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Vladlena is a beautiful babe but her defying attitude made her the perfect slave for Master to punish tonight. She is less stubborn with her hands tied, immobilized in the bondage basement. Master wastes no time and makes her pussy submissive with a good fuck. But she needs to learn more of the bdsm rules for a proper behavior so she gets a hard ass spanking and whipping. A deep blowjob keeps her mouth busy and with that tight pussy fingered and masturbated with a vibrator, she does not have time to be disobedient. Skinny slave is sucking cock submissively and gets fucked again until she is all exhausted.
Claudie was wondering what our plans could be for the afternoon, she likes to go shopping. I said that we go for a walk in the woods, where I will use her a bit, make her ass red, bondage her and fuck her, and of course she should please me in between. Her answer was a smooth yes and a wet pussy, what else.
A slave routine starts with a walk along her Master in the deep forest. She was a disobedient girl and her behavior was vicious so Master will teach her a bdsm lesson. The stubborn slave is tap gag and crotch rope, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and stocking, but not even now she is not submissive. The Master wrest her t-shirt and nails it on the tree, ties up her arms and starts humiliating and masturbating her, so the poor girl is field in misery. He is spanking, whipping and biting her ass because he really wants his slave subjugate while fucking her. Down on her knees the girl is submissive and satisfy her Master with a blowjob and cum-swallow. Master had enough with this slave so he drags her out of the bondage woods tied in ropes.
Gina was looking forward to a hot game night in the woods. Well, she was hanging around everywhere in bondage, while I could tease her. Don’t know if she liked my inspiration. Don’t know if she expected the whip and the anal thing... but we had a nice time... I guess... :-)
As she have to be hurt and punished, as she adores to be afraid and under control, a dominant has no other choice than to step on her emotions and feelings, as much as she can bare. She will never understand her limits, but she will always look for them. I have more than hundred years of desire to throw over her, and that will be fucking painful...A beast to make breathe loud....A beast without any end !
Tied up from a bed, our victim is being dick teased, tasting the hard cock of her dominator and then being deprived of it, making her go crazy. When our BDSM master hangs her from the ceiling, the tiny disobedient girl thinks she will get away easy, but that`s not the case. He ties her up on the bad and tortures her pussy heartless, denying the orgasm she truly wants. A bad girl does not deserve that pleasure! He takes her over the edge, fast fingering and ass slapping, relentless playing with her emotions and leaving her in a complete sexual torture.  The sexual denial in this BDSM play is real!!! The slave cannot do anything to soften her master. She can only take what he gives! Only a little bit of dick sucking for her today!
Master`s favorite torment place is the dungeon and this is where blonde slave girl Candee Licious is ropes tied and punished. An elegant male domination with fetish game of submission, teasel and denial, the beast and the beauty caught in kinky bdsm game. Whipped, immobilized and fucked, her pussy fingered and vibrated is some of the harsh treatment she must obey. Delicious babe, hot fetish game!
Finished to be sweet and soft with Mia. From now on she is fuck meat and have to be beaten and terrorized. Her ass can only be red as lobster and she have to be fucked rude. She will learn to suck as the best....
Rope-bondaged and wearing collars, submissive Julie Shyhigh and fiesty Caroline Fox are powerless in the hands of Master`s BDSM submission. The hard spanking, fire play torment and  genitorture makes them scream of pain. They are painsluts for their Master and hard sex punishment is what they will endure in this double dominance fantasy.
Prepare yourself to more then 10 minutes of spanking and whipping while Sabrina is hanging in the air. Once exhausted I blocked her in a special construction where she is not able to move one millimeter. In this position she suffers from the hot wax on her breasts and again whipping, this time on her sensitive pussy. A movie you can't miss
Bdsm submission is rough for this slave girl. She endures being whipped, spanked, slapped, waxed as this is master fetish. Suspended in a kinky fantasy, she is dominated and for being an obedient slave girl blowjob is her reward. Hardcore bdsm humiliation.
Black lingerie on a sexy slave girl wakes up dark fantasy in Master mind. Soft skin is dominated with harsh ropes to make this slave dominated and ready to play her role in this bdsm foreplay. No submission is complete without a session of spanking, slapping and whipping that turns her kinky ass red. Mixing cold chains with hot wax makes this dominance punishment hard to bare. Double vibration on her slutty pussy and a blowjob to perform leave slave obedient and sexual submitted!
Delicate blonde in white stockings is immobilized to the wall, in handcuffs and spanked until her ass turns to bright red. It seems that there is nothing that could whip the perky smile off her face. Whips and nipple pinches, she is enjoying it all. Her pussy gets slapped, rope around her neck, she’s being abused and fucked until exhaustion.
One of the harder movies in Subspaceland. She came to pick up her game, suffers from it, and leaves with a smile as if she went to the hairdresser. This is about a long hard whipping session before I froze her pussy with cold ice, and in between I heated it with hot wax and whipped it again. She screamed it out during the whole movie, except when she had my dick in her mouth.
