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Barefoot Confidential Videos

If there's one thing that Evelyn is badly aware of, it's that the steaming days in southern California are coming to a close. Summer's smooch is over and, judging by the Twitter feed of her mates back east, autumn and winter just may be real motherfuckers this yr! That's why Evelyn wants to love these last few days in the sun; once winter shifts into Los Angeles, she knows she isn't going to watch the mercury rise over seventy-5 again degrees until early February! Or March even! What a nightmare! To feast the end of summer in fashion, Evelyn invited a superb mate over, the kind of buddy that knows how to appreciate great soles like Evelyn's. What a flawless way to say goodbye to steaming weather for the next few weeks: jizm glazed toes!
Converse about nerve-racking! Charlie has had the thickest ladyboner possible over the last few weeks, but it hasn't been for any of the folks she's usually sweating. No, this time, it seems, Charlie has fallen just a wee bit in enjoy with her excellent buddy Isabella. It's the very first time Charlie's had a girlcrush like this, and she's had her arm in her undies every night thinking about how stunning it would be to have Isabella dip her toes in Charlie's gullet. There was truly only one thing she could do, eyeing as her twat was hijacking her mind so meticulously: Charlie had to confess her crush and get it all out in the open. Charlie was afraid that ISabella would laugh her off, but what happened made Charlie the happiest nymph on earth! Instead of telling "No", Isabella pulled her acquaintance into sofa and instantaneously embarked ravishing her from head to glorious toe. As it turns out, Isabella had been harboring more than a few wishes of her own over Charlie. I's this kind of holiday marvel that just heats the cockles of the heart. And your trouser snake. Just sayin'.
19 yr-old Alyssa Haven has the sugary-sweet smile of an old folk's home attendant- the kind that wouldn't mind switching a diaper, filing an encrusted toe smash or finger assisting a stubborn enema, as the case may be. It's those highly qualities that make us want Alyssa way more than the average call girl or expert tart. So when we witnessed Alyssa in this tweak clad like a primary care giver [at least that was our impression], our boners shot clear thru the roof. Those footwear, half-sneaks or whatever you want to call 'em - maybe we could do sans - but that's our taste and not reflective of yours. Besides, Alyssa's going to be kneeing them off anyway which is the idea of a sole video. Blessed stroking.
Scanty Daisy! It's been nearly a yr since she's had a decent vacation and she's desperate for a break! She had planned to take some time before the summer's end to go visit her family back in Mexico, but her uptight beau is plane-out refusing to go with her. Seems he's a bit afraid of being a gringo south of the border these days. While Daisy can appreciate his concern, she just needs some time off of her soles. But there's always a solution. Daisy's bf may be too frightened to travel with her, but that won't stop him from providing her a tiny something to recall him by while she's traveling back home! He knows her soles need a superb rubdown and like any fellow he knows that a supreme rubdown can lead to all sorts of mind-blowing things. The night before Daisy leaves, he handles her to a total-on sole enjoying bonanza and sends her off in the morning with loosened soles and dried batter all over bod!
Like a legend cop in a TV flash, a seasoned sole dude has instincts guided by his many years on the street. He can view at a dame's face and know instantaneously if it's worth the effort to woo her out of her boots. That's the way it is with Brit nymph Goldie whose Farrah Fawcett-type looks and appetizing voice tell you instantly that her toenails are tidy, her ankles are free of unseemly scabs and her sole bottoms very likely impeccable by gross callouses. Plus the fact that she's a sole fetish model might be a dead giveaway as well. Of course Goldie's well-known fun bags are only meant as a diversion to keep you from the issue at palm- determining whether you want to wank off to her soles or not. As far as we're worried, that issue was lengthy determined. While Goldie's movie pin rates repeated viewings, we remorse, like a tugging Nathan Hale, that we have but only one stream to give to each.
Isis Enjoy is a torrid Latin honey in search of a tiny sole enjoy! Her size 7s have been sore for a tiny attention and Isis is on a mission to get them munched from heel to toe. Being a modern kind of gal, Isis isn't super worried about who does the gobbling; you watch, she's an equal chance chick. Are you a fiscal conservative? Isis would be more than glad to let you go a lil' cheap on dinner if it means you'll be groping her feet all over your face. Bleeding-heart liberal? Isis luvs the nasty quit that these fresh deal types bring to the bedroom. One notch Isis would enjoy more than anything is to find a real, actual Libertarian. She's heard nasty stories on the internet about these insatiable motherfuckers, but she hasn't been able to track one down to save her feet. If you'd like to give Isis a glimpse at your voter registration card and prove to her that you're a 3rd-soiree kind of man, then she might have more than just her soles open and available for your schlong!
