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10 Man Cum Slam Videos

In the course of her career in porno, Ariana Jollee's very likely seen more beef whistle than a bullshit sweeper in a hen palace. Ariana has pummeled dudes by the hundreds- periodically all at once - and treats them all like some super-naughty woman warrior of Asia Subtle. So 10 dudes for Ariana is a walk in the park. Ariana, you observe, is one of those infrequent bitches that has her poon on automatic pilot, thusly, it operates on its own calculus, plan and schedule irrespective of cash, check or money order. One time she got involved in a non-paying romp scandal with a crimson-haired freckled stud named Lester, but that isn't the point of this flick tweak. Our promise is, if you see, you'll find stories and intimate act way more breath-taking.
When you're deep throating 10 fellows, one after the other, the opportunities for developing conversational rapport are rather restricted. That's why we introduce these flick clothespins. Since you were most likely under the impression these were for your refreshment and sexual gusto, we'll dispel you of that notion instantaneously. Chicks who boink for a living aren't necessarily practiced in dealing with the real world. When we very first faced Lisa Marie all she could say was, ooooh, aaaah and where's my check. Now she can shape accomplish sentences and be downright interactive with the greatest of them. What you're watching here is a cleverly disguised remedial social abilities package, but you're very likely going to wank off to it anyway.
Sharing one's fuck-stick with 9 other studs in a grotesque porno fondue, isn't for everyone. Some blue noses might even consider the highly try to be fag. The ancient Greeks debated it. The Romans no doubt did it. Put the ravishing and earthy Crystal Ray in a toga, and some highly gay-for-pay fraternity brothers might even attempt it. Like evidence in a murder trial, it's all relative, and what's excellent for the goose maybe not always be great for the gander. Enough time spent in intellectual discussion, we say. Just have Crystal pull her trousers down, flash us her bum and we'll take it from there. No doubt, our parents would most likely be mortified by the thought of their sons being blown off by a trollop in a merry-go-lush of jizm. If that were the case, a quote from Socrates very likely wouldn't help because the Greeks had slew of time to metal those technicalities out but didn't.
Porno's never at a loss for willing and antsy manpower. When normal, standard Joes aren't available for a videotaped pajama soiree featuring the exquisite luvs of 20-yr-old Amber Simpson, out comes the tiny dark-hued book to recruit the drunken lumberjacks, hitchhikers and hippie pot farmers. Truthfully, makes no difference what page of the social register a boy hails from. He takes one glance at Amber, he's no doubt lock and loaded and prepped to perform like a taught seal. Then get 10 boys together for a spunk wedge with the cute Ms. Simpson, and they're on her like lightning bugs feeding on dextrose. Very Likely the only one getting the shitty end of the stick in this freaky calculus is the mop and bucket fellow. Another reason not to ditch those upcoming summer college make-up classes lest you wind up in his boots.
One minute she's in the porno biz taking foreign objects up her booty or her baby cell, the next minute she's out. With the sexually incredible Taylor Rain you never know from one day to the next what she's up to or what her diary entries will read next. Tho the only thing truly confident about Taylor beyond an imminent mental breakdown and accompanying gay-for-pay jacket, is a condition that requires a daily portion of hook-up way beyond the needs of your average nympho. So whether she gets sexually appeased by showing up in pornography videos or by picking up a bunch of fellows at the local Jiffy Oil for an afternoon ram session, one thing's for sure. Taylor's scalding assets parts must be quenched with a seraglio of nut nectar. Too bad there aren't more ladies like Taylor out there to quell the savage brute and keep potential fuckfest offenders from doing time.
We've always been of the discreet opinion that Delilah Heavy, besides being highly pretty, is one of the world's finest chunks of bum. But the fact that she bundles up with this sorry squad of miscreants is more than a Delilah stalker can treat. We've suggested Delilah rent-free living, an occasional cheap dinner out and secret url addresses to some highly barred sites. You'd think with all those goodies threw at her pretty soles that Delilah would forsake her wanton, multi-stud ways and eventually lodge down. Who are we kidding? She's just a porno mega-slut with an askew moral compass injection needle, and we expect she gets a nose utter of fellow mancum after this flash of ingratitude.