A slave with a dirty mind is the perfect bdsm toy that Master can use to play with in his bondage fantasy. Lexi is a beautiful slave, looking innocent but she is actually a kinky ass fuck. The foreplay of this bondage fetish starts with a dark teasing on that white, soft skin. The sound of spanking and slapping on her ass is exciting in submission. Well tied and with a ball gag in her mouth, she endures the vibration massage on her slutty pussy. A slave punished and then used only for sex is wasted. A master deserves to be treated properly in all things: obedient slave takes his cock in her mouth, giving a deep blowjob. Silenced slave girl submitted to bdsm desires!
Gentle is by far what master prepared for blonde slave girl. No kind if sensation is as awakening and active as bdsm pain on a soft skin. Innocent but sexy, in that red lingerie, in bondage she is a toy to play with, so that delicate body must feel the roughness of ropes while she is tied in painful positions. Physical pain mixed with emotional is what master hides in his dark fantasy. Humiliation assorted with spanking, slapping make this punishment unforgettable. Having a slave in bdsm just for sex is wasted. Master deserves to be treated properly in all things, blowjob ends his fetish properly!
Blonde slave Arteya has no idea about what is going to get hurt, all she knows is that her Master will punish her cause she broken the rules.  But in a world where passion is pain, nothing is ever that simple, she will be the main character in the erotic and kinky bdsm treatment. Her hands and legs rope tied up she feels humiliate and worthless, she is nothing but a toy and she will be used only for sexual pleasure. Her tight pussy is rough stimulated and her sexy ass fingered, she is forced to give her master a deepthroat blowjob and she feels pleasure and pain ... Arteya gets hard fuck and asks for more in extreme bdsm game!
Captured in the dark basement, slave girl patiently waits to serve her Master. Ropes restraining her soft body, her cute ass is warmed with a little spanking and slapping while her pussy is deep fingered. Submission foreplay continues with a vibrator massaging her pussy, to make it ready to please Master cock. Fucked from behind her holes are filled with that bondage cock while her slutty mouth performs a dominated blowjob. Master cum in her mouth ends the bdsm fantasy for the brunette slave!
A slave’s regular day begins with a walk along her Master in the woods, restrained with ropes wearing nothing but dark lingerie she gets a little stubborn as she does not like to be submissive. Teased with a kiss, she discovers that pleasure comes after bdsm obedience. Her curved ass gets to feel the bondage punishment rules: spanking and slapping. Uncomfortable hogtied position gives her a dominated behavior. But a slave not being used for Master’s pleasure is a waste. Her pussy will get value by giving pleasure to his cock and what better use for a slave’s mouth than performing bdsm blowjob. Enslaved bondage punishment made her a very obedient bunny!
In the odd dark forest,the submissive Tina Hot is held in bondage, cruelly  tied up and dominated by her kinky Master! His fetish is to spank, to whip and to slap her horny body!The obedience will make her bear the harsh punishment and live a humiliating BDSM fantasy!
After the bondage punishment fantasy in the woods, Master prepared more bdsm dominance for his slave girl. Wearing dark lingerie and high heels, submissive with her hands tied, Master uses her ass for a spanking session. This dark submission fetish puts slave in all kinds of uncomfortable positions.  Outside she might be a queen, but in Subspaceland is Master play toy!
One BDSM rope-bondage session was not enough for hardcore painslut Mia Phoenix. The painful treatment goes on! Stretching spreader, brutal vibrator or biting whips are few of the peculiar tools dominator uses to make her submissive. Hogtied in suspension, silenced with a ball-gag her soaring body is whipped and spanked hard. Mission accomplished and reeducation of the bondage slave girl is complete after a deepthroat blowjob session.
Ally is a nice little girl with a cute little ass. A day in the bushes is exactly what she need. Her ass reacts perfect on the spanking and whipping. This little body can be hanged in several bondages. I use her for a few hours as a toy where pain is the basic story line. I even put her under water and of course not to forget: This little doll have to be fucked in pussy and mouth. I should send her to a football team where she can play.... As football.
Slave girl Carolina Abril is a kinky, horny bitch restrained as a sex toy in a fetish bdsm game. That perfect body made her the finest slave girl to dominate and hardcore fuck all positions. Tied in ropes with chains on her soft skin, put is suspension and spanking or slapping her really hard, made her scream so loud. Her latina pussy is fucked and fingered, played with vibrator until she reaches climax and squirts. Sex has just become more interesting and provocative watching her work hard for every orgasm she enjoys.
