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Milfs Like It Black Photos

This week the dudes from Mummy Like It Dark-Hued must accommodate a client with the most unusual wish ever! You do not want to miss it!
Scanty towheaded an' foxy Mummy wuz so sad after dat divorce, but we has da cure fo dat. Hefty Dark-Hued Manmeat fo da right price be more than enough two haunt all dat sad bullshit away. Gotta enjoy ash-blonde hoes wit ample fake orbs paid fo by da chump ex's wit all dat settlement money two fellate.
Lil' mingle-up at the MLB office, but the bois sorted it out when smokin' torrid Alexa walked in wanting to get her cunt ravaged. They hooked her up with some hefty dark-hued trouser snake and made sure there was enough manmeat on palm so she could lick and tear up her pack.
So we're still at it! Gettin' that money! Came thru for a mummy today named Eva Karera and BULLSHIT she's great! Fit as a fuckin' fiddle and prepared with that green stuff. Question is; why in the Hell would to pay a gratuity to Lucas?! No matter... We hopped him afterwards and got paid in UTTER! Trust that!
Lil Reg drilled up again, and dreamed to earn his spot back in the team. You don't spend all day watchin Hefty D hustle sans learning a few things tho', so he called up a kinky MUMMY who wished some ginormous dark-hued pecker to deep-throat and bang until she came rigid!
When Alura Jensen showcased up at the MLIB team palace, the bois thought they recognized her. So what if she's had that great spunk-pump before, her money's superb and her fat booty is exactly the kind of succulent handle Lucas has been looking forth to tearing up on.
Our bois in the MLIB team had this Russian MUMMY with a bottomless thirst for spunk-pump. They brought in Shane Diesel to split this nasty crud in half, because only a serious screw would please her. It took all he had, but the MUMMY got what she needed.
The MLIB team went into the bank to take care of depositing some profits, when things got interesting. The teller Zoey Portland desired a lump of gigantic dark-hued meatpipe, so they sent a fellow around to knob down that sizzling Mummy with some of that dark meat.
Brooke came by to film a mind-blowing commercial with the MLIB squad. The sweetie doesn't wanna do any professional bono work, but she's glad to take Lucas Stone's yam-sized stack as cheque for services rendered. Boi gives her the yam-sized dark-hued pink cigar til she bellows for more.
We Mofo's realize a true threat two freedom, da idea dat excellent mummies could be denied da right two buy giant dark-hued manmeat howeva and wheneva dey prefer. We struggle dat wrong Campaignin' for Weenie, makin sho no thirsty whores get denied, trust it.
JonJon is brought to an art class where he is supposed to stance as a naked model, but he hastily realises the teacher's true intentions: to drill him like there is no tomorrow!
When you spend all day struggling, you need a tiny lovinŠ¢ just to loosen. That's why Dayna, a boxer with a ultra-cute tastey set of orbs, called the MLIB squad. After all, there's no nicer way for an fledgling biotch to relieve than with a ultra-cute massive dark-hued weenie!
In order to keep the dollar bills flowing, the team went out in the neighbourhood door to door in search of some lonely tarts in need of our service. After runnin' into some peckerwood rascist motherfucka, we fortunately found the flawless 34DD clientele. This breezy had Me, Bugsy and Tactics thinkin' it was time to get back in the game! Gotdayum!
Heidi had a pal chatting phat about the MLIB team and dreamed a lump herself. She needed the kind of deluxe approach only those bois can provide. Yah, the phat dawgs ask top dollar, but this towheaded ho knows if you want the finest you gotta pay up.
To succeed in the  biz from time to time a dude's gotta do what a boy's gotta do. So instead of being sit on our arses waiting for a Mummy falls from the sky. We determined to go out and find a white rich gal prepped to pay for a hefty dark-hued trouser snake. It's stiff biz, baby.
This week the boys from Mummy Like It Dark-Hued have a highly sensational client: a stinking hobo with tons of cash. Never brief of ideas, Immense D hire a specialist to do a finish makeover so Jason can ultimately ravage her. This is one molten hobo any fellow would agree to pulverize in a 2nd!
Jason porked his bullshit up an now we all stuck inna crap DMV class wit some watery lump o' white meat. We gonna instruct dis lil platinum-blonde lady da pump an splash. Oh yeah. We jus hadda give dat cracker train a lil lesson very first and it all B superb, yo.
So we had this lady Baylee come thru begging for the bf practice we premiered about a yr ago. Except it turns out that's not what Baylee dreamed at all! Witness, we went ahead and put Tactic in charge of picking her up but the dork got ahead of himself and plowed the client! Superb thing she was kinky as nail because she got it in again with Lucas and we pocket he cash!
This week MLB brings you India Summer, and Lucas will screw her slit deep and rigid thanks to all the directions that Sir Tim Wong gave him about the "Yong And Honeypot". "Yong And Vagina" is the way, is the path to reach the ultimate chick rapture thru the intensity of the mind and a fat dark-hued bone !
MLIB squad spinned up at this mummy's mansion. We found this blondie niece had never seen no ebony stud, never had no ebony beef whistle neither. It was high time she get schooled, so our boi came in the back door and gave her taut anus a sloppy very first time poke.
We get a call from this fresh MUMMY in the neighbourhood telling she needs help with her puss and we're all over that crap... but there's a misunderstanding about what kinda cunt she's chatting about. Either way, I'ma make sure we get that money, even if we gotta climb some trees or some bullshit. Trust that!
Turns out the MLB squad have a thing to learn about hustlin! Mia instructs the dudes how to bring in the dough with a rubdown table, working Jody's spear. Flashing the bois how to get paid like this, no doubt it's gonna switch the game.