In ancient cultures, youthfull maidens were sacrificed to the tribal gods for a multitude of different reasons. Which, as history has shown us, proved to be a monumental waste of prime rump and why these ancient cultures are no longer around because no one was left to procreate. A college girl of microconomics and comparative civilizations, Renee Pornero learned early on that taking it in the spleen with a ceremonial knife was no way to insure the village harvest. But permitting the peons to arch you over and manipulate your other sexual parts, kept them blessed enough and out in the fields till all hours. You get a feel of that tribal glee in this movie pinch. The covered view of primal enthusiasm registering in the faces of boys who are about to participate of Renee is highly saying. While most of them refer to Renee as "a muddy whore," we sense they're missing the point. In her way Renee is rendering a social service by keeping these cretins off the street. Who's to say how many lil' old damsels were saved the abjection of losing their purses and social security checks to these psychopaths? Now, in a unusual twist of destiny, you, the viewer are the deities. Renee is about to perform for your carnal elation. May you, Gomboolah, be sated and bless the harvest.
To some prudes, a ten fellow spunk jam is porno at its most rebarbative. [We've been doing crossword puzzles lately and are attempting to make an impression with hefty words.] Sarah Jordan is not one of them, blessed to say. However, as you'll gather from this pin, she often has to be seen with and work with folks operating on mental and sartorial deficit. Remarkably, Sarah willingly accepts assignments such as these even when it requires her to gulp. What you might not know is that Sarah also invests in real estate, and once the housing market stabilizes, we've got a slouch she's going to tell a few of these dummies where to get off- and it won't be on her. But that could be a lengthy way off. So, until then, Sarah will proceed to degrade herself in swap for a pay check. We wouldn't have it any other way.
To progress from inhaling off one dude in the back seat of a Dodge convertible to spinning around on some messy floor with 10 unworldly strung up Visigoths is not a road lightly traveled. Hence, Vic Sinister began off effortless- by being approached for sexual favors at subway stops, alleys and street corners then working her way up leisurely but surely to being the multi-boy odalisque that she is. Of course her name fools people, thusly, Vic is often bewildered with vicinity mob chieftains and race track touts with bushy brows. In this video tweak, Vic feigns a perceive of reservation about her upcoming "plunge" episode, but don't let this loser you. The nymph is cagey to the pointing of blowing you into her coyness. After all, who could believe that such a sugary-sweet youthful doll could do such a thing. One of the boys in the troupe refers to Vic as a "German tramp" but clearly he's mistaken her for some meaty-butted beer hall waitress of the same name.
If you've heard any of her interviews, or read any of her comments on admirer forums, you know that vivacious Gen Padova's one of the smartest gals in pornography. So why she's gargling off ten fellows at a violate in a ring-around-the-rosie and devouring toxic jelly thru her pores when she could be investing her rock hard earned dollars with Ponzi schemers or marrying a rich old geezer with a ass ticker, strikes us. A throatful, granted, in more ways than one. Wait, did we also say, brainy? Yeah, ankle tats are a fine style accessory, Gen, particularly if you're thinking of being invited to the Summer Cotillion dance by Bromley S. Whitman III, the scion of Lengthy Island wealth. Tattoos are undoubtedly a conversation starter among the blue bloods, from what we understand. Alas, we pick knits. If Gen wants to proceed to debase herself by partaking in numerous fellow dick catapults, thinking this is a means of self-exploration and discovery, that's fully her biz. We'll just patiently wait our turn in line.
Olivia Saint has always been one of our private faves- a hefty smashed girl with a overwhelming facehole, eyes like an opium den and a ginormous backside. Even in church, this smoldering girl would have "Ravage Me" written all over her. So would it surprise us that Olivia's doing 10 fellows? Scarcely. In fact, there must have been something written in her high college yearbook, under the success heading, predicting such events. It boils down to this: Some damsels are born to be pitiful. Some femmes are born to have gross soles. Some girls are born to hammer pancake semen and some girls are born to fellate chisel, take it in the booty and head up gangbangs. Olivia Saint is one of those.
Where has all the romance gone, you ask? In days of olde, honest nymphs were fairly glad to accept the seminal discharge of their highly off the hook and off the hook paramour. Although, times have switched, and the "ditzy enjoy songs" of Paul McCartney seem just that. Do we blame it on box phone technique? Facebook? The seventh season of "24?" Now we have nymphs such as Lena Julliett picking out their Romeos like stalks of celery at the supermarket where crispness and expiration appointment are more the selling point than the capability to play the lute, wear pantyhose and compose sonnets. Then there's the numbers factor. Like a restroom paper sale at Costco, Lena gets her boys in the comfy, thrifty 10-fill. Then another factor comes into play. Lena's a super-steamy blooded jizm-enjoying Mexican gal, and today is Cinco de Juice where poons from south of the border take a what-the-penetrate attitude. Ole.


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