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Keisha Grey was just minding her own biz in the girls's apartment of her College when local badgirls Bunny Freedom and Lizz Tayler came in to smoke and gossip. Keisha attempted not to attract any attention, but their smoke made her cough, and pretty shortly they had pulled her out of her stall to check her out. Lizz and Bunny tore Keisha's college girl uniform off to get a lovely glance at her massive congenital breasts and pretty rosy gash, and then gobbled, throated, and fingerblasted the handsome College girl until her saucy tiny pussy was dribbling humid. Keisha got all of her slots finger penetrated as she used her mild tongue to sate the other 2 crazy tarts. Once all trio of the sloppy college girls had a opportunity to jizm rock-hard, Bunny and Lizz left Keisha on the floor of the Shower where they found her and went back to class!
Nurse Connie Carter has a bit of a a weakness for badboys, but working as a day nurse in a drowsy tiny suburban borough, the last thing she ever hoped to appointment was a hardened criminal. But as shortly as she lays eyes on Denson she knows she has to have him. Making brief work of his police call girl, she takes the keys and whips out Denson from the handcuffs tying him to his hospital couch. Denson's very first activity as a free boy is to take out Connie's ginormous hooters and then crop out his ginormous boner so that chesty hoe can give him the deep throat of a lifetime. Connie opens up her gams and takes his pink cigar all the way to the hilt, her jaw-dropping huge all-natural melons juggling as she rails that criminal man rod firm and deep. Stick around for the thrilling conclusion as Denson fires a giant flow of jism all over Connie's stunning figure, and just like Nurse Carter, you too will be coming briefly!
Kiara Mia wants to attempt out anal invasion with her hubby, but her taut lil' brown sphincter has never even had a finger in there and she's too frightened to let her hubby's manhood up her arse sans a tiny experience! Her fine mate Phoenix Marie enjoys ass fucking, so she suggested to help the big-titted stunner learn how to take it like a professional. She commences leisurely, smooching, groping, and softly plunging a immense glass caboose butt-plug into Kiara's large ass. Once she's all heated up, Phoenix drizzles out her dearest rope-on so that she can pound Kiara's taut caboose adorable and rock hard. Once Kiara has had a duo of mighty ejaculations, she takes out her greatest magic wand so that she can comeback the favor and let Phoenix jizm too! After they're all done, Kiara's bulls eye is officially prepared for it's gigantic day. Her hubby is a successful boy!
After the events of College Discipline Part One, Keisha Grey finds herself lounging on the damsels's apartment floor, banged rock-hard and then threw aside by the College's resident badgirls. When Principal Ariella Ferrera finds her there, tho, she isn't interested in excuses! The 2 huge-chested honies take the conversation back to Ariella's office, and Dean Ferrera lets Keisha know that she isn't buying the bitchy Schoolgirl's excuses for one minute! Ariella knows a naughty biotch when she watches one, so she tears the uniform right off of Keisha, providing her sweet booty a lil' slapping until they're both dribbling raw. Ariella gobbles out Keisha's taut lil' puss, Keisha deep-throats and paws Ariella's fat globes, and then it's time for Dean Ferrera to sploog out her fave disciplinary implement: her immense-donk rope-on! It's a raunchy job keeping all these whorish students in line, but someone's got to do it.
Leigh Darby is Danny D's chesty chief, and she's a real rock hard case. When she fires her Secretary for spilling a drink, there's a fresh job opening at the office, and both Danny and his coworker Chris want the posture. Chris displays off his winning attitude and individual qualifications, and just when it seems like he's going to get the job, Danny pulls out his own thickest qualification for any pose: his big dick! She fellates and strokes that gigantic willie of his while he gargles on her jaw-dropping meaty fun bags. Once her vagina is dribbling humid, she undresses down to nothing but some fantastic tights and garters so she can rail Danny's enormous rod to a lovely fountain of jizm!
When fabulous breezies want to unload until they glob, they call up Insatiable Nodes, America's premiere destination for insane housewives, lusty damsels, and any damsel who wants to have one of the most powerful climaxes of their lives. Savannah Fox made her date with Erik Everhard, who gave her the royal approach, roping her up and pawing her turgid lil' joy button until she was spurting like a fountain and pleading for his firm boner. Erik arched her over his desk and boned that pretty pinkish twat until Savannah was shrieking with delight, squirting down half the apartment with her beaver cream. After a marathon pummel session and more climaxes than she could count, Savannah took a hefty fountain of Erik's jism all over her face, yet another sated customer for Nasty Nodes!
Alektra Blue and Johnny Sins are just attempting to record the recent gig for their strike soap opera, but their pesky director won't stop groaning at them to do it hotter! Weakened of his sustained put-downs, they determine to weirdo the sexuality up to 11. Alektra comes out wearing a fantastic nurse's uniform that showcases off her thick breasts, accomplish with white fishnets on her sugary lengthy gams, and Johnny gets his ample prick out for her. She gets down on her knees to inhale that large man meat all the way down to the nut, and then Johnny tears up her in every stance! Maybe once Johnny has splooged a ball-sac all over Alektra's pretty face, the director will think they're eventually jaw-dropping enough!
Chloe Amour is a trampy and gorgeous masseur over at the local massage joint, and Keiran is a very first time customer. As a fellow of discerning tastes, though, Keiran is expecting to propose something a lil' different to the raven-haired hotty: he wants to rubdown her instead of her touching him! Chloe lies down on the table wearing nothing but a tiny fishnet onesie, and then Keiran gets down to biz. He gives her delicious rump a super-cute oily massage and it makes her so damn raw that he just has to slip his gigantic manmeat nutsack deep into her taut lil' honeypot. Chloe spurts to her knees to give him an impressive, super-filthy SUCK OFF, and Keiran tears up her pretty face until she's prepped to take that deep down to the base! Keiran smashes that olive-skinned hotty doggystyle, and then gives her a meaty facial cumshot! He'll very likely still have to pay for the rubdown, but a honeypot like Chloe's is well worth the expense!
