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Hegre Art Photos

Three naked girls enjoy sexy times at the beach
Flora is teasing Alex! She just want his penis to touch her wet pussy!
Clover is giving herself a real treat. A little nibble has stirred her appetite.
Flora makes sure that Mike feels that he is in the right place where he belongs.
Flora and Mike love to touch their selfs. Time for some fun!
The simple pleasures in life are sometimes the best. Come and join the girls!
Every one's a winner. So they are having a beach party to celebrate their triumph.
Its time for oral pleasure. Flora knows how to pleasure a men!
It looks like Flora has a long night ahead of her. Long is the way she likes it.
Flora is rightly pleased with her all her handiwork. Mike is even more delighted.
Valerie has quite a handful here. She wants to make sure she keeps a good grip.
It's going to be a tight squeeze but she'll be OK. She's had very long practice.
Flora loves oral sex! Watch how much Alex enjoy it.
They bring out something special in each other. Sparks fly when they get together.
Two gorgeous girls compare and contrast themselves. There is a clear winner. It's us.
It's Flora's motto. If you stand by your man he is sure to stand proud by you.
Four naked girls, what more could you want?
Clover is showing what she can do with her mouth! And you will want her to do the same to you as well!
Who says you can have too much of a good thing? Caprice and Valerie prove you can't.
The Princess of Africa is back! Totally naked and sexy!
Alex knows exactly how to take Flora to the next level of sexual pleasure!
He can hold her so firmly. Then she will do the same for him in her own special way.
Pamela has something big to play with her pussy! She will enjoy it for sure!
This penis is getting the sexiest massage you can have!
Three girls play together naked on the beach
Its time for some sweat and some fun! But you have to be naked!
Flora uses everything she's got. She's making sure she rubs him up the right way.
Silvie loves to touch herself! Her bush is a wild forest that need to be explored!
Three Girls, naked,horny, having fun, while being photographed By Mr. Petter Hegre
Mike's weapon is primed to detonate. All that it will need is just a firm squeeze.
Coxy and Mike cannot hide the attraction that they feel! They want you to be a part of it!
Two girls play with each other
It's double the fun with Polya and Yulia. Want to join in?
Three naked girls play together
Dominika cant help revealing some of the ways that she is longing to be massaged.
It's a woman thing. They share an intimate knowledge of each other. It goes so deep.
5 Girls naked for you
When Mike and Flora got together, it will be a pleasant time!
Flora opens naturally at the very centre of attention. She deserves a full spread.
Sixty nine is their lucky number to scoop the pool. Flora is going for the jackpot.
When it is the time to push the envelope Pamela can take it all in her stride.
This is a duo, you cannot miss! a girl and a guy, having fun...totally naked!
Nikola is pumping with energy. She has got to release the excitement thats building up.
Tantra has opened up new paths for Clover. She will explore them all to the full.
Ira and Irena
Clover firmly believes in settling down with one man and making him very happy
Flora and Mike take their positions. They're going for every one they can think of.
A sexual encounter between two horny and sexy girls!
Clover is at the gynecologist! He will examinate her sexy pussy!
Start at the high heels, follow the long, long legs then you get to Silvies pride and joy
Their colours are contrasting but they still all come together in perfect harmony.
Yanna practices nude yoga stretches
No need for words when their bodies are in such perfect tune with each other.
Valerie and Mike were made for each other. Each mirrors the other in the ways of pleasure.
Desire is at the centre of everything for Flora. This is what she always puts first.
Yanna loves to open her legs and show her pussy for you
Blonde Yanna spreads wide for you
Lulu may look like a doll but she's all woman at heart.
How can you try to choose between them? Every one of them is an outright winner.
Anna S is naked and waiting for you
Flora and Alex are totally naked and sweating their bodies!
Anna and Olga enjoy naked kisses
Some parts of the body must be made firm and stiff before they can be properly relaxed...
Unshaven Silvie wants to play
Pamela is sure to be LOL. She has all she wants to make her smile with pleasure.
Konata may look like a doll but she's all woman at heart.
Sexy Anna has an Xmas surprise for you
Athletic Yanna spreads wide for you
Five sexy models get naked on the beach together
One on one makes sixty nine. For everybody it adds up to a perfect combination.
Theyve waited so long for each other. Now they wont ever let go of what they have.
Who gets most pleasure? Is it the girl being covered? Or is it the one who strokes?
Flora needs that you make a full check up of her body!
The doctor is enjoying all the fringe benefits of his work that Clover offers.
Elena At Home
Check out this curvy Latina's ripped stockings!
She is knocking on heavens door and she knows just how to make it open wide.
Their world offers many temptations. They're determined to fall for all of them.
Petite Janina shows off her tight toned body.
Join Konata while she is haging on a rope
This guy is being masturbating by a pro masseur
They are all getting together for some fun. They're bound to end up soaking wet.
Clover gets an in-depth examination. Everything is looking in perfect condition.
Flora wants much more than eight hours per day in bed. She needs some sleep too.
Valerie doesn't need to be asked to "Open wide". It just comes naturally to her.
With a little help from her friends Caprice has fun trying to improve on perfection.
Kiki shows that there can be great beauty in simplicity. She is in perfect shape.
A warm bath is meant to relax. Doesnt she look relaxed when shes all done playing?
Mirror mirror underneath. Who's the foxiest of them all? The answer's very clear.
Nika is wearing sexy stockings
Enjoy sexy Anna S this Christmas
Gorgeous Dominika loves posing naked for you
One on one makes sixty nine. For everybody it adds up to a perfect combination.
One on one makes sixty nine. For everybody it adds up to a perfect combination.
Get in bed with Flora! She will give you the time of your life!
Dominika is always ready to take the rough with the smooth. They both pleasure her.
Silvie shows off her hairy pussy
Pamela feels the need for someone she can get close to. She's in the mood to open up.
Gloria and Nicole are reaching new heights as they press on to explore each other.
Dominika is getting herself all puckered up ready for some passionate kissing.
Let's give Flora a big welcome. It's good to see her back. Her front is great too.
One on one makes sixty nine. For everybody it adds up to a perfect combination.
Flora is having her pussy examined and her sexy ass! You shoul take a look!
Kiki knows how to gain your attention, and she is doing it again!
Its time for a party with 3 naked and sexy girls!
No wonder there is a queue to get into med school. Every day brings fresh pleasure.
Unshaven Silvie shows off her flexibility
Hairy girl Silvie wants to play with you
How about this for starters? I have got plenty more to come for you to feast on.
Teen Ally is having a full massage on the beautiful body
Kiki is the perfect girl and has the perfect body! Sexy as hell!
Petite teen Ira spreads for you
Sleek and gorgeous, this woman of colour looks good enough to eat.
Anna believes you cannot have too much of a good thing. Here she definitely proves it
They are ideally matched. When they come together they become something very special.
We can help ourselves to intimate views of all Valeries ways of relaxing herself.
Ama and Flora are waiting for you!
Anyone can wear clothes. To look as good as Alya does without them is a talent.
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