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Club Rachel Love

A fan wrote to me, saying that he wanted to see me tied up in
Im really feeling fucking horny today as its been a long time
I love going for a night out on the town in this dress. I'm guaranteed
How do you like my new bathing suit and my matching boots? Im
This jacket looks good on me, I wonder what will go with it.
Hi, oh it's you again and it's me again too! I guess you want
Hi there I'm finally back, have you missed me, I bet you have.
Today I invited my producer over with his photo camera to take
Hey Guys, I wanted you all to know that I got all your messages
Here I am again, sitting bored in my living room in my pink dress
Hey, are you hungry? Are you starving? What are you in the mood
I'm here waiting all alone on my bed with new satin sheets for
I’m hanging out in my bed today reading email and junk and