In the obscure basement, the beautiful slave girl is restrained with chains for an intense dominance fantasy. Hot body deserves a special bondage submission; Master has no mercy in punishing her kinky ass. Restrained and tied up in ropes, as she becomes a perfect bdsm toy to play with in any dark fantasy. Spanking, slapping and whipping her ass and soft body, she screams for mercy but the excitement for more bdsm punishment grows. Immobilized in hogtie position and then submitted to inverted suspension, she takes it all as she became a sexual toy. Flogging her ass, turning it red, like Master likes it. Treated like a slave, she must play submissive and please her Master with a deep blowjob. Fucking her in doggy style and cumming on her back, he made this bdsm fetish reach the orgasm in bondage.
The lady has a stunning little ass and funny teenager breasts, fresh from production. The lady needs a little lesson. Just some spanking, whipping, sexual abuse and some hot wax. The lady shows us fear and tears in the eyes. The Lady can be used now...
Julie Skyhigh is captured in her Master's dark and erotic desire to fully exploit his slave girl. Dressed in a kinky, latex outfit with high heels, wearing a bondage mask, she is submissive in front of her Master.  Tied with ropes in an uncomfortable hogtie position, she screams, while spanked and whipped. Taken for a walk like a puppy, she is dominated and obedient to whatever bdsm prepared for her. In the woods, elegant slave becomes a bondage slave toy with the only purpose to serve her Master!
Well known girl in porn business, but Nesty is cute, sweet and nice. It is a pleasure to play with her and hang her in different positions. So I spend my time with fucking her and she spend her time with my dick in her throat, willing of course after spanking.
A hardcore bdsm play needs silence and submission to roll. The foreplay of this bondage training mixes the tease of a blonde slave with spanking without any remorse for her soft skin. Her moans of pleasure come from a metal insertion into that tiny ass and a vibrating massage for her wet pussy. Submitted to his kinky fantasies she must now act like a obedient slave and shoves that cock in her mouth, giving a deep blowjob. Lianna learned that pleasure comes with pain in submission and there is no mercy for restless bitches in bdsm.
Newbie busty subgirl, the slave punished hard in bdsm. Ball-gagged and breast bondage she is whipped. Screams of pain and pleasure while immobilized her pussy is dildo penetrated and vibrator excited then hot wax is dripped on her body. A well done blowjob makes Master cum in mouth and she swallow cum.
It's always cute when a girl resists, especially a beauty like this one. So, I had to let her cool down a bit. Whipping and spanking was just a start. I made her fast to blow me and fucked her right away. In a good bondage she had an unexpected ass fuck. At the end I filled her throat with cum and left her.
Two times fuck meat. First having fun with teasing one till she is done and then play with the other one. What a sweet beauty to play with. Nice to hit that super mini ass and to fuck the little mini pussy. Guess she is not used to have dick in her throat. Lovely play toy...
Master wants to satisfy his pleasures with Uma Zex, a beautiful long haired blonde. This cute slave is pretty nice to use her for carnal satisfaction pleasures. Having her in submission he can fuck, whip and play her in all position. He uses her body as sex toy and nervy lives his fantasies and kinky pleasures! She cries, but this won't bring her mercy, he excites her pink tiny pussy with a vibrator until she screams of pleasure and craves for more!  She must obey his commands and she plays along in the role, turning into a great slave to play with and abuse in this bdsm game!  Submissive and dominated now, the slave girl is now obedient caressing his dick!
In the cold garret the humble slave girl is waiting for her Master. She is wearing a white lingerie, her hands are tied and she is frightened when she sees him coming from the dark caring a bunch of ropes and a devastating plan for her. Master is determined to humiliate her: spanking, biting, wax dripping are just a few of the things he will do to his worthless, submissive slave. Dirty and nasty slut is fucked hard from behind, doggy style and all she can do is to cry but her tears doesn't matters now. With her hands caught on the ground she feels vulnerable and inferior but she knows she can't escape from this submissive torment. Master thought his slave girl the rules of bondage and she better be obedient the next time as her only value is to be his slave!
Curvy slave babe captured and punished hard in the attic of submission. Used as sex toy she is at his mercy and enjoys multiple orgasm after hardcore fucking and fingering and vibrator games.
She pretends she comes from some high society club, but she is not more than a little stupid blonde, but beautiful piece of nothing. She is made to be abused, used and fucked. To avoid too much sound, her throat need to be drilled. After my pleasures, she need a litle fresh up...
Pure beautines. Own a body is enjoying the view, enjoying the feeling, enjoying the suffering, enjoying the power. She is one of my favorites. She is clever, nice and a wonderful toy. Sexual the best device you can find. After a few lessons a perfect slave.
Alexis is caught in a kinky bdsm game. Her head trapped in the dirt, her pussy is worked out till squirting!
New punishment for a rebellious slut! The Master gives this bitch a real BDSM lesson. Humiliated, slapped, tied up and caged, the slave became a good submissive
This is a part of Caroline's training sessions. I send her in the wood and if she escapes, she can have fun, if not, I will have my fun. I catch her and beat her up. I let her suffer with a good hard whip session. Of course I use here as the slave girl she is. As punishment she have to drink pie. Enjoy little Caroline who suffers.
