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There are mornings, we're sure, where you drag yourself out of bed and stare blankly into the space that may have once been you're youth, if only you could see from where you were standing. If you could only have a few hours, a few minutes even, to enjoy all of those lost hours. Well, we're here to tell you that you can indeed relive some of those glory days of your past. As long as you're standing next next to Chanel, that is. You see, Chanel's a veritable fountain of youth. All you have to do is drink deeply from her endless stores of energy. She's happy to share, too. She wants you to be able to keep up with her, because Teen Power burns hot and it burns fast down in her drawers!
If more women practiced teen power there'd be a lot of happier old guys out there. Then again it's pretty silly to expect a MILF, or worse yet, a GILF, to be carrying on like a giddy high schooler though goodness knows a lot of 'em do. On the other hand, Destiny DeVille, far from crinkly, old and toothless with a bad attitude, is a wonderful example of Teen Power in its prime. Plus the fact that she smells good, too. Our advice to Destiny is enjoy it while she's got it. Because some day she'll wake up and scare the shit out of herself upon looking in a mirror. The time hasn't come for it yet, but once Destiny opens her legs and the aroma of a cedar closet fills the air, teen power will be a vague and distant memory.
It's not easy growing up on the farm, but when times are tough, a little bit of teen power will lift you up. Kylee King can sure lift her lover up... revealing how pink her pussy is by spreading her twat lips to the camera should do the trick. Kylee grew up on the farm, and you can tell she is corn bred... Eat that corn up as if you love it Kylee!!
Cristina Agave is a wicked Latina (check her tramp stamp) that loves to play the part of an innocent girl. But we all know that when you drop your panties for the camera something will always go down... just ask her lover. We bet she tastes so sweet because her pussy is so pink. Tacos anyone? I'm sure you love Mexican!
Kimberly Wood is a sexy teen with a really tender pink pussy. Yep, take a look for yourself while she exposes it to our cameras. Looks nice to eat off of right? Well, how about would you think her pussy lips will feel around your thick cock?!?! Kimberly has a fit body and a nice ass too. We're sure you'll enjoy this little slut!
You ever have something that you're just hankerin' for, in an a real hurry-up-and-wait kinda way? You probably realize that the wait is most of the fun when it comes to stuff like that. Destiny, on the other hand, has Teen Power rushing through her veins and as such is physically and mentally unable to wit for anything at all. She has a flowering sexuality that won't be denied, and certainly won't wait for time or tide. When she sees a huge dick like Lee's, she's not going to play coy; no, Destiny is going to rip her panties down and stuff as much of that pole into her wet snatch as she can. But that's what Teen Power is all about; knowing what you want, and rushing right out to get it!
Today we have another hot teen with tons and tons of energy. With hard pink nipples, and a wet pink pussy, Cassie Young is dying to be fucked! But where can we fuck this hot blonde teen? In her pretty pink twat! Watch her reveal her tight round ass while she is sucking on her lover's fat cock.
This should be ranked among the greatest cumshot photos of all time. While in the pile driver sex position, Lexi Love climaxes - shooting a gush of girl-cum all over her own chest and face. At the same time Brian Surewood shoots a load of jizz all over Lexi's hairy pussy. Awesome!
Teens, how sweet they are! Celina Cross is fresh out of high school, and you know what that means... young, tender pussy. But that's not all that is tender, check out her tight lil' ass. It's hard to say, but we don't know if that's her cum or spit, but we would sure love for you to tell us what you think that's glistening from her asshole. Take a look!
It's not easy being a hot girl in high school. Everyone wants to fuck you, especially your teachers! Lil' Lie Lani is having some trouble in one of her classes, but that's nothing a little bit of teen power can't handle. Shake your ass, lay on the table, and you'll surely pass your class!
Forget the fact that Memphis Monroe sometimes looks more like Christina Aguilera than the pop-star herself... Memphis' plump tits and thick ass are a definite sex-multiplier. Here's a set of pictures of this perky young nymph striping and posing and leaping about in the nude all for you.
You can say Jessica developed a little early! Hot fluffy 34D titties and a smoking tight body. Watch her tease the camera as she lifts her uniform to reveal her wet pussy. It looks even wetter as she's getting fucked by her black lover's thick hard...
Riley Mason is a sexy teen with fluffy pink nipples and a petite looking pussy. Watch her old lover fuck her young tender pussy, and then watch her get showered with a facial.
If you were to see Mindy Lee walking down the street, you'll probably say, Hey, now that is a girl I can take home to mom. But in reality, this good o' fashion gurlie girl is a sexual freak. She loves the taste of dick, likes her pussy to eaten out and can't stress enough how much she yearns for a thick cock up her tiny pink twat. There is something out this girl, we don't know but maybe you can tell us?