When Bill Bailey woke up on a hospital stretcher sans any memories of how he got there, he was pretty concerned. But Dr. Ho and the adorable nurse Rio Lee reassured him that they would take excellent care of him, and as he drifted off, he kept Rio's uber-sexy smiling face in his mind's eye. He fantasized about the big-titted dark haired performing a passionate striptease, leisurely gliding out of all her clothes and then getting him rock firm with a handsome lapdance. Later, she cut off his hospital gown so she could give him a cute hand job with her velvety gloves on. She greased up her yam-sized knockers, BJ'ed on his ballsack, and then stretch her pretty caboose cheeks for a super-cute deep buttfuck dicking. Bill boinked her butt stiff and then splattered a gigantic ball sack all over her taut rosy pucker, impending from his stupor with a ginormous smirk.
Last time on Sloppy Tear Up, Jordan Ash and his gf AJ determined to attempt out having a 3some. And now that blondie beauty AJ Applegate has had a opportunity to test out cool cockslut Savannah Fox for herself, it's ultimately time for her beau Jordan Ash to get the three-way of his wishes! AJ has Savannah wait in the bathtub in some poor underwear, and then surprises Jordan by undressing down and leading him over there with her succulent backside. Those fat donk honeys share Jordan's cock, blowing it deep and railing it rock-hard. Jordan screws both of their taut tiny butt holes and then blows a ample flow all over their pretty faces. Now that Jordan's ultimately had the astounding all ass fucking three way he's been fantasizing about, looks like it's time to find a fresh life wish!
Teanna Trump has always hated it when her mother invited Danny D over for dinner, because he would always gawp at her backside every time she walked by. But when she caught a peek of his big meatpipe, all of a sudden she understood the gangly British's attractiveness! They were all sitting down to dinner, but Teanna just couldn't get that man-meat off her mind, so she crawled beneath the table to give Danny some head while her parents were just sitting there slurping dinner! Her mother ultimately sent her off to her apartment, but one fake Shower break afterwards, and Danny was ballsack deep in Teanna's taut teenager labia! Teanna took that spunk-pump like a professional, and banged Danny firm until he gave her a fat facial cumshot!
Alexis Adams just got to school a few weeks ago, and she hasn't indeed had a opportunity to have any real joy yet. But when Jessy Jones catches sight of her in her scanty tiny plaid miniskirt and knee-high socks, he can't help but make a budge. It takes her a minute to super-hot up to his advances, but before lengthy, Jessy is groping her clittie thru her lace undies, making her cunny drenching humid. She unclothes down to gargle on his huge man-meat, and then he makes her huge inborn titties juggle as he pulverizes her taut muff. Eventually, Jessy splashes a massive popshot all over her baps. Maybe school won't be so bad after all!
Bibi Noel loves to begin every day the same way: she puts on a tiny effortless listening and dances around her apartment, contemplating how handsome the world is. Then, once all that goody-goody stuff is out of her system, she listens to some rock and heads on a search for fuck-stick. She strolls her vicinity, displaying her phat melons and scanning the streets for large boners, and this time, the very first massive weenie she runs into belongs to Kris Slater. With scarcely a word swapped, Bibi takes Kris back to her place and undresses down so her can blow on her thick melons and saucy tiny toes. She inhales that hefty prick of his, and then gives it an extraordinaire footjob to make sure he's rock stiff and prepared for her taut humid cunny. Bibi gets porked rigid and then milks a immense explosion of spunk out of Kris's pecker. What a way to commence the day!
Connie Carter is the kind of trampy college girl who spends all day dreaming about ginormous rods instead of paying attention to her examines. While her teacher Denson was attempting to instruct some math, Connie was engaged fantasizing about him worshiping her massive innate mounds. She gave him a slow and sensuous blowage, taking her time with the spunk-pump. Denson drilled her rigid for close to an hour before deep-throating a fountain all over her ultra-cute edible arse, and then he dove back in for more. He poked her taut humid cunt rigid and then gave her a 2nd popshot all over her pretty face!
Phoenix Marie is a huge-titted College nurse who is permanently getting beat on by the super-naughty guys at ZZ University. So imagine her surprise when the killer, smallish, and fantastically doable Riley Reid walks into her office pleading for some help with her orgy life! It turns out that Riley is bored by the hookup her and her bf have been having. She cares about him, but it's just not torrid enough for her! Luckily for Riley, nurse Marie can help, because if there's one chesty stunner out there who knows how to sate a coochie, it's Phoenix Marie! Phoenix embarks off with a super-cute oily breast rubdown, and then sprays out her immense ebony fuck stick to plumb Riley's taut lil' labia. The 2 killer fucksluts pulverize, gobble, and finger each other's fleshy moist vulvas, jizzing stiff over and over again. Looks like another pleased patient for Nurse Marie!
We've got a exclusive handle for you today as we take you behind the vignettes of the Brazzers 10th Anniversary picture shoot, featuring a bevvy of your dearest big-titted and curvy honeys. We got Ava Addams, Monique Alexander, Nikki Benz, Madison Ivy, Jayden Jaymes, Kortney Kane, Kagney Linn Karter, Mia Malkova, Phoenix Marie, and Rachel Roxxx all together in one place to inhale your minds and suck your explosions. Join the legion of cute damsels as they view back at some of their fave moments from their time with Brazzers, from their very first buttfuck or DOUBLE PENETRATION vignette to how they truly perceive about shooting with the world's hottest pornography site. There's slew of footage of some of our finest moments from the last decade, and all kinds of jaw-dropping act as the women model some of our amazing Brazzers gear and then disrobe down to display off their smoking super hot figures. You won't want to miss it!