Delicate Mary Dream was lured in the bdsm game by the desire to get a taste of what submission feels like. The whips of her master makes her wonderful body jerk, the anticipation of the next spank is so arousing! Her arms tied to her back and legs spread apart in suspension - she’s being the perfect slave, just taking it all in silence. With the whole cock in her mouth and immobilized with duct tape, Mary is a great toy to be abused and fucked.
You will enjoy watching beautiful Scarlet going from a teasing smile into a pitiful crying. But this hot brunette needs to learn it the hard way, how she is supposed to behave in the presence of her master. That naughty smile already disappears after being well tied on hands and legs and spanked till her ass is all red. But she needs more – whipped and waxed, then scrubbed thoroughly, this dirty girl will scream for mercy! Only then she is ready to receive the best part of this submission lesson - his meat torture instrument deep in her throat… Now she has a reason to smile!
CJ is a gorgeous beauty with a fetish. Look at her amazing sportive body, lovely breasts. Does she remind you at somebody..? In any case a body and a mind to play with, to take as your own where she looses herself in being restrained, used and humiliated. This is a nice toy in pain.
Loyal slave, Bunny Babe comes back to her Master, for a brand new BDSM treatment. Wanting to taste more of the pleasure of pain her dominator`s offers, this toy accepts all she gets. In the roughest way, rope bondaged to the ceiling, hard slapped, geni-tortured, Master`s submissive receives what she desired. As being a good slave, the naughty slut receives a bit of pleasure too when Master gives her his dick to suck and cum to swallow!
Delicate Lolli Pop is that kind of nice looking girl who you would like to dominate and fuck at least one time. She is spanked and whipped, humiliated then made to suck his cock. Put in a bondage, master prepared something special for her. She's teased to the maximum with a bdsm toy... only to make her wishing the real thing.  Fingered and than fucked to multiple orgasms.. these are an intense sexual pleasure for this cute slave. After this hardcore erotic humiliation, she sucks him until his meat dresses her chest with juice.
The master has a new toy to punish and play with. The desire to spank and whip this perfect body brings him to an state of excitement. She submits to a kinky master in this hot role play where he restrains her and pours hot wax on her bodies - cruel treatment must bear... Heavy equipment and rough treatment makes her pretty face be flooded by tears – is it too much for this delicate beauty to endure? There is more.. nipple pinches makes her beg mercy so she sucks his meat. A hard and elegant instance of discipline and submission.
Tif is a perfect slave girl. She called me to ask if she could play in a bdsm movie. She likes to be deep throat fucked and to be strangled. I was a bit surprised I must say. I started with a warming up by giving her ass a nicer color. She can be whipped hard, she didn’t give a sound. After that I put her in a very uncomfortable position, sitting on her pussy, ropes around her neck. With the smallest movement, she was strangling and hanging herself. In that position I played breath control. Then I put her head under water in another bondage. I gave her the deep throat fuck until she threw up. As a surprise I filled her mouth with pee. Good girl.
Tied up in uncomfortable positions, hot brunette Antonia Sainz enjoys being a submissive sex slave in kinky BDSM fantasy. She moans with pleasure while getting whipped and fingered by her Master.  Now that her pussy is all wet, she’s ready to be fucked in missionary and doggy-style position. As a reward, Master allows her to give him a thankful blowjob.
Sitting somewhere and being beautiful is the main thing to do for this beauty. So, hanging somewhere to be used is also a perfect job for Mia. The whip tells her not to argue. Her body is owned and in bondage for a while and her occupation is serving. That is what a girl is made for
Profusely sweating of fear, screams of pain with tears flowing, are just few of the emotions a slave girl goes through in a kinky bdsm session. Tied up in chains and inverted suspension she is obsessively spanked and whipped. Sexual domination is hard to bear and finishes with a well done blowjob and cum swallowing.
Monika is lovely and beautiful. In bondage and under control she is like a sweet forbidden candy. I trained her a bit, whipped her and let her understand what she is made for: to serve and to be used.
The most beautiful slave in bdsm, Alessandra Jane enjoys hidden  fantasies in this powerful and erotic scene! Tied up in ropes, her curved and delicious body feels his spanks but seems that she likes it, she's playing with her master but in bdsm there is no time for play. What about some whips on her cute ass to turn it to red? She has no time to cry or to be sad... her master bends her and deeply fuck her, bringing her perv smile on face.  Naughty babe plays along getting hornier and hotter with a vibrator until she can barley stand anymore! Obedient slave takes his cock deepthroat, she just loves his creamy desert in her throat!
As I know Mia very well, I know how to handle her. A rough treatment is what she needs. Ware out her skin till it is red hot; squeezed her pussy, terrorize her buttocks and using her nipples as stress gummies for my fingers. I used her ass as a tambourine and put her in all kind of bondages. I finished her painful skin with hot wax and then she could please me.