Whether she's sucking 10-inch cock or taking it in the ass group-style, Jasmine Byrne flashes that winning smile. If you've ever attended school, and some of us have, you'll recognize that smile as belonging to the most popular girl in the class. The girl who let guys feel her up during recess or let them penetrate her with a dirty ruler during Geometry class. For want of a better term, it's called teen power, and Jasmine certainly knows how to practice it. Even when she becomes an old lady with hair stubbles on her chin, we'll bet that Jasmine will continue flashing that smile and showing her ass to men willing to pay for a glimpse of it. Teen power extends to all ages, and it makes good sense to begin exercising it at an early age.
As a practitioner of Teen Power, Patricia Petite has the kind of mischief in her face and lust in her nubile body that can tease all kinds of confidences. Even if they have nothing to say, guys want to tell her things just because she looks like the kind of girl who gets turned on by anti-social behavior. Guys want to confess to impress: armed robbery, grand theft auto, you name it. They want to break and enter lavish homes just so they can have something interesting to relate in their emails. They're under the impression that this is the way to winning the heart of a high spirited teen, figuring that other guys with adolescent pimples are the usual hangers-on capable of boring these girls to death. In some ways, this is true. Teen Power girls have heard it all and probably have done most of it. They're besieged by ardent admirers constantly but really respect the guy whose return address is a Federal incarceration facility.
Savanna James has a nice set of titties. They're a full c-cup and we're loving every minute of them. Her body is amazing too! She has a hot round ass and a flat tummy, not to mention her beautiful smile. This prep school princess has quite the life too. She's young, dumb and full of cum! We wonder if daddy really knows what this little girl does behind closed doors. If you want to find out what she really does, take a look!
Roxy Rush is a tall slender teenager who is just SOOOOOOO happy to be exploring her sexual freedoms on film to share with the world. She just jumps for joy in this photoset, twisting, posing, stripping down to nude - and giving you the greatest fuck of your life!
Lexi Belle is a spunky teen girl that loves to have a good time. With a cute innocent face like hers, and a small slender body, it's only obvious her favorite position is on top. She loves to bounce...on her lover's huge cock!
Aubrey Banks plays the part of a sexy young woman playing with herself on the couch until her big-dicked boyfriend comes over and fulfills all her youthful cravings.
Isabella is cute, fun, and acrobatic! Take a look at this farmer's ass when she spreads her cheeks for the camera. It looks so tight! We bet you want to stick your finger in her warm little butt. Watch Isabella's facial expressions as she cums all over her lover's cock.
Monica Breeze gets perky with her pigtails and pink panties. She steps into her sunlit backyard and begins to strip for you. Once she gets into the nude she teases you by getting frisky and prancing around the yard buck naked and leaping in the air.
Gia wasn't exactly burning up the social scene. That is, until she turned at least 13. Then Teen Power gradually took over her body like a filthy succubus in a horror flick. While some critics assail Teen Power and attribute it to toxic levels of mercury or lead poisoning in the brain, we think differently. Sure, Teen Power has its shortcomings. Unless you're fucking your Geometry teacher, it pays no dividends as far as grades are concerned. And buying liquor can be a problem unless you have a middle aged sugar daddy making all your purchases. Ooops, forget what we just said about the drawbacks. Teen Power has none and gives you a really cool, fuck off attitude.
Holly Morgan has a smokin' body. Her tits are perky and firm, her tummy is flat, and her pussy is probably the best looking ones that we've seen. She can really ride a dick, and when things get tough on the farm, you can always count on a farmer's daughter to take the initiative. She rides cock, sucks dick and looks fucking hot doing it!
Chelsie Rae is really cute. She has an innocence to her, but she can suck good dick. She's a fan of big black cock. Watch her pussy fill with her lover's darkness!
It is a pleasure to see a woman in the flower of youth, like Denice K. At the peak of her sensuous beauty, Denice K has graciously agreed to let you watch her get naked in her foyer, and then watch her have sex with her boyfriend!!!
Presley Maddox is a hot cheerleading teen that is aching for a hand to slide up her lil' skirt. She has the whole cheerleader theme going on here, the outfit, the moves, and the sucking and fucking of cock like there is no tomorrow. Oh yes, she is just like one of those high school girls that you just wanted to pummel in locker rooms.
Phoebe is a redhead princess with innocent eyes and a young teen pussy that is dying to be fucked. Watch her take her lover's thick dick in her tiny pink pussy! Now that's some Grrl Power for you!
Aubrey Addams is a little bit on the smaller side. She's only 4'10, but don't take her lightly, she can take a thick dick with the best of them. This teenie bopper reveals what's under her tiny outfit. She may look innocent, but take a look and see her wild side! Watch this old man and this young fresh girl give you a hot show!
Depending which side of the teen power age scale you're on, some men are doing time for availing themselves of it. Fortunately for us, it's safe to ogle Nikki, maybe even approach her without the risk of a life sentence hanging in the balance. Simply put, there's nothing more satisfying than the clean ass smell of teen power as represented by Nikki. If you've ever had a cougar or a MILF perched on your face farting up an accidental wet storm then you know what we're talking about. If you've ever had a cougar with chipped bridgework giving you a blowjob than you're probably too traumatized to even enjoy these pictures of Nikki demonstrating the technique, and for that we're deeply sorry. Our advice? Stick with teen power - even if it's in your imagination.