What is it about a woman in a tartan microskirt that seems to send your average dude super-naughty? Well, we can tell you that in the case of Miss Ginger Lee, the microskirt complies as the flawless accoutrement for her uber-cute size six.5s! The way that Ginger pads around the poolside, gently, noiselessly, only complies to remind us that we need to set aside a few hours to decently showcase Ginger how we truly perceive! And Ginger is more than glad to reciprocate in the manner we're familiar! Ginger loves to pull up her micro-skirt and demonstrate off her pretty undies while she's undoing out trousers with her soles! Once Ginger has used her toes to get us, ahem, decently motivated, it's time to lose the undies and stretch her gams! As lengthy as we promise to leave every last ounce of our flow on her toes, Ginger is more than glad to let us per out on her soles and her wardrobe any time we want. What a gorgeous world!
According to the fidelity, this sole movie heads out to Joe, a "frantic admirer" in Minnesota. And we undoubtedly expect they catch the dog that bit him. Joe, we're also told, idolizes Allysin's smallish soles. Now some fellows are into little soles, and some men are into ones the size of aircraft carriers. Nice Allysin happens to fall into the previous category where she's a five 1/2. In fact, when she was a lil' female Allysin used to swap footwear with her Barbie femmes and it went a lengthy way to saving on the family budget until she reached the age of puberty and her soles grew. But once she began in porno and blossomed into a chick, Allysin started providing Imelda Marcos a run for her money in the boots dept. Modeling a pair from The Cockslut bevy with a peekaboo front, Allysin throws her suntanned limbs saucily with seductive teases and taunts. There are also many schools of thought among sole fetishists regarding the choice of toenail grind. Not to sound like killjoys, Allysin would score a zero among the experts who favor various shades of crimson. But who are we to say. Allysin is the one making the hefty bucks while these closet faggots live from mitt-to-gullet on government grants. Nevertheless, love this pretty dame.
When you're blowing 10 folks, one after the other, the opportunities for developing conversational rapport are rather restrained. That's why we introduce these flick clothespins. Since you were very likely under the impression these were for your relaxation and sexual delight, we'll dispel you of that notion instantaneously. Chicks who ravage for a living aren't necessarily practiced in dealing with the real world. When we very first encountered Lisa Marie all she could say was, ooooh, aaaah and where's my check. Now she can shape accomplish sentences and be downright interactive with the greatest of them. What you're observing here is a cleverly disguised remedial social abilities package, but you're most likely going to jerk off to it anyway.
Besides the visible, the surprise element is what makes these Barefoot Confidential clamps so extremely fetching to see. Not to say that some doll with innate stumps will be slid into the blend to crank you out. Kickass undoubtedly wouln't do such a thing, but it's the manner and smart mode of presentation that always grasps the imagination. Like how do you feature innumerable nymphs in barefeet and still make your material new and arousing? That question's answered in this lil' presentation featuring Faith. And if your fetish happens to be combat footwear, as well, you'll be doubly rewarded in this tiny storyline with Faith frolicking a G.I. who's got throbbin' tootsies after a lengthy march. What does she do about it? Hint: have some lotion and a towel at the prepped. You're gonna need it.
There's a highly supreme reason why this youthfull nymph heads by the name Queen: it's because she requests to be handled like royalty when it comes to jaw-dropping time and she'll brook nothing less. Queen chooses that boys treatment her holiest of holies on their knees, inching forth and asking for an audience with her cock-squeezing tiny fuckbox. Before Queen lets a fellow paw her inbetween the gams, he has to prove his worthiness by dining on her toes. Queen can tell fairly a bit about a boy by the way he handles her soles. If he passes these test (and others) then he's in for the time of his life; Queen enjoys to give as well as she gets! The only other request that she'll place on her suitors is that they deposit their cream-colored stream all over her toes; there's no apartment for discussion on this point!
3 seconds of gazing at Bunny Luv's super-sexy size sevens and we were popping in our drawers. Of course, results in different parts of the country may vary. But stick a sizzling light-haired on a sofa in a dark-hued negligee and the attraction is pretty much universal not to mention the fact that Bunny runs the gamut of taunting, splendid gam poses. And those feet coming at you in near THREE DIMENSIONAL! [You can put your nose to the screen and practically scent 'em.] Converse about a arouse rail. How much can one healthy heart take, you might ask? Well consider this. We re-ran the gauze and hit our former milking off record. Of course, results in different parts of the country may vary.
There's something about a dame wearing undies and nothing else. And we know we're going out on a limb to say this, but it suggests hump. Possibly some studs taking a glance at Angel, who hairy men a similar description, might want to flip her over and have fuck-a-thon with her. But that's so predictable. Even Angel in this flick clothespins tells us that fellows are so effortless. Sure, because they usually have only one thing on their minds. Tho', to the sole fancier, it's a entire different story. Yeah, we might entertain the idea of catapulting our thumbs up Angel's caboose and smelling them to observe what she had for dinner. Tho, in the trade, we call this make-out. The main course, of course, is Angel's adorable size sevens which we'll cradle in our pubes, expecting she might masturbate us off with them. Explain that desire to some gal you just faced in a coffee joint and witness if she calls you effortless or predictable.