Kittina likes it rough, so when she is tied up it cannot just be her casual sitting in the classic slave position, but with masterfully rope bondage to immobilize her wrists and leg. Uncomfortable tied in suspension, leaning forward, helpless slave’s legs are wide open for whatever master wants to nail inside her tiny slit. Tons of slapping turnes quick into visible marks and bruises. With her restrained twat satisfied, her last mission is to discharge the load of her dominator and swallow cum.
This is a splendid spanking festival. When it comes to sado maso, she said: Cool!  Well... I had something cool for her, cold ice and hot whip. I love the professional face of her.... She has the most beautiful teeth in the world to put a dick in between... she played the game perfect.
Chelsey Sun  is being fully restrained and used for some kinky games. The whips of her master makes her wonderful body to tremble, the anticipation of the next spank is so arousing! With her body tied, she's receiving some wax dripping on her appetizing ass. The way she’s humiliated…this is something you can’t miss!
As Cayenne likes these bdsm games very much. Yes really, she does. I went with bdsm a bit further than in the first movie. You can see this amazing beauty in strong Japanese bondage. I made her little cute ass hot with hot wax. Cayenne lost herself in a real orgasm and I could not resist to fuck her and finally unload in the throat of this beauty. I think more to come.
I promised Nicki that we would date on Ibiza. I had a walk with her on the rocks near the sea. Nicki had to follow me everywhere tied up in bondage. When we arrived at a nice place I began to tease her. After that my whip cut the skin of her beautiful ass. She was warmed up now, stretched down and ready to serve. She deserved a long intense fuck, followed by a sensual blowjob. Enjoy the intense emotion of this real beauty.
We agreed that she'd be locked up in a dark cell for a few hours. After that I took the beautiful Caroline in a nice dungeon and teased her until she was at the end of her nerves. I ended the story by giving her a decent fuck and let her give me a good blowjob. She thought that that would be it, she didn't expect to be locked up for the next few hours. Nice to have her under my control.
This week we bring you Barbara Sweet with her perfect sexy body, made to be used and abused. She likes the pain of the ropes, the sweet burning of the slapping and the hot wax on her red ass. She is a perfect submissive doll, taking all the spanking and whipping gladly, anything to please her master. Tied up, with her ass exposed for the whip and hot wax, she cries silently and waits for her reward. She will enjoy blowing his stick, eager to swallow all his juice…
Caged and suspended, chains and collar bonded, the obedient slave girl feeds the cruel Master to unleash his darkest desires…  Tide up and dumped in an iron cage, she will get tormented by pussy fingering and harsh vibrating! A wild discipline meant to bring the enslaved woman on the pain pleasure’s heights before the final bdsm rough sex!
Cherry Kiss
Get ready to vibrate with Misha. Want to see how she a true beauty is getting wet in kinky games? She is an amazing little girlie used at maximum tied up and restrained.
This gorgeous, natural girl fascinates her master with her sexual appetite for submissive sex. Her little behind is whipped till turned bright red. She is a thought one and asks for more corporal punishment – tied up, immobilized, she becomes a true play toy!
When you have nothing to do and feel boring, then the best to spend your time with is little Caroline and especially her mini body. It is like to play with a little doll. Of course she needs some discipline by making her but warm and restrain her, but after, she shows how nice she can be by doing everything to please you. I put this Doll on automatic by pushing the right buttons and see how nice a fuck and suck can be
Lady in red Alexis is teased to maximum by her master who considers her nothing more than a toy for him to satisfy his needs.Heavy equipment and rough treatment makes her pretty face be flooded by tears – is it too much for this delicate beauty to endure?Behind the bars, in a cage she satisfies his last wish and get a full load in her throat!
Newbie slave babe Taylor Sands lives on the edge every minute spent in a kinky bdsm game. Ropes tied with breast bondage she is fingered, spanked or whipped all over. Naughty teen feels the deep pleasure of a bdsm training session and explores her fetish.
Kate is a sensitive girl with a strong character. A slim body with a very sexy ass and a good tasting rose fresh pussy. Lovely to put her in a strict bondage and slap and whip her cute ass. I blocked her in the chain ball to let her suck and give her a sweet fuck. She did what she had to do, till the last drop. Enjoy Beauty.
Can you handle the sight of a girl being in pain?Our Russian beauty is trapped – she’s tied up and her clothes nailed to the tree. Her perfect body needs to be exposed so her master sets fire on her panties and cuts away her clothes to expose her titties.But this one is a rebel – there is no way some slaps will settle her. Check Subspaceland to see how will she’ll be tamed!
Two submissive bitches are punished on a tennis field in kinky bdsm game. Ropes tied in bondage the two slave girls are more submissive and obedient with every touch of their master’s whips and slaps
Gina’s thin and hot body is like made for being abused. She will be tied up and used for master’s pleasure.  Her ass will be spanked to redness and her pussy slapped till she learns discipline. She will be fucked deep throat in her sweet mouth and rough in her tight pussy – just like a little sexy blonde like her deserves.  Even if she screams, this girl likes to be punished and disciplined. Enjoy  this stunning submissive lady surrender to her master!