Cherie Deville was just observing a tiny late night TV right before couch when an infomercial for the Ab Tormentor Ripple came on and grabbed her attention with its sexually attractive sport model, Johnny Sins. She nodded off with visions of Johnny's meaty man-meat new in her mind, and before you know it, she was dreaming desires of deep-throating and boinking on the Ab Tormentor Ripple. Johnny slurped out her moist poon and she returned the favor with a oral job, blowing on his nutsack and masturbating the bone as he worked her mild clittie. Johnny used the Ab Sir to penetrate that taut MUMMY snatch in every stance, and then blew a giant explosion all over Cherie's pretty face. By the time she's done living out her wish, Cherie has worked up such a sweat that she'll need another night's rest!
Aaliyah Enjoy makes a weekly palace-call to her fave client. He's a married fellow, and seeks her out for things he can't get from his wifey. All afternoon, she has to do everything he tells her, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy him. She keeps going back to Keiran, because he knows the hottest way to make her come is to go raunchy on the pussy.
For Brandi and Mark, keeping their marriage new for nine years requires wiggling things up. Brandi had her hubby spellbound as she obeyed him a very first-class meal wearing tiny more than an apron. Later, she headed upstairs for a bathroom, and slid a pair of enticing underwear onto her curvy Mummy figure. Mark slid a blindfold over her eyes, and led her into the bedroom to love her surprise: a stranger with a uber-cute large penis, like she'd always dreamed. See the episode to observe how Brandi made the most of her free pass to blow and boink a enormous sausage.
Kacey Jordan is a huge time CEO with too much tension, not enough time, and one truly gigantic facehole. Her massagist Jordan Ash is just attempting to do his job and help her to ease off, but she keeps snapping at him and it's driving him up the wall! To get a tiny peace and tranquil, he pulls out his thick spear, puts it in her fat facehole, and smashes her pretty face! Kacey enjoys huge shafts, so she lets him finger, gobble, and pound her taut lil' twat until she spunks firm. Maybe after he's deep-throated his blast all over her pretty face she'll ultimately be able to relieve a tiny!
All his life, Danny D's monster salami has been making life sophisticated for him. Even now on his wedding day, 2 of his wifey's bridesmaids, Jenni Lee and Scarlet Crimson, have been attempting to get in one last fling before he's off the market for great. Very First up is Scarlet, who deep-throats his prick right there in the kitchen. When they get interrupted, Jenni takes the chance to get a lil' of that superb rod too, taking that giant man rod nutsack deep in her moist cooter. Finally, the balancing activity becomes too pesky to maintain, and Danny determines to poke both of those bitches at once. He penetrates Jenni while she gobbles out Scarlet's slit, and then they change, so both bridesmaids can get a opportunity to jizm. Ultimately, he blows a giant stream all over both of their pretty faces just in time for his killer wifey to walk down the aisle!
Chloe Addison makes her living putting on killer live showcases for all her super-naughty aficionados. But when her web cam violates, her only source of income heads right out the window! she goes to the local pawn shop to witness if they have any replacements, but all of theirs are way overpriced. When the cashier Bill Bailey isn't looking, she sneaks into the back, finds the store's computer, and commences doing her display from right there in the pawn shop's back apartment! It doesn't take Bill Bailey highly lengthy to notice her, thanks to the store's closed circuit TV system, but when he attempts to chat her out of putting on her showcase there, he just completes up becoming part of it himself! Chloe fellates and pummels Bill's meaty man rod deep in her taut gash and pretty facehole, and then takes a giant stream of his jism, just to give her aficionados the finest showcase possible. Now that's showmanship!
Buttler Scotch, starlet forth for Tucson, is so certain in his crew that he jokes if they lose, the whole opposing crew can pound his wifey Bonnie Rotten. He doesn't hope to actually have to ensue thru, of course, but when a late game upset turns the game into a loss for Tucson, Bonnie determines to make supreme on her hubby's promises. She embarks off by deepthroating their knobs, wanking off 2 while she deep-throats the last, and then opens up her gams to take those phat stiffys in all of her taut crevices. Bonnie heads downright airtight as Mick, Erik, and Toni of the Albequerque Felons plow her face and dual smash her saucy bootie and humid labia. Bonnie likes those ginormous stiffys so much that she sploogs all over them, and then takes trio facial cumshot jizz flows with a smile. Great game!
Here's one for all you buttfuck admirers out there: the hottest whooty caboose in the game, Jada Stevens, taking Mick Blue's rigid meatpipe ballsack deep in her taut tiny butthole in more than 45 minutes worth of outstanding assfuck activity! Jada embarks us off with a lil' taunt to get the mood right, displaying off her awesome kinks and meaty sweet donk under the blacklight for that brilliant combine of luxurious and psychedelic visual vibration. Then it's Mick's cue to work that yam-sized bootie, eating Jada's brown sphincter as she deep-throats on his enormous rod. Jada opens up those cheeks to take Mick's pecker deep into her backdoor, and caresses her nub to her very first of many figure-rocking climaxes. Ultimately, Mick gives that luxurious superslut the giant blast of jizm she's been longing to cap off this awesome ass-fuck pound jamboree!
All the Mummies at the gym are raving about the freshest trainer Johnny. Nikita can't assets out why, until she signs up for a one-on-one class. No one's ever been able to take her as deep before, or make it sense as fine as Johnny does. At the end of her session, she gets even more private attention in the shape of an awesome vag-plumbing.
Raven Bay's the finest woman in senior yr. Every fellow wants to get a chunk of this cheerleader's taut butt and large breasts, but she only gives it away to the studs on the football squad. She's so super-steamy her teacher Mr. Sins can't stop daydreaming about her every night. One day, he goes after this lil' biotch into the locker apartment, and plumbs her cell until she wails for more.
Ava Addams has a wild stepson, Jessy Jones, who just won't listen to her rules. She's attempted everything from discipline to bargaining, but nothing seems to get thru to him. Fed up of his shenanigans, Ava calls up her hottest acquaintance Nina Elle, a big-boobed blond sweetie who knows exactly how to deal with mischievous stepsons. They make the precocious scamp a deal: if he complies Ava's rules and behaves himself, Ava and Nina will plumb his brains out! Very First, Nina deep throats on his large meatpipe as he gobbles out Ava's humid labia, and then he pulverizes their ample cool bra-stuffers. Once he's done breast drilling them, he sinks his boner deep in both of their pinkish twats, and then nails them rigid until he's prepared to jism all over their pretty faces!