Her name might toss you off, but Vic Sinister, besides being a spunky lump of backside, is a highly romantically inclined youthful lady with her soles being the most helpless part about her. Vic, you witness, enjoys having her tootsies groped, soothed and pawed. But being the emotional sort that she is, Vic's also likely to go banana-rama at the least provocation, as evidenced in this movie pin when she's accused of having an affair with the office mail guy. When Vic is worked to a warmth pitch and commences tossing kicks, highly few things can bring her down off the ceiling. A finger up her bum might be the most logical place to embark, you'd think, but Vic likes the more minor treatment. The romantics among us would be fast to pick up these cues where finesse wins the day instead of volatility. Just slide off her boots and whisper edible nothings to Vic's huge toe. You'd be astonished at what happens next.
Lee's relatively fresh to these pages and that means only one thing- new meat. Which also means, as far as we're worried, Lee could be standing on her head, reciting the pledge of devotion and gargling smoke rings out of her caboose, whatever. We'd be soiling the forearms of our mitts in appreciation of her consummate corporal abilities. 'Cause it's awesome what a fresh lady and a fresh assets can do for one's crappy, jaded psyche. Blessed to say, tho', eighteen-yr-old Lee brings much more to the table besides being just another pretty face we could skull nail and leave behind. In this pin, Lee taunts us with her soles. Sure, we've seen a lot of stinkin', corroded butthole in our lifetime but linger enthralled when it comes to a bare bend and a pretty smile. We think we'll wank off to Lee. We owe her that much.
Elena and Ariel aren't fuckin' about over here: they're girls that know exactly what they want out of a sexual liaison and they know just what to do to get it. These 2 youthful breezies aren't looking for any deep dicing, however; these damsels are in hurry to submerge their faces in each other's poons while also luving a mouthhole of appetizing toes! Not every female needs a stud and these women are blessed to prove it to you and to each other. There's no need for a prick if you want to be boinked, not when you have a fine looking gf that's willing to stick her toes into the knob's congenital habitat!
Back in the day when boys wore forearm garters, toyed rag time piano and wore straw hats, damsels named Jenny were plentifully available at the glob of those hats. Not any more, and it's sad in a way because Jenny is a quaint, sexy name total of promise and allure, of boat rails, purity and nude soles on lazy Summer afternoons. Luckily we still have a Jenny or 2 among us. And ours is willing to taunt us deliriously with her soles. Which is to our supreme advantage because back in the day of high button boots, it would take a damsel an whole afternoon just to get those damn things off. By the time the unwrap taunt was over, the fellow no doubt had already drained off and was prepped for sofa. So he might have missed the sole tat like our Jenny has. But you won't.
Our wish's always been to wake up from a restless night and find a swimsuit-clothed Courtney Devine and her size ten's showing up to us in a fireball. And wouldn't you know, give or take a few storyline gimmicks, that's the highly subject of this flick tweak. Incredible how that happens. Jung, in his writings calls this synchronicity. We call it a cheap theatrical pornography scenario. But whichever way you want to open the jar of mayonnaise, Courtney would undoubtedly be the subject of any guy's caprice. In this clamp Lee Stone finds Courtney in purgatory, and it would definitely be that if all he could do was glance sans rubbing those hips and rubbing those fantabulous soles. Of course our vision of purgatory would also include listening to him yap and yap before we get to the superb part. But, again, that's what purgatory is all about, isn't it?
It looks like Presley learned a lil' something from her neighbor Cindy Snow. Periodically the secret to dude's heart (and a fellow's man meat) is by knowing just how to rock a pleated mini-skirt. Presley, tho, chooses a much more overt treatment to temptation. Where Cindy would kittle and taunt, Presley chooses instead to club you over the head with her horny nature and then haul you off to a comfy couch in order to use you as she watches fit. Both are highly valid approaches in our book! The one additional step that Presley is going to take is, fairly literally, a step: Presley loves to get her pretty soles all over the hard-on of whichever fellow was successful enough to be dragged into her bedroom. Those soles weren't just made for walking, they were made for masturbating and wanking and wringing. But don't let her do all the work! Sense free to take her by the ankles and handle her feet just like any other slot on her assets. Just, you know, make sure you glaze her toes when you're prepped to inhale!
Naudia Marie has "supermodel soles". They could wear a size -1 sundress and walk down the runway looking 6 soles tall. And what a "mid-body" her high bend makes! If you have no idea what I am chatting about, educate yourself by visual idolize of Naudia Marie's uber-cute soles.
We would have guessed at least a 7.five,but Tawny Roberts, we're informed, is a solid 7 in the sole department. Here are some other Tawny joy sole facts you may not know: she saves her phat toes for last when painting her pokes and occasionally uses her clippings to neat inbetween her teeth when toothpicks or floss aren't available. Of course we jest. We'll tell you one thing, tho', for sure. When Tawny punches her footwear off, you're gonna observe a pair of soles that will have your brain doing multiplication tables in Asian and your tongue speaking in word salad. Thusly, Tawny turns her studs into gobbledygook and mush. Plus the fact is, this doll knows how to heighten the anxiety factor with the phat taunt. The thicker the wait, the larger the fountain. So, sit back, loosen, see the display and observe if you can hold it in. We earnestly doubt it.



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