Immobilized in rope bondage the subsgirl can only moan and scream! She endures the humiliation just for the kinky BDSM fantasy of her fetishist master. The slutty slave body is subjected to harsh spanking, her big nipples and her curved small ass are slapped and whipped, her outie pussy is hard doggy style fucked after painful clitoris masturbation with the vibrator! As a final act of submission, the bondwoman pleases the rough dick with a deep blowjob, licking and swallowing the whole cum!
Vika is the best mini girl to abuse. She has such a lovely mini body. She fits in every tight bondage. With one hand you cover her ass during spanking. She screams it out during the whip and torture treatments. This sexy little body with perfect breasts is great to fuck. Nice cute litlle sub...
Glamorous subs girl in black stockings is punished in a vibrating dominance and submission game! The kinky fantasy and the fetish are overdriving the master to torment the irresistible blonde slut! He keeps her in bondage, tied up in ropes and gagged, slapping and whipping her horny ass and harsh vibrating, icing and waxing the slutty pussy until all her body is shaking of pleasure! The whore loves the exciting restrained and the humiliation… So, as a gratitude act, she craving sucks the pervert dick and swallow the cum!
New brutal punishment for a disobedient slave! The game today is about how stubborn she is and when she will starts to beg for mercy. One thing is sure, in the end she will be submitted. The master has a variety of bondage equipments and he will use it on his slave as he pleases. He's the one who decides when she will be allowed to orgasm but the best part is that Arwen Gold is the best slave!
Meg is a little play toy. Young and beautiful she is submitted to a rough treatment - tied to the tree, immobilized and vulnerable she becomes a beautiful play toy! She is spanked until her ass turns red and her skin is dripped with hot wax! She endures everything with great pleasure and receives a wet gift in the throat.
This girl is in a sexual humiliation game. She just turns into a innocent cute slave submitted to her master’s desire and orders. Tied up,spanked, slapped she is the perfect toy to play with. It's a rough treatment for this girl but she is receiving it all. Treated like a puppy she is rewarded with a nice blowjob for her good behavior! Good girl!
Beate was in the mood to do once something else than the usual fuck and suck exercises. Being restrained and punished is something mew and  existing. To have a dick in the throat under command is new, even after the hundreds of dicks she had.... she could be a nice little toy....
Tonight the master has an appetite to use Nikky Thorn for his pleasures.  Her pussy is being filled with a huge dildo making her want the real thing. Restrained with handcuffs, having no way to fight back, she accepts whatever she is given. But there is no mercy; there is only rough treatment for this slave – spanked, poured with wax, whipped - this one is receiving it all. She’s rewarded with a nice blowjob to top it all…
Naughty blonde slave girl tied up in ropes, wearing just a t-shirt and her panties, is tormented and punished by her master. Her fleshy body is spanked intensely and whipped all over, causing her pain. Her greedy pussy is fingered to make her wet and prepared. Her cute little tits need a special treatment so a couple of nipple clams would incite her. She screams of pleasure when he excites her with a vibrator lubricating her greedy pussy for the hardcore doggy style fuck. Finally she is allowed to eat his cock, lick it upside down with lust and then swallow his cum.
Play toy Caroline with her perfect little ass and perfect breasts gets it all today. Face slapping, beating, hard whipping, candles on pussy, pine tree needles in her pussy, high pressure cleaner and ice in her pussy. She challenge me which results in more harder treatment till she gives up. After she is an easy tool to use, a body to enjoy and a perfect suck and fuck toy.
Hot slave Monique is the new Master`s toy. The dominator has a new game prepared and she is willing to endure it all! Her hands and legs are tied, suspended on the ceiling and she is just a puppet for her master`s sexual satisfaction. Submissively enduring her treatment, the hot new slave is perfect for this BDSM game. Her ass is hard slapped, the pussy rough stimulated, fingered and toy tortured, the only thing desired now is to feel her dominator`s hard dick. But he has other plans for her! Forced to suck his master`s dick into a hard deep throat she feels both pleasure and pain. Her sexual confusion totally disappear when she finally feels her controller`s dick deep inside her craving pussy.  Slave Monique gets hard fuck and screams for more in this perfect extreme BDSM game. She is the perfect toy to play with! Her master is satisfied!
Angel? Angels are there to please. Mimi is beauty with young fresh breasts. Nice to hang and whip. After all, she have to learn that to please means a dick in all holes.
Yenna is a little rebel. Cute body, nice face, let's say fuckable. But she needs a lesson now and then. So I dragged her out of bed at six in the morning and took her to the sea at a cold spot. She was fighting back and that is extra fun. I slapped her a bit, whipped her and dropped hot wax on her ice cold body. To cool her down even more I put her head under water for a while. To finish it I let her serve my dick. At that point she was still fighting back, but became very calm the rest of the day. She still has to learn that she is made to please.
