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Scale Bustin Babes Photos

BBW Erin is at work late but she's just watching porn and playing with her plump pussy. Janitor Rodney comes in to clean her office and tells her how his girlfriend broke up with him a while ago. Horny, and feeling sorry for Rodney, she decides to suck his cock. She orders him to take off his pants, then she plays with her big boobs while she gives him a thorough blow job.
BBW Lady Leigh has come to Rodney for some tutoring based on a friend's recommendation. But Rodney gave her friend a much cheaper rate than the $100/ hour he is quoting her. He explains that was because he worked out a special deal with her friend. She let him fondle her boobs! Well that is ok with Leigh so she lets him grope her giant tits. Rodney then says that her friend let him see her naked.
Hot blonde BBW Vallery Vixen needs some much needed rest and relaxation after taking care of the kids all day. She is expecting the babysitter soon and tries to fit a quickie masturbation in. But Duchess arrives early and she hides the vibrator in the couch quickly. Vallery tells her she has got it easy tonight her kids are a asleep for the evening. So the very adorable but bad Duchess has time to kill
Right away BBW Bella Bendz is begging you to fuck her, but you have to hurry 'cause her boyfriend will be home soon. You bang her chubby hole hard and cum all over her fat pussy. Suddenly her boyfriend, Rodney, comes home early and she shoves you out the back door.
You have worked so hard all day long trying to please voluptuous dominatrix Mina Pavlovia. You have done so well she is starting to get turned on. She SHOULD reward you for your efforts. But the mistress has decided that you only get to watch today. You get to watch her pleasure her plump pussy all by herself and you can't do a thing about it.
Kamille comes to Rodney's to audition as a new stripper. She's got huge double I boobs. While she gives Rodney a smile of her stripping, she grabs one of her monstrous melons by both hands and kisses her own nipple. Rodney's certainly impressed by what he sees and tells her she can start next week. But she's eager to "assist" the boss right now. Rodney's a true professional though, and it would not be appropriate for him to have sexual relations with an employee.
Gorgeous BBW Superstar Eden 38DD primps herself in the mirror. As she bends over, you can see her big boobs and her huge juicy ass. She sits on the can but suddenly notices you spying on her, and she kind of likes it!! She slowly undresses for you, whipping out those giant knockers and squeezing them gently.


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