Mary Jane Mayhem, Brooke Wylde, and Chloe Addison were out in the desert, practising their marksmanship abilities and getting their suntan on. The kickback made their throat-watering meaty baps wiggle, but none of the big-chested hoes would let the steamy sun on their nude flesh divert them from the task at mitt. The only thing that could make the trio buxomy honeys quit their pulverizes was finding Johnny Sins catching some Z's in the noonday sun. The 3 big-chested hoes gave him an extraordinaire wake up call, thrusting their fantastic fun bags in his face and deep-throating his hard-on until he was rock rock-hard and prepared to flash them how a military dude bangs. The trio ultra-kinky honies took turns throating and banging Johnny's ginormous lollipop and then he got to experience a lil' marksmanship of his own, getting a direct beat on all trio of their faces with a ginormous explosion of jizm!
Every time Johnny takes a vacation, every dame who gets a taste of his large pink cigar wants to keep him all to herself. It's a curse, indeed. His last journey to Mexico, he controlled to poke Jasmine Caro, Kiara Mia, Luna Starlet, and Rose Monroe, 4 of the best Latina broads around. So when they all came to find him together right as he was heading out to the airport, he assumed that he was in fat distress. The uber-sexy bitches dreamed him to pick which one he loved finest! Johnny knows an chance when he hears one, so he let those beauties know that he couldn't chose his dearest sans doing a lil' comparison very first. He lined them up and one by one, those honies throated and pummeled his large penis. Johnny told them there was no way he could ever pick a dearest, so those 4 tasty honies collective his penis inbetween them!
After a crazy night of popping bottles of champagne all over their sugary huge udders, all buxom honies Brooklyn Blue, Emma Leigh, and Jasmine Jae need to decently ring in the fresh yr is a fine plumbing from a uber-cute ginormous fuck-stick. Fortunately for them, the bartender Dimetri has a immense cock that is well-prepped, willing, and able to service those chesty lovelies right. The trio damsels tear his clothes off and gargle his schlong, one fellating the ballsack while the other 2 work the man rod. Once he's cute and firm and the gals have running in rivulets raw twats, it's time for Dimetri to pummel all trio of those lusty hotties so he can deepthroat his fountain all over them while the ball spurts!
Fate Dixon lives a life of escapade, hunting down relics in exotic catches sight of around the world. There's no one alive finer at sniffing out where golden idols are hidden. She gets sent to find a infrequent lump, with womb raider Mick Blue super-steamy on her trail. They're after a magical treasure that boosts masculine virility, and once it comes into their forearms, the effect on Mick's jizz-shotgun is too giant to neglect.
Dani Jensen is lounging out by the pool, attempting to catch some sun, when she asks her deadbeat hubby to grope some grease on her. He denies, and turns over to have a nap. Fortunately for her, lifeguard Mick Blue is on duty and well-prepped to service her in any way possible. He caresses the grease on her taut caboose, and leisurely works his way down until he's touching her moist puss. Finally, Mick's rubdown makes her so ultra-kinky that she takes him back to the palace to get it on! She intensively deep throats his spunk-pump, and strokes it with her beautiful soles until it's rock hard as a rock. Dani stretches her pointy obese donk cheeks, takes Mick's big pipe in her taut donk all the way to the hilt, and then prays for his spunk as he showers her with a giant facial cumshot!
Whenever Abbey Brooks gathers her rich buddies plump the table for their weekly poker night, she excites the other Mummies with stories of all her messy sexcapades. When Ms. Jenson's butler comes in to conform tea, the extraordinaire bulge in his trousers catches Abbey's bitchy eyes. She tosses her jewel necklace in the pot, expecting to steal the butler for herself and get complied up ample fountains of cum all over her enormous congenital melons.
When Keisha Grey and her skater friends find an empty pool to skate, they don't worry about whose property they're trespassing on. When the building's holder tells them to scram, the men scare and do what he says, but Keisha is too nosey and goes inwards. She can scarcely believe it when she catches sight of all the skating trophies on the mantle: this is the palace of Johnny Hollywood, famous skater! Johnny wants nothing to do with the wonderful skater damsel at very first, but she makes him an suggest that's far too provocative to turn down: train her to skate like him, and she'll screw his brains out! She fellates his ginormous jizz-shotgun, taking his large man-meat down to the sack of babymakers in her pretty facehole and taut cunny until she's spunking rock-hard. Her immense congenital knockers juggle as she rails that sausage, and then she drains a giant cum-shot out of his firm fuck-stick just to seal the deal!
Courtney Taylor's hubby James can't get it up on the normal, and when you're a insatiable tramp like like she is, that's a pretty fat deal breaker. So to get the divorce she thirsts, Courtney hires Danny D and Clover to help break up her marriage. Their very first try involves a tiny bit of road head and a traffic light, but when nothing seems to work, the fearless 3 deviants it up a notch. While James is catching some Z's, Clover and Danny sneak into their apartment, where Courtney is waiting for them in some handsome underwear. She fellates and pokes both of their immense sausages, suggesting up her throat, her snatch, and even her donk to get the job done. Clover and Danny DOUBLE PENETRATION the huge-titted stunner and then fountain her pretty face with a duo of ginormous facial cumshot jizz flows. Now if that doesn't make James want a divorce, nothing will!
Diamond Foxxx has been flirting with her manager Erik Everhard for months now, but he never seems to take the hint. Ultimately out of patience, she determines to dirt with Erik's head a lil'. Very First she leaves him a stunning note in his office, and then she leaves one of her undies in his desk drawer. When she palms him a file with a pic of her phat baps, Erik eventually gets the hint and calls her into his office for a lil' joy! He munches her slit and BJ's on her ginormous baps until she's running in rivulets moist, and then she gives him a suck off. She takes his huge salami deep in her taut MUMMY slit, spunking firm, and then taking a thick popshot all over her face and knockers!