I found this little funny place and as Juliete was there, it was the right moment to get rid of her clothes and have some fun. As she was never in to "game", she was a bit nervous, but after some whipping and some sweet kisses, she didn't look unhappy during a good fuck. After all that, I felt tired, so I let her work a bit.
For me it is a great honor to meet Cayenne. A lovely girl with a nice smile as you can see. As soon as we start playing I felt the warm desire in her. This game is intense with a lot of emotions. She was never spanked, never whipped. She reacts on strangling and lost herself in a deep orgasm. The blowjob is a warm picture. This is the Love for Bdsm.
Kiara Lord has been a naughty slave girl so her master shows no mercy toward her, he will slap and spank her cute ass until she learns to behave, this bdsm game is the right treatment for this slave.
Submission is harsh for Taissia: spanked, whipped, nipples pinched, a cold pleasure seeing tears rolling her face. Caught in suspension, she submits to a bondage game. Sexual domination and deep vibrations for her pussy, she plays her role resigned.
Helpless subsgirl is male dominated in BDSM bondage. Ball gagged and collared, slavegirl is tied up, suspended, whipped and her pussy fingered and vibrated!
On a warm summer evening by the pool with two lovely beauties, I had no other choice of course then to give them a bit treatment which they deserve. With a dildo on the pretty face of Jessica, she could be fucked by Juliette, who feels the whip. Some nice tools and in bondage these two can serve as the best.
Olga played little bitch. I said to my friend to take the camera. I took Olga in the garden and beat the shit out of her. First let her skin become freezing cold and then hit her as hard as possible with the whip. She screamed like a pig. I let her eat snow, pressed snow in her pussy and even berried her under the snow. To warm her up I shoot in her throat. Like a beaten dog she was happy to suck me empty.
Slave girl enjoys bdsm domination, hogtie submission seems a rough punishment for her. Spanked, slapped, blowjob, restrained to fuck, bondage fetish makes her obedient. Good slave girl!
Cayenne on demand I would say as everybody wants to see her again and again. Her body and mind is willing and her pussy wet when she sees the toys and tools. Bondages, whipping, teasing, her orgasm again and finally use her cute body for what it is made for enjoy
She will become a big star I guess, but before that I learned her the right way to behave. As the little slut she is she deserves the whip and some hot candles. But most important she needs a good fuck. I used her mouth as a fuck hole and it looks like she will be the perfect deep throat bitch. Nice body..
This is about sexual abuse, torture and humiliation. These two beauties are just worthless slave girls. They are object of very hard whipping, beating, slapping and everything that hurts real good. They suck dick, suck ass,  and fuck. They eat sperm out of pussy, they are just born to be into slave girls...
These perfect boobs are subject of squeezing and all other actions that hurt them. Her little cute ass is funny under the wiggle waggle from the whip and bare hand spanking. Of course hot wax lets her suffer until she is weak enough to be abused at maximum level.
In the basement, Charlize finds the thrill of the bdsm game. Hands and legs immobilized, she becomes the excitement of her master. Her doll-like face betrays all kinds of emotions when she is wrapped in plastic and vibrated by the magic wand till orgasm. Slapped with lust and dripped with wax, she’ll become your enjoyment too! Check out this week’s update and release your fantasies in the sound of the screams of fear!
Jessica is a very sweet little girl. It is a gift to own her body, even if it is only for a moment. I terrorized her cute little breasts and also her pussy. I love to spank that little ass of her. In bondage she is fucked and of course her mouth is made to have a dick inside.
Katie is excited to loose responsibility over her acts and movements. She will be played now. Whip and candles brings her in ecstasy . She proves that she can be the perfect servant....sucking as the best...
Marica Haze, a little Asian looking doll is on the list of rough pleasures today.Her pussy is embracing a thick thread of rope and her sexy red lingerie is replaced with hot red wax and red duct tape. Scarcely any pleasure can be read on her face but no matter the appearance this little bitch who's playing hard, just likes it rough!
Redhead slut is tide upside down and while hanging by her feet, is spanked and tormented for being such a nasty girl. After the treatment is over, her naked and exposed body is tight again, revealing all her intimacy like she is almost starting to enjoy this.
Poor slave girls is so humiliated. Spanking, whipping, wax and suspension, tied up in bondage she can only be as submissive a slave girl can be.Nothing is too much for a stubborn slave,this fantasy will teach her the rules of bondage.In the ends she perform the best blowjob!
The final session in our castle vacation. Caressing I do today with my spiked hand gloves. On the pussy it gives remarkable results. A deep ass fuck and some whipping is part of the game. Best is the pussy burning session with hot candles. Our ghost washes them well in a hot bath before they join me in bed for the last night in the castle.
