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Rick Savage

Painful breast bondage
Master Savage and his Sexy nurse torment young waif Corrine
Bitch gets hog tied and tit-tortured
Sweet Bunny gets her round ass spanked and bruised by Master Savage
Wicked Elektra is tamed by ruthless Master Savage
Asian whore is panty gagged and terrified by Ricks extreme bondage
Sexy Vivien gets her tits tortured by Master Savage
Beautiful Bethany gets her tits and pussy scald with boiling hot wax
Beautiful Alisha is terrified by Master Savages Grim pussy pain experiment
Ricks fascination with tits is unequalled
Master Savages heat lamp makes for wet pussy
Rick's current captive displays breasts marred by a multitude of pinching clothespins
Master savage ties her to his bed then whips out his vibrator
How many ways can YOU tie up and torture boobs?
If she doesn't like the treatment she's getting, she can't scream about it.
Ricks rope work turns Vivians huge tits into works of art
Doctor Rick makes sure that his patient is painfully uncomfortable during this examination
Master Savage hog-ties this whore to his hog
Laras snatch gets snarled as Master savage pulls on chains
Keegan is gagged and pinned after being rope tied japanese style
Once again, Rick Savage lives up to his name...at poor Audrey's expense
Mistress makes his cock red with 9-tail whip
Sexy Catherine gets her tits bound and nipples clamped by sadistic Master Savage
This young latina gets her tits squized until they pop
From candle wax to bondage, Rick is into torturing tits again
Master Savage binds this amazon while she eats her panties
Master Rick gives this slut a taste of his after school special
Wicked Little Lolita dominates her man slave
Terrible tit torture
Slave wrapped in plastic wrapped gets flogged and tit tied
A schoolgirl's panties are exposed...for starters
Bound girl submits to breast torture
Whipcracks and dripping wax...Audrey is subject to it all at her bondage audition
Sexy Lolita is a true fucking sadist
Spanking session using a wooden spoon and a leather flogger
Chubby Tubbie gets clawed and tied on all fours
Suffering Catherine endures horrible pussy pain
Ebony Beauty Yasmine gets bootylicious ass punishment
From hot wax to painful whacks to clothespins that pinch...Rick Savage has it all and does it all...to any female who dares to put herself in his pain-inducing hands
Master Savage is extremely satisfied with the punishment od Brookes sweet pussy
Rick Savage binds and punishes Giselles pretty round tits
This debutants white panties take a brutal beating
Sexy Raven hair beauty is caned and humiliated in Master Savages medical dungeon
Redhead Beauty Paige gets strapped and smacked around by Master Savage
Rick has so many instruments of torture at his disposal with which to dominate and hurt his captives
Mistress Scarlett demands total obedience from her man-slave
Slave granny gets a savage beating from Master Rick
Sexy punk Gia gets her pussy and nipples abused by Master Savage
Wall ties and tit clamps makes this bitch cream herself
Suspended and tortured Jordon still begs for more
Sexy Julie Simone gets her tender tits and pussy punished by Sadistic
Beautiful Catherine is given plenty of chances but ends up getting severely punished for her behaviour
Damsel in distress... thanks to Rick
Rick Savage is at it again!
Some of the flavors of torture depicted here include clothespin tit torture, pussy torture, and OTK spanking
Jazmin loses her uptown cool when Master Savage abuses and dominates her tits and pussy
Frightened Slut meets Master Rick for the first time
Ditzy Liz gets off on the rough treatment of her pussy
A demented doctor performs an exam
A blonde is Rick's latest "victim"--but she seems to be enjoying herself
Sexy Simone is subsected to a Savage BDSM session
Her mouth is sealed off with a ballgag but those puassylips are spread wide and waiting
Julie becomes completely submissive and the ropes leave her totally vulnerable
Towering Beauty Eva is brought down to size in Master Savages BDSM dungeon
Jane bows to Master Rick after learning to submit
Master Rick nearly pulls her nipple right off!
Rick Savage tortures her with pounds of frigid ice
Rick Savage flogs her ass while tied to a chair
Rick Savage knows how to treat a woman...and not by giving her roses, perfume, or candy, but by chaining her, clamping her nipples, and inflicting every form of torture he can think of on her.
Erica suffers extreme degradation in a food fight extravaganza
Rick Savage jabs and clenches Giselles beautiful tits
Tiny sexy Corrien barely survives Master Savages torture session
Sexy Nymph Corrine goes throu hell in Rick Savages dungeon
One of the best ways to punish a slave girl is to torture her nipples
She's all tied up and at Rick's mercy
Sexy Beauty Catherine gets her twat twisted and tortured
Sexy Brooke cries and whimpers as Master Savage abuses her twat
Master Rick unleashes punishment on these tender titties
She's never been tied up before
A gorgeous black chick is subjected to the ropes of master dom Rick Savage
Chunky bitch loves it when Rick Savage puts the hot glass on her nipples
Rick makes her wet while clapping her pussy
Rick Savage turns Viviens tits into a grotesque mess
Nikki gets a thorough exam in Dr Savages hospital from Hell
Watch her tits get smacked and waxed on Master Savages rooftop
Slutty slave gets her tits caught on Ricks 2x4
This school girl gets subdued and tortured by master savage
Master Savage locks his helpless slave in the stocks for a harsh punishment
Simone gets her tender tits savagely cut by rope and twine
A woman undergoes it all
She's bound and even encased in plastic
Sexy Brunette model endures scalding wax splashed on her tender pussy
Sexy Eva endures punishment and humiliation from Master Savage
Innocent Talia recoils in terror during the pussy torture session
A FemDom stars in this Savage production