Krysta Kaos is an stiffy-thirsty mega-bitch whose nasty thirst for huge spunk-pumps brought her over to us here at Brazzers. We've got the fattest and hottest chisels on the planet, so we hooked her up with the boy himself, Keiran Lee, to give her some of that boy meat she'd been fantasizing about. Keiran plumbs Krysta's pretty face, and then picks her up, rolls her over, and commences licking out her taut lil' cunt. Krysta takes Keiran's huge salami down to the nut sack, nailing and deep throating that thick spunk-pump as if it was the last one on Earth. She ejaculates over and over as Keiran fucks her moist honeypot, and then she takes a gigantic facial cumshot cum-shot, because here at Brazzers, we know exactly how to treat stunning cocksluts with fat pink cigar fantasies.
Karmen Karma was on vacation with her parents, getting more and more bored by the minute, when she witnessed something that could eventually hold her interest: the bulge in her waiter's trousers! Their server, Danny D, was a lil' funked of Karmen's biker father, but one view at Karmen's congenital boobies and plump bum was enough to switch his mind swift! She undressed out of her poor lil' bathing suit and inhaled his ample manmeat, providing him a gargle bj in the sun. After that, Danny went sack of babymakers deep in her taut teenager snatch before deep throating a massive facial cumshot jizz shot that she gulped up with a smile!
Katie Kox has been having bad luck with the fellas lately. She had a encounter last night, but the scanty chump blew his geyser before he even got his trousers off! She's kicking off to get so sexually frustrated that she'll pummel just about anybody. Fortunately for her, the clerk at her local burger joint has a ginormous spunk-pump and is a yam-sized devotee of yam-sized boobs! Very First he plays with her gigantic fake breasts, pawing them in lube and wrapping them around his rock hard shaft for a adorable boob penetrating. Her thick hooters juggle around gorgeously as she rails that chisel, and then she takes a facial cumshot flow with a smile on her face!
After a exercise, there's nothing that luxurious super-bitch Sarah Vandella loves more than a lil' rectal lovemaking. She was on the treadmill, getting sweaty and staying taut and toned, when Brick came in to give her a real exercise. He poured some grease all over her sweet backside and thick udders, and then Sarah dropped to her knees to fellate his hefty lollipop. Once he was rock rock-hard, she took his thick shaft deep in her taut lil' pink pucker! Brick humped her obese booty rock hard while she came on his giant fuck-stick, and then he gave her a meaty facial cumshot that she tongued up like a protein wiggle!
Diamond Jackson is an horny curvaceous whore who needed a uber-cute giant beef whistle to sate her, so we called up Manuel Ferrara to make that cooch burst. She heated herself up by massaging her pretty tiny cooch and toying with her meaty black orbs, and when she was supreme and dribbling moist, Manuel came out to tear up her fantastic face lovely and stiff. He penetrated her orbs, her throat, and her taut jiggly slit until she was spunking so rock-hard that she was dumping like a flow, and then he gave her a large facial cumshot!
It's a finish mystery why Rahyndee James's parents don't trust her at all. They should have finish confidence that whenever they go away for the weekend, their lil' ravage-superslut is going to hunker down with a bad dude and spend the entire time inhaling and plowing his schlong. When Rahyndee invited her screw-plaything James over to savage her tasty lil' crevices, it was just her luck her mum kept her on the phone a duo minutes longer than she should. But that didn't stop her from having her sugary-sweet vag ate the entire time she was on the horn, or getting dicked down by that huge weenie.
Bonnie Rotten is a mad scientist who has set out to find the flawless sexual playmate. So far, she's had no luck, and every single subject she's brought back to the lab blows a load way too promptly! She runs test after test, but nothing seems to work. Nothing, that is, until she gets a fresh specimen for her Softcore experiments: Brick Danger. It turns out that Brick has everything Bonnie has been looking for this entire time, from his phat ample dick to his extraordinaire endurance. In order to preparation her subject, Dr. Rotten gives Brick some super dirty head, spitting all over his ample man rod and deep-throating it down to the base. She takes it ball sack deep in her rosy twat, pretty face, and eventually in her taut tiny brown sphincter, puss splooging as she shoots a load all over her lab. Ultimately, Brick gives her a fat facial cumshot jizz flow, officially making himself Bonnie's hottest experiment ever!
Riley Reid got an invite to a highly sensational club, so she brought her bestie Payton Simmons. It's pretty empty when they get there, but the DJ is red-hot, so they stick around to showcase him some of their moves. Inbetween Riley wiggling her puffy chubby bum and Payton's juggling huge inborn jugs, the DJ could hardly contain himself. He made his way onto the dance floor and those 2 tarts embarked deep-throating his phat man rod. He penetrated Riley's taut cunny until it splooged all over the dance floor, and then Payton changed in to get some of that thick DJ boner. They completed him off with a uber-cute dual DT, and he blew his explosion all over both of their faces!
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A lot of rich boys hate gold diggers, but not Danny D. The finest part about being an old money British is all the uber-sexy bitches who come attempt to get a chunk of his trouser snake, so what does he care if they're only after him cause of his elegant building and expensive cars? The recent crazy honey to come his way is Samia Duarte, a lusty tiny Latina with a hefty bootie and duo of pointy all-natural globes that knows exactly how to handle a dude with a uber-cute enormous knob. Very First she unwraps down to some pantyhose and garters and massages her taut cootchie until it's dribbling humid and prepared for Danny's yam-sized shaft. He bangs all 3 of the insane stunner's slots, going nuts deep in her facehole, her fuckbox, and even her taut pink pucker. He bones her gigantic Latina backside firm until he's prepped to jizz, and then he lets tear with a fat assfuck internal ejaculation in her jaw-dropping fat rump!