The sweet smile on this slave girl's cute face..that will go down when the bitter merciless bdsm session that master prepared for her begins. She seems to enjoy the teasing and little slapping in this kinky foreplay but the harsh part didn't even start. Completely restrained in chains, that curved ass is spanked and whipped until the red marks of submission appear on it. She is immobilized and, in silence, suffers the discipline and the rough massage of her pussy. The whip caresses her ass while the master makes her perform a doggy blowjob. Restrained with her ass suspended, she doesn't dare to beg for mercy and must behave: she is Master's sexual toy now. Submission and obedience is all part of this bondage play and for pleasure's sake she takes it all! After all the dominance she endures and the wet mouth opens for oral pleasure, she is rewarded with cum to keep her quiet. Good slave girl!
Bdsm is not as innocent as this slave girl face. She looks sublime punished in hogtie, with ropes restraining her soft skin. The dominance fetish of her Master is to spank that curved ass until she screams for bondage mercy. Kinky fantasy is rough for the cute slave, but she behaves and endures this submission with tears. Slave girl surrenders to her Master in an everlasting bdsm subjection
Let her be one of the most beautiful stars at the moment. She is wanted. She has stunning little ass. It is a super pleasure to abuse that cute little ass. She is a perfect toy to spend time. She is nice and willing when tears roll over her cute little slave face... Enjoy this little doll...
I’m aware of the fact that Iwea is a top quality piece of beast which have to be used. Moving and pulling and hanging her body in all directions to hit, whip and bite it.  Electro threatment, breath play, hot wax.... she suffered it all before she functions as a perfect sex toy.  She loves to be controled....
This pretty tanned body in black lingerie performs some dark rites, but only at the master’s command: she hangs upside down only for her ass to be whipped with ease and her pussy to be fully exposed and stimulated with the magic wand. Whipped and tied up she’s being served at the end a well-deserved full load in the throat like the nice serf that she is!
Beautiful submissive Sabrina Blanc learns how to be a proper sex slave for her bondage Master in a dark and kinky BDSM basement fantasy. Tied up with ropes and stretched to the limits in suspension, she receives rough pussy masturbation and hardcore ass and tits whipping. Reduced to utter silence by the tight ball gag, her humiliation reaches new heights, enthralled by the pain and pleasure in her bondaged vag. After the torment lesson, the misbehaved blonde slave gets to feel Master hard cock in a deep throat blowjob.
Nothing as handy with a little girl like this. It's just perfect how I can put her in different bondages and fold her together. Unimaginable how nice it is to fuck every her hole she has until she is exhausted. A play toy like this should be available in the super market.
We remember her from the previous game. She smiled when she came in, and smiled again when she left. In between she trembled under the whip, the bondage who squeezed her pussy, the hot wax from the candles and the hot flames who burned hair away from her pussy. Her inviting mouth gave the finishing touch. Simply a beauty to play with.
Sheryl is nothing then a rude schoolgirl and a rebel. She needs treatment. I gave her the most important specialty to learn: “how to serve with her body and mouth”. This little bitch will not forget after this cruel moments. She knows what whipping is and ready for examine.  Her pussy is drilled by the machine and ready to be fucked by any dick. Her throat open for everything man can deliver.
The skin of some asses must be thin and more sensitive. My whip does a perfect job. They serve better after painful threatment. I like the fear in their eyes. Lovely beauties....
When you have a little need, then you don't want something complicated. You just take some simple fuck toy like Angelica with nice boobs. Tease her some, make sure she is restrained and make her ass a bit red. After that it is easy and nice to fuck her and to let her take care.
It was a pleasure to meet Cathy. Her favorite is Bj and deep throat, she said. My favorite is to whip her ass and pussy till I see tears rolling. She didn’t expect that the game would be that rude and painful. But I’m kind, during a hot wax session she can do the  deep throat.
This beast thinks she is better and clever. This beast has except of a rude face a nice hard round bottom. I put her over my knees to amuse myself with a long spanking. After she understood what the whip meant she was ready to fuck and suck. Nice afternoon... for me in any case...
Beauty she is, dark shining demanding eyes. She is subject of lust and desire. I pass my time with playing her mind and body. She is restrained as it must be. She is elastic which doubles the sexual pleasure. A gymnastic slave girl.
No pain, no pleasure, that's the game for this beautiful slave! She is so amazing in that black lingerie, it's a true delight to punish her. Hang this young body, tie her up well, whip and slap her small ass, play a vibrating but fair treatment to get the pussy wet and ready to be fucked. She endures everything because she's aware that pleasure comes after pain. Enjoy her way to submission!
A blond piece of confused idiot nothing... I have to spend my time  to drill this fuck toy. A good whipping on her ass makes nice tears. Her pussy is subject of bad treatment till it is red like a lobster and painful for several days, lets hope weeks. And of course also her throat is a dick parking place.