Every once in a while the MLIB team gets a thorougbred beauty who comes in looking for the superb dark-hued trouser snake. And every time, all the bois want a lump of that. Eventually, Sean sorted things out and got Chloe the top-notch tear up she was there to pay for.
The MLIB team is always taking down bombshells, but this time every brutha got a lump of these fledgling beotches at a fake penis soiree. Vixxxen sold all her buddies some playthings, and after the event was over, we got to witness all the joy she had with a gigantic ebony knob.
Jon Jon, never loved to visit the dentist but the super super hot and super-sexy Liza Del Sierra, will make him switch his mind using her charm and her awesome bouncy bum. If we had more dentists like this stunner, the world would be a place free of caries.
So we were sittin' around thinking up ways to ream our enterprises, and Bugsy spins thru with an outstanding idea; turns out dolls on the west coast lookin' to get into pornography aren't prepared for the lollipops some of these studs are filling. On top of gettin' it in with the naughty mummies, we could dual our elation and instruct a few pornography stars as well! Trust that!
The MLIB team spinned up at this ginger tart's building to lodge a score. Scarlett's boy owed some money, and the greatest way to erase his debts was to let the squad get a violate at her sweet twat. Sean went sack of babymakers deep, and flashed this ho who's chief.
To win a place on the MLIB team, you've gotta be a real stallion. The fresh boy attempting out today was filling enough fever to win a place on the crew AND make an unsatisfied customer glad. Thanks to him, Sarah Blake got all the dark-hued lollipop she paid for.
Hefty D got a call from some filthy MUMMY who dreamed to live out one of her cravings. She put on a cheerleader uniform, and then asked the quarterback to penetrate her with his huge ebony weenie. She railed that man meat stiff until she got the facial cumshot that she desired!
Hefty D's fresh promotion was workin' out just right. Lucas got a mouth-watering rich MUMMY to his motel apartment desperate for some dark-hued fuckpole. Our boi has enough weenie to share with all the mummies who are greedy for some warm chocolate act from the MLIB team.
In this gig, the studs from Mummy Like it Ebony welcome in their palace a stellar maid with a massive bootie. The dame knows  how to dust off a dark-hued knob and she rails it like a true champion!
Our brutha Lucas has been a pummeling manhood lately so we all 'What the tear up?' He tells us his sad history of pimpin, getting used by thirsty hoes. 1 day in College his MUMMY Train come over and ax two pay him four his big-arse man rod instead. Bullshit's like seeing the dawn of a veteran.
This week the men from Mummy Like It Ebony bring Lucas to an horny MUMMY. Will he be up for the compete?
The men are celebrating the trio years of Mummy Like It Dark-Hued in their backyard when abruptly their scorching but angry neighbour comes to make complaints about the noise. Hopefully, our dudes know exactly how to ease off this damsel: with a yam-sized ebony manhood.
Ginormous D had to head down to the police station when one of his fellows got arrested. Fortunately, the cop on duty was a kinky MUMMY, so Ginormous D controlled to work something out with her. A lil' taste of Prince Yashua's large ebony manhood, and his boi was a free boy!
We took a call to hammer up a "bordello," and we weren't about to pass that crap up. When we flashed up it turns out there was major miscommunication with the client and instead of wished her coochie packed, she desired a role in a play packed. Just before we were about to unload outta there, the tart dropped some major coin and Brotha Jon Jon was able to droplet some eagerness on this MUMMY! Trust that...
The MLIB team got a hell of a surprise today. Bianca Breeze brought a tiny more fever to the table than the bois had bargained for. When this tall nymphomaniac unclothed down rump bare, it was clear they needed to send a intense hitter to hard-on her down.
Guess what lyin' tiny lump o' crap demonstrated up tryin' to steal our tarts?? Sleazy lil Reg, that's who. Caught him crimson transferred at a Mummy's building wit a fistful o' cash and and a dark-hued rod in tow. OUR Mummy's building. Screw dat bullshit. Dat vanilla caboose penetrate is goin DOWN.
The bois of MLIB want you to observe how great it is to be bad! They're cracking all kinds of rules, and having way too much joy. Check out how Filthy D lays meatpipe in this inexperienced mega-slut Kaylynn, talkin sloppy the entire time he pummels her with his gigantic BIG BLACK COCK.
This week Bugsi determined to bring a gorgeous English honey back from the club. He told her it was FREE!? this fellow's gone humping naughty desperate and now we've got to make her pay and we're not going to stop there, we'll give her the Lucas Off The Hook!
Kinky MUMMY Tara is a foody, she makes the dudes gobble until they can't even breath! But hopefully Jason knows how to deal with these dolls: one only has to stuff them like a turkey with his phat steak sandwich!
It's that time of yr again, and the mummies Like It Giant folks have embarked a Christmas charity to make sure all the excellent lil' cougars get they schlongs they want this season. Only the bros underestimated just how many hoes would be drawn to their sale prices. Observe out, it's a Christmas dicktacular!
Daisy perceived like going door to door for candy, and made the entire damn MLB Team sundress up. Hungry went with her to get some candy, but they came up empty transferred. He had no choice but to give her a handle of his own: a firm screwing with his meaty ebony penis!
When it comes to biz no one's more savvy than us at Mummies Like It Ebony. But at times even Titans of industry like us need a refresher course. So we sign up for this class. Turns out, it was for Spanish lessons! No matter; the woman instructor was nicer than a motherfucker! So we went ahead and made that money! Trust that!
When their deliveries got screwed up (again!), the MLIB team were wondering what they were supposed to lick! Then a juicy lil' Chinese Mummy demonstrated up at the door, cuz she was thirsty for a gigantic spunk-pump and knew the bois had enough meat to pack her up.



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