Things are getting super-steamy and intense at the College dance, and Alby Rydes's bf Jessy Jones has offered they attempt some ass-fuck romp afterwards in honor of Valentine's Day. Alby is nosey, but since she's never attempted assfuck before, she heads and asks her beloved teacher, Alura Jenson, to instruct her a few things. Alura begins her off slow, slurping and finger-tickling her gash and taut lil' bunghole to super-fucking-hot her up for Jessy's ample penis. When Jessy gets exhausted of waiting and comes looking for Alby, he can slightly believe his eyes! Alura showcases him how to gobble a snatch right, and then he pounds both their fleshy moist cootchies and gigantic lush cabooses!
Nadia Styles is off to help her son Butler get lodged in his fresh university dormitory, but he's a tiny timid and isn't getting along with his apartment pal Keiran Lee. The weeks pass and everything heads alright, but when Nadia walks in on Keiran while he's stroking off, things get a lil' uncomfortable! Nadia, considerate mega-slut that she is, perceives bad for interrupting Keiran's joy, so offers to help him accomplish the job any way that she can. She commences with a uber-cute melon nail, getting Keiran's meaty penis rigid as a rock inbetween her massive titties. After that, all her crevasses are honest game as Keiran bangs her throat, her poon, and her taut MUMMY backside until she's jizzing all over his hard-on. Eventually, he gives her a cute mouthhole of jism that the chesty honey gulps like a true professional!
Holly Halston was clothed up as a spectacular cop, well-prepped for a lil' roleplay with her spouse, who was supposed to be waiting for her at home. So imagine her surprise when the burglar she confronts in her bedroom isn't her spouse at all! Holly rapidly takes manage of the situation, saying the burglar Keiran Lee to take his manmeat out for her. She gives that huge bone a uber-cute dirty suck oral pleasure, and then leans over so he can pound her deep in her taut rosy muff. Eventually, Holly takes that hefty fuckpole in her sugary-sweet arse, providing the nasty burglar all trio of her fuckholes while her gigantic titties juggle and she jizzes over and over on Keiran's huge fuck-stick. One facial cumshot afterwards, and Keiran is a free dude... this time!
Gianna Nicole is a bratty teenage super-bitch whose parents have been attempting to get her to apply herself to something for ages. But it seems like no matter what they offer, the only things Gianna is interested in are partying with her buddies, shopping, and hooking up. Their recent idea is to hire Johnny Sins, a personal tutor that the other femmes on the block just can't stop raving about, to help Gianna learn piano. As briefly as Johnny gets there, it's ordinary to witness that Gianna has no interest whatsoever in learning to play, so Mr. Sins has to burst out his secret weapon: his large man rod! Gianna takes one glance at that gigantic fuckpole and snaps to attention, draining, fellating, and tearing up it while her fantastic innate teenager knockers juggle. One yam-sized facial cumshot pop-shot afterwards, and Johnny has earned himself a fresh starlet pupil!
Back in the day, Dr. Johnny Sins was a leader in the area of sexual probes, and his work documenting girl sexiness was instrumental in mansion some of the fuckfest fucktoys that we know and enjoy to this day. Fortunately, cameras were on the sequence to document some of his process for future generations. He commenced by getting his subject, a huge-chested honey named Ryder Skye, heated up using his patented electrified faux-cock on her taut snatch. Then he had her unwrap down to nothing but a lil' fishnet bod stocking and kneaded her down with grease until she was practically praying for his prick! He obliged her and she blown that hefty boner down to the nut sack before stretching her gams to take it deep in her pretty pinkish beaver. He ended off his session with a cute mammary facial cumshot for the kinky housewife, proving once and for all the importance of a great education!
It's not always effortless getting thru to youthfull minds. Tiffany Fox is a teen mega-bitch who doesn't care about anything besides thick penises, and her grades have been sliding as a result. Her mother hired a math tutor named Johnny Sins to get her back on track, but the only math that Tiffany is interested in doing is adding one huge weenie to one moist teenager puss! She pulls out her pointy innate funbags and begins groping her bud, and pretty briefly Johnny has forgotten about math altogether! Tiffany rails that manmeat like the muddy lil' breezy that she is, and then takes a thick flow all over her pretty face!
veronica Rodriguez wants to be the finest lay in town, but there's only so much you can learn sans an accomplished MUMMY to demonstrate you the cords. That's why she turned to Kiara Mia and her Mega-Slut Academy. Kiara Mia is one of the horniest MUMMY there is, and her personal lessons can turn any unexperienced biotch into a pro manhood pleaser. Very First she trains her how to decently taunt a boy with some stunning ebony pantyhose and undergarments, and then instructs her the hottest way to deep-throat a man-meat. From there, it's time to share that huge penis and plumb their way to a uber-cute fountain of jism to share!
Krissy is helping sell woodsy gal cookies for her sick tiny sis. She even still has her old uniform! Only problem is, it's a lil' puny on her now, so when she gets to Bill's mansion, her giant globes are spilling out of her top! Bill can tell that she wants to get pounded, so he works his magic, and pretty briefly he's got his palms down her white cotton undies groping her jewel. Once her cunny is cute and humid, Bill gives that sloppy conversing huge-boobed stunner the supreme rock-hard plowing she's been waiting for!
Kagney Linn Karter is a personal investigator who is indisputably the finest at what she does. Not everyone in the police agrees with her whorish methods, but when the Police Manager needs to get the job done no matter what, it's Kagney he calls. So when the Manager finds out a wire of robberies has been going down, he gets Kagney on the case. Her very first budge is to track down Xander Corvus, one of the boys responsible for the fiendish crimes, and pound some answers out of him by posing as a lowly massagist down at the local knead and tug joint. She embarks by working his massive dick with her palms and soles, blowing and tugging it until he's stiff as a rock. She stretches her gams and takes his thick stiffy ball-sac deep in her taut poon, humping her way to one monster facial cumshot and a gigantic lead in the direction of solving what could end up being the case of her career!
