doctor hoping he can help her forget her cheating ex-boyfriend. Becoming a submissive cum whore seems like the perfect solution.
Ezmie Lee. What a pretty girl. Yet, that won't stop her Master from training her to be the perfect sex slave.
The Doctor has brought in the hot and spicy Jasmine Caro today. She needs training to become a better slut. She's a bit uptight and boring in bed. He wants to see what's under her clothes. He makes her take off her clothes as she feels the wave of horniness travel through her body. What a beautiful round ass she has, big enough to leave a few bite marks on. He tells her to show it off and shake it a bit for him.
The tall blonde bombshell Amanda Tate came in for a session with our perverted Doctor. She's heard such good things about his top of the line whore training.
Good friends, both so hot and bubbly, Jessica Robbin and Roxanne Rae have come to see what the Doctor can really do. They both don't believe he can train them to be the cock worshiping sex slaves they want to become.
Mena Li, an Asian beauty with an ass meant for worship, comes in for a training. So her master for the next few hours charms her under his guidance and sends her mind in a place of serenity.
Our perverted Doctor calls in the pixie hottie Alice Manson for a session. She's been naughty.
Nadia Capri, a sexy Latina with an incredible body, comes in for a life makeover. She's known as the biggest nerd in school and she's tired of it. Plus she's been feeling really horny and doesn't know what to do with it. Her new Master asks her a few questions, taking note of anything that he can tackle when he applies his technique. Nadia is in for quite the awakening.
Our next slut, the vivacious and flirty Missy Lynn, gave off a very horny vibe to her perverted Doctor. She's already rubbing on herself.
The Doctor has one of his regular slaves, the cute and dick hungry Lia Ezra, over to clean up his place. She gladly comes over and changes into this favorite French uniform.
Vanessa has never been trained before. Great! A virgin!
Katerina Kay. What a pretty Homecoming Queen. Yet, that won't stop her Master from training her to be the perfect sex slave. She wants to change her image of prissy beauty Queen and become the horny vixen she feels inside. Of course he takes the time to admire the ass we all jerk off to. He also wants to see it move and jiggle.
The Doctor's new sex slave is possibly his favorite. He's taken plenty of time training Carter Cruise to become the perfect obedient slut for his horny needs.
Our perverted Doctor saw Maci and wanted to run his hands all over her body, commanding her to get undressed. He gets a good handful of her incredible little boobs and makes her show off her bouncy ass.
Stacie has major insecurity issues with her body. The best remedy for this problem is to explore her kinky side, maybe become an obedient and dick hungry sex slave.
Our next slut, or self proclaimed nerd seeking an image change, the vivacious and flirty Daisy Summers, gave off a very horny vibe to her perverted Doctor. She's tired of being a nerd and wants to be the whore she know she is. She's already rubbing on herself. We're thinking she's had some training before. As long as she does as she's told, her master will have no problem. If she indeed came for a horny time, she's going to get one.
Mandy has come in for help to make her relationship better. After a quick conversation, the Doctor concludes she needs to be a better girlfriend.
Poor Tristan Berrymore. She comes in for help. Her tiny dick boyfriend is cheating on her. Well, that's what she thinks. He's changed and she thinks its all her fault. She needs training to be a better girlfriend.
Skyler Green can't cum. Nothing really turns her on anymore. Whenever she has sex, she wants it to end as soon as possible. She's come to the right doctor.
The next hottie on the couch, the cute Mia Hurley, is excited for her training session. She heard it's quite the experience.
The Doctor has brought in Tiffany Flowers today. She needs training to become a horny slut.
Our mad doctor is quite happy to see the pixie beauty Evilyn Fierce on his couch. She's in for a fun experience. Maybe she'll discover something about herself.
JC Simpson came into the studio wanting a training session. There's no way the doctor will let her leave without blowing a few loads and possibly have his place cleaned up.