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MUSE Photos

A world renown photographer meets the Model of his Dreams and thus begins a new beautiful collaboration. In this soft and delicate set, Richard introduces an angelic beauty, Alla. This is thier first photo series together, shot recently on location in Kiev.
She's our new supermuse! Come see this set and many more of legendary Alla, one of the most beautiful teen faces in all the world.
Eighteen year old ukrainian beauty All shimes and seduces in this erotic, romantic, highly artistic late night photo session... Come. Fall in Love.
After a year-long hiatus Elena returns! One of the best posers ever to step before the camera demonstrates her skills and her exotic looks in these fine-art-inspired images depicting the beauty of the female form, captured in perfect light.
Eighteen-year-old ultra petite beauty Adriana appears in this very Touchy-Feely body-paint series.
The origin of sensual beauty is revealed in this dream-like series featuring Monika, Richard's most beautiful model and Perfect Muse. See her as never before.
Previews of Richard's newest book, his long-awaited homage to his beautiful wife Nancy. The most intimate, most erotic, most personal images he's ever published.
Or sem-exclusive Teen Fashion princess strips down to nothing but her skin and a pony tail in this compilation from two recent updates featuring her. Janetta has a rapidly growing legin of fans - come see why!
Tell me your fantasy, the shoot begun with this question. Natasha purred her answer, I want to be tied to a bed and feel strange hands touching me all over my body. In these series eighteen year old beauty quuen's fantasy become reality. Provocative and erotic!
A mixture of the first two sets by Nancy Murrian of her newest model, internet sensation Jenni, highly artistic studio nudes demonstrate Nancy's skill behind the camera, and a sexy bath scene which shows off Jenny's powerfull sensuality.
Beauitful Michelle, our exclisive superstar Model, spends an sunlit winter afternoon in a cozy mountain cabin, the sun, the fire, and her beauty all heating the room in equal measure.
MUSE is pleased to welcome the latest addition to our team, new staff photographer Kenneth Eckert. This is his first series for MUSE and features his own Muse, the lovely young Elena.
Eighteen year old Kiev beauty Natasha held captive plays her favourite game.
Come closer - she purrs, luring photographer and viewer nearer to her glistering body, her soft brown skin beckons a touch, a kiss, perhaps more. Each tantalizing detail of her flesh revealed. Nelly is La Maitresse of seduction. And these images are proof.
Girl-by-Girl erotism drenches these images, in which photographer Nancy Murrian captures Zuzana in her most passionate moments, as she grinds against her wooden playtoy like a feline-in-heat. Romantic, earthy warm color and masterful use of light and shadow dominate these sensual images, which teasingly invite you in.
He loves me, he loves me not, melancholy, romantic erotica with Jana. Radiant color and golden sun tanned skin accentuate this beautiful and sensual dark-tonned series and images.
The final session in a four year collaboration with Jana. Four years earlier, she was a nervous 19 years old fashion model who'd never modelled nude before when she walked in Richard's Studio. Four years and a massive body of work together later, she is a confident, expressive woman who became an internet sensation.
Once upont a time, in 2003, shy was a very shy and innocent fashion model, coming to Richard Murrian's studio for her very phist topless photos... nervous, uncertain, three years later she'd become one of the hottest erotic models on the internet.
Superbeauty fashion model Jana showing the perfection of her body in this artistic and multi colored series.
Adriana, our most petite model, covers her little body in warm body oil... her eyes invite your participation!


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