It's the evening of the Bum of the Yr 2014 challenge, and defending champ Rose Monroe is decided to win no matter what. So when her Secretary quits because of her diva demeanor, she calls in her contractors, Mick Blue and Jordan Ash, to help her out. Jordan is having none of it until she pays them, but Rose lets them know that the only paycheck they'll be getting out of her will be in the shape of her gigantic chubby arse! Jordan and Mick stuff that mouth-watering Latina backside, taking turns nailing her brown-eye while the other one screws her pretty face. After her award winning culo is heated up, it's time to dual pound that sloppy diva, providing Rose the cute rock hard romping she dreamed all along. They complete her off with a duo of phat jizz fountains, one assfuck internal cumshot and one facial cumshot, and consider salary ended in total!
When Ava Addams stopped to pick her daughter up from red-hot yoga, the last thing she hoped was to get torn up. But her daughter's instructor, Tyler Nixon, was just so damn goodlooking that she determined to linger for a fast lesson herself. Tyler got to work pulling out some of the stress in Ava's sugary gams and saucy jummy butt, and that made that huge-boobed MUMMY so wild that she lashed out her epic immense baps. He deep-throated on her puffy lil' puffies and slurped her cunny until it was cascading moist, and then they got to the real exercise! Ava inhaled and pulverized Tyler's rigid stiffy until he was well-prepped to deepthroat his flow all over her pretty face!
Brooklyn Pursue is a insane student who was attempting to sneak into her teacher's office to steal the answers to an upcoming exam when she got blasted by Bill Bailey the night watchman. He wished to call the cops, but with a tiny help from her ginormous fun bags, he was willing to glance the other way as lengthy as she made it worth his while! She throated his ample salami while he porked her pretty face, and then he tore open her yoga trousers so he could get nuts deep in her taut lil' ass hole. In the end, she might not have found those answers she was looking for, but at least she got a cute steamy facial cumshot!
Bill Bailey is a month behind on his rent, and the only way he can keep his bitchy landlord Sheena Shaw off his case is by making her jizz stiff! He has to gobble her cootchie on the daily, and even then, she doesn't always come back the favor. So when she comes by to ask for a excellent ravage wearing a stunning pair of dark-hued pantyhose and not much else, Bill gives it to her rigid! He commences by jamming all 4 frigs in her cooch and pucker, and then porks her throat deep. Ultimately when his enormous manmeat is uber-cute and rock-hard, he humps her in all of her slots and then blows a huge blast all over her pretty face!
Ramon's ribs have been truly damaging him lately, so him and his wifey went to witness the doctor for a rapid fix. Things get a tiny uncomfortable when the Doctor walks in, however, because it's none other than his old school bang acquaintance Alexis Ford! She may be a doctor now, but she's still the chesty biotch that she always was, so she wastes no time getting his bothersome wifey out of the apartment. Shortly as she's gone, Alexis embarks draining Ramon's ample pink cigar. Ramon remembers from the superb old days that Alexis loves to get drilled rock-hard, so he screws that cootchie, bangs her in her taut rectum, and then jizzes all over her pretty bitch face!
When chesty towheaded Paige Turnah married crusty old Mr. Warburton, she had only one thing on her mind: his money. In fact, the very first thing she did was hire the most well suspended butler she could find, Mr. Nailer, to make sure she would always have a new deliver of gigantic pink cigar on the side. And since their dining apartment is so damn phat, the butler can even get away with smashing her in her taut rectum while her old stud just sits there gobbling dinner! But what if Paige's squeals of sheer pleasure as she works that jizz-shotgun with her facehole, large mounds, arse, and cunt are so noisy that even old Mr. Warburton can hear them?
Keiran Lee has earned a bit of a reputation around the office for attempting to tear up everything that moves, so Isis Enjoy knew to hope some advances when they had to work together on a hefty project. At very first, it was pretty effortless to avoid his moves, but when he accused her of having a "immense pussy", she just had to prove him wrong! Very First she gave him an heavy fellatio, and then jumped up on his meaty salami to showcase him exactly how taut her beaver truly was! She railed that man rod in every pose, jizzing over and over as Keiran boinked her MUMMY snatch. Eventually, he gave her a gigantic facial cumshot jizz shot as she pleaded for his spunk and kneaded her cooch to one final climax. That's one way to win an debate!
Danica Dillan is replace training etiquette at a local all nymph's individual College, and she's come prepped. Rocking a suitcase total of fuck sticks, Danica attempts to train those bitchy students the only real etiquette they'll ever need: man rod blowing! But when Principal Everhard barges in, he requests an explanation! Danica puts her expertise to work showing her mechanism on one of her fake penises until Mr. Everhard's stiffy is rock stiff. She takes out his man sausage and her giant orbs so that she can give him some lovely messy head, and then opens up her gams so he can smash her honeypot rock-hard! Once she's running in rivulets humid and jizzing rigid, Erik flashes her a tiny of his own expertise by penetrating her taut lil' brown-eye and then jizzing all over her pretty face!
Shay Fox likes blackjack, but some days her luck is worse than others. After a notably cruel losing streak, she embarks using her fuck-fest attractiveness to turn her luck around, massaging the dealer's hard-on thru his trousers as he deals her cards. The management catches on, so they send in Brick Danger, their most accomplished (not to mention most strung up) dealer, who knows exactly how to deal with kinky MUMMY supersluts like Shay. Brick takes her in the back apartment and peels her sundress off to unveil her massive bra-stuffers, and then she droplets to her knees to blow on his hefty prick. After a adorable sixty nine, Shay takes Brick's phat manmeat deep into her taut MUMMY twat and rails her way to the massive blast of spunk that she hankers! She may still be down overall, but it's never a bad day when you get laid!
Capri Cavanni's marriage has been getting stale, and everybody knows it. Day after day it's the same boring dinner, the same stale conversation, and the same passionless missionary stance fucky-fucky. So when yet another Friday flick night spins around, her fellow Toni determines enough is enough, and does what he has to do. In order to sate his mischievous nymphomaniac of a wifey, Toni brings in his friend Keiran, another meaty lollipop for her to deepthroat and nail! Keiran and Toni arch her over and dual stuff that super-steamy assets of hers until all trio of them have jizm adorable and rock-hard! But will it be enough to save their marriage?