Kendra Devons has that thick look to her. She's blonde and we can tell you that she has one of the sexiest clit piercings. Her skin looks so smooth and her pussy looks even smoother. We bet her pussy is so tender because after all... she is young and tight. Watch Kendra show this old dirty bastard some teen power!
Micah Moore is a Prep School Princess. She has a cute face and she loves to smile. Does she smile when she's riding her lover's cock on top? How about on bottom? You should take a look for yourself! Micah has little nipples, but she can sure work a cock. Put it in her mouth, or unshaved pussy, it doesn't matter to this girl. She'll put an extra teen power and work your shaft to you blast!
Angel Valentine has that cute young look to her... maybe it's because she's a little teen power girl sucking on an old cock, or maybe it's because of the innocent look on her face as she's getting fucked! We can't tell, but maybe you can tells us why she looks so fucking sexy.
Marquetta Jewel with her perfect, young breasts, is ready to get nude for you and jump around like a giggly teenage airhead. You'll love the coy, cozy poses she strikes while before you jump on her thoroughly latina ass and serve her up a thick cum mustache.
Ever been zapped by a taser gun? Teen Power is something like that. For some men Teen Power prompts electromuscular disruption and causes molecules in the body to go all wacky. Others, upon seeing a woman dressed in knee socks, plaid skirts and penny loafers get even crazier and start reaching for their wallets oblivious to the reasons why they were reaching for them. Paige Turner, as you no doubt can tell, is murder when it comes to Teen Power. Men would kill for her. Others would take out a second mortgage to finance dates that would probably lead nowhere. The why is obvious. Curfew. A Teen Power chick has got to get her sleep or else wake up looking like a MILF in the morning. Now, you wouldn't want that happening to Paige, would you? Look at that pretty face and body. Jackoff and let Paige have her beauty rest.
Katie Lane is a cute Prep School Princess. She enjoys the simple things in life... sucking cock, fucking on camera, and taking huge dicks in her young pussy. She plays the cutesy roll in this scene, and can she sure play it right. Watch Katie's perky breasts bounce up and down! She's hot and willing!
Lindsay Kay is young and sexy. She's a beach gal and you can tell she loves to flaunt her assets at the beach. She has a cute little heart tan on her lower tummy area... a target maybe? We think so. Lindsay has a pierced kitty too... and we bet you'd love to pull suck it so she lets out a little scream. It looks like she picked up a friend and he fucks this teen in one of her favorite positions... doggy!
Beautiful Sophie Dee is back with her luminescent blue eyes and sexy long bonde hair that falls gracefully over the pale skin of her large breasts. Those breasts are made to seem all the more full by the smoothness of skin on her young tummy. Oh and those eyes of her make men just want to stick their dicks into the nearest warm, wet item...
Veronique Vega is a hot Latina that is waiting for something exciting to happen in her boring life on the farm. What do you know? Here comes a huge cocked black man to really put some joy in her life, or should we say, in her PUSSY!
Stacie Jordan is a cute little teenage cheerleader... we wonder if she fucked the whole football team? This high school sweetheart has a nice pair of tits and a tender wet pussy. Watch her dance and jump around in her mini-skirt and then get fucked by...
Jordana James is a cute teen with some nice thick pussy lips. It's no wonder why her lover goes down on her and sucks on her wet snatch. Watch this little farmer's daughter ride her lover's hard throbbing cock as she deep throats his...
Angela Stone certainly has the tits for teen power. Not too small, not too large and a face that'll make you forget all about the hard-eyed hookers you've been paying for recently. It's the kind of face that strikes a fatherly chord deep inside the groins of all of us prompting even some to stick five fingers in their pants. But if we were to get hard for our daughters in the same way that would be a criminal act, so that's where Angela has the advantage. Again, that's teen power. Not every girl has it. Not every girl may want it. Because there's way too much responsibility attached to it.
Rachell Ann is a sexy teen... the kind you used to dream about in high school. This little broad is a teen dream with perky nipples. Her pussy is so tender, so tight, and so hairy! That's right... a hot bushy pussy for this horny teen!
When you were in high school, did you ever want to lift the skirt of that one cheerleader that you had a crush on? Well, Paulina James is here to make all of your fantasies come true. She even lifts up that hot little skirt for you! Watch her give a sexy strip tease, then ride on her lover's cock.
Brianna is a playful, pretty and pussy-wild young lady with the cutest pig-tails, and an urge to suck and fuck! She'll strip naked outside, and then take you in for some fun loving fucking!
Sasha Knox is a dirty little teen girl with a hot body and an even hotter pink pussy. Watch this teen princess ride her lover's thick dick with a passion, and watch as she gets put in doggy position while she gets drilled. Daddy must be proud!



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