All the couples gathered up to excursion the world-well-known Woodstock Palace are getting a lil' impatient waiting for the guide. Phoenix Marie begins making eyes at one of the hubbies on the excursion, expecting to game herself some act for afterward. The mischievous Mummy takes hold of Danny by the jizz-shotgun and leads her fresh pal into one of the lavish apartments to get a lump of his massive manstick.
Summer Brielle and her buddy Allison have both been getting tennis lessons from Mick Blue, and they just can't get over his ultra-cute accent and immense bulge. Summer is decided to get a chunk of that immense spunk-pump for herself, and embarks touching him thru his cut-offs as briefly as she can get him alone. He's rock firm in no time, so she pulls his cut-offs off to give him the blowage of a lifetime. Finally, her labia is so moist that she needs to get penetrated, so she leans over and takes Mick's huge man sausage deep in her taut tiny rosy honeypot. She boinks and BJ's Mick's rod until he gives her the facial cumshot geyser that the man meat-insatiable honey has been longing!
You wouldn't be here if you didn't like your arses ginormous, obese, and slathered in lube! Today Clarita Gold is obeying you up a meaty, saucy lump of butt, and she's not holding anything back. Check out what heads down when she meets up with woodsman Danny D for the harshest, rawest culo-pummeling of her whole life. Fellow fondles and spanks the bangin' cheeks of that butt, tenderizing the meat before wedging into her with that big dude-hit until she wails with delight.
Limo Driver Will Powers has seen some unusual things at his job, but when big-boobed MUMMY Arielle Ferrera commenced having phone lovemaking right in his back seat, he could scarcely believe his eyes! He did his hottest to keep his eyes on the road as she talked filthy and wanked, but when she pulled out her large funbags it was just too distracting to treat! Pretty briefly he got so mingled up that he was lost downright and had to pull over, but Ariella was just getting embarked! She pulled out his enormous bone and commenced sucking it right there in the open, and then took it deep in her taut MUMMY vagina. Will poked that yam-sized jugged breezy rock-hard and then blew a big flow all over her face. Not bad for an afternoon drive!
Jessy Jones has his very first tryst ever, and his stepmom Julia Ann can tell that he's pretty jumpy, since he's never even smooched a female before! Being the big-chested MUMMY that she is, Julia determines that she'll be uber-cute and instruct Jessy a thing or 2 about dolls before he heads off on his huge meeting! The very first lesson she trains him is how to smooch, but after that he gets to learn the indeed joy stuff: how to smash bra-stuffers, how to go pouch deep in some edible raw MUMMY twat, and how to sploog a ball-sac all over a pair of giant fun bags!
When Ryan Ryder displayed up for the reading out of his daddy's will, the last thing he hoped was to get laid. But when the will says the only way for him to collect his inheritance is to smash his dad's big-boobed nurse Emma Culo, his day embarks looking up! Very First she deep throats on his phat fuck-stick, then she wraps it up in her thick fake boobs and pretty tiny soles. He humps her moist fuckbox before going nutsack deep in her taut brown-eye and then ultimately gargling his flow all over her ginormous knockers!
Devon is a kinky College Librarian who's supervising some of the Schoolgirls while they explore. But when she catches the College nerd, Xander Corvus, wanking off to a image of some breasts, she can't believe the size of his hefty spear! She pulls out her thick udders and begins draining his schlong while he inhales her rock hard puffies, then stretches her gams so he can get to her pretty pinkish labia. She globs to her knees to get a taste of that nerd pecker, wraps it up in her gentle enormous globes, and then Xander leans her over a table and screws her right!
When Casey Cumz picks up her bf's phone and witnesses that he's at a touch and tug joint, she's so mad she can hardly speak! She runs down to the rubdown place to squeal at her dude when one of the masseuses on duty, Johnny Sins, witnesses her furious and determines to suggest her a free rubdown to silent her down some. Angry and looking for a lil' payback, Casey agrees. Johnny embarks by caressing some baby grease on her pretty tiny soles, then works his way up her gams to her cooter. He thumbs Casey until she's dribbling raw, and then gives her a taste of his ginormous fuckpole. She gags on his beef whistle while he ravages her pretty face, and then stretches her gams so he can plow her raw cunt and taut booty too! Johnny gives her an astounding ass-fuck tearing up and then caps off his rubdown by providing her a gigantic facial cumshot!
Mick Blue has been running his biz for years now, and Katerina Kay is lightly the worst employee he's ever had. She's lazy, her clothing is very inappropriate, and she can't keep her forearms to herself. He's kept her around in hopes that she would improve, but when he catches her pocketing money out of the cash drawer, that's the last straw! Mick fires her, but she makes such a fuss about it that he has to turn to the only option he has to get her out the door: banging her brains out! He whips out his enormous meatpipe and she can slightly believe her eyes. She deep throats that ample manmeat and then Mick romps her pretty tiny face. Katerina opens up her gams and takes his enormous spunk-pump deep in her taut tiny teenage poon, and then takes a ginormous facial cumshot cum shot with a smile! If only all layoffs went so sleekly!
Emma Stoned is head cheerleader for the ZZ Cheetahs, and she's holding auditions to find their next member. But when she observes that August Ames, the buxom biotch who smooched her bf, is next to casting, she hops at the chance for a tiny bit of uber-sexy vengeance. Very First, they de-robe August down, exposing her taut culo and fat inborn melons. August is willing to do whatever it takes to get on the team, so she munches out Emma's taut teenage cunt and gargles on her pretty lil' toes. Emma rockets out her wire-on to bang August's cootchie rigid, and then pulls out a electro-hitachi to rubdown her lil' nub. Once Emma has gotten what she wants, she leaves August kinky and bare on the floor. That'll train her to dirt with another female's dude!
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