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CBT and Ballbusting Videos

Dominatrix Nyxon gives her victim a insane rail. She puts his pouch in a wooden carpenter vise to begin off with. Nyxon then begins toying with iron sounds down his fuck-stick and porks his fuckhole. She keeps putting bigger and thicker sounds down his chisel to watch how huge she can spread his urethra. She then puts a phat hitachi up against the sound. As a exclusive surprise, she uses an additional fat vibing sound to accomplish off his session.
Sintress Skye's marionette is in restrain bondage with a iron hard-on ring as she trusses up his spear and nut. She embarks to use the puny iron sound on him, working her way up in size. She voluptuously works the urethral sound up and down his trunk until he can't take it anymore and spunks solely from the perceiving of the iron pink cigar in his shaft.
Hunter comebacks for her 2nd time to CBTandBallbusting, this times she brings her gf Victoria along. They are super super-cute and are still learning the straps when it comes to domming. They come in with an vintage medical electrical instrument.
Using a pully system on his ball restrain bondage, Aiden Starr immobilizes Kade, and then doubles up a iron fuckpole cell and a rooster cell on his weenie, twisting them against each other savagely. She taunts his full salute with a massager, attempting to get his full salute back. She can't so she suspends intense locks from each of his ball pulleys.
Now that Ryanne's beau admitted he was bashing on her gfs, she determines there is only one thing left to do to him, make him her hoe guy from now on.  She wraps a cord that says 'obedient' around the base of his meatpipe and sack of babymakers, so everytime he looks down, he know who he belongs to.
Kiki has her marionette trussed down, gams open up, palms manacled behind his back, and left with no way to defend himself. Kiki uses a series of acute clamp wheels, forceps, paddles, and a lollipop box on his pink cigar and ball sack. Instead of squealing in ache,
We found a few never unleashed flicks in a our archives! Here is a scorching sounding episode of Domme Amber and Dominatrix Hunter. Dominatrix Amber has a boy sitting on the sofa inbetween her and Dominatrix Hunter. Amber pushes several different sized sounds down the folks boner, while Hunter sits back, droplets her top, slips her mitt down her undies, and plays with her twat as she gets off witnessing the dude's schlong getting torn up.
Female Dom Ellie commences off with her victim ball-gagged. Next she crushes his trunk with a wooden clip and trims his unsightly pubic hair. With her sub well smoothly-shaven, she determines to take a break. Ellie websites down in a comfortable stool that is roped to her gimp's sack of babymakers and she has him pull her around the apartment. She uses his back as a sole rest and a cane to steer him.
Ryanne Crimson has a exclusive handle in store for her sub.  Ryanne embarks to wedge different size rose buds into her gimp's dick.  Once she has him opened up out, she jams two rose buds down into his manmeat at the same time.  To complete him off, Ryanne strokes his knob until he shoots a load for her.
Kiki has you on your back and sits right inbetween your gams.  She chats to you as she smacks, kicks, stings, wrings and pulls your trunk and ball-sac.
Female Dom Ellie determines to bring some excitement into the bedroom by tormenting her beau's jizz-shotgun and pouch! She turns his pipe into a Robo-Hard-On by putting a iron rod ring, a iron hard-on and ball cell, and a iron ball stretcher on his junk!
Female Dominance Zayda enjoys to trick unaware boys. She waits at a popular glory fuck-hole, knowing that boys put their peckers in it expecting for a suck off, or to get pummeled. Tiny do they realize, they put their man rod in the wrong crevasse this time! Zayda has a pole of fucktoys just waiting for the random schlong that pops thru.
Nurse Princess Soma enhances victim jimmy's manmeat with a spunk-pump pump in tries to find out what's wrong with him.
Ryanne has you right where she wants you. She has a ball stretcher affixed to you and lubricates up your fuckpole. She then fastens a leash to your ball sack and embarks to pull on them. The entire time, she is stroking and jacking your penis. Ryanne embarks to count down from ten, you nicer jism on guideline, or else. Can you last that lengthy?
Female Dominance Hunter does her very first kneeing balls session. She has her sub up against a pole and punches him from behind right in his nutsack. She then puts him on his forearms and knees to get some solid punches before she gets down and kicks him for a different kind of punching balls.
Femdoms Hunter and Victoria have sub william corded in and prepared to be toyed with. They taunt and play with him, spanking, and paddling him. They then bring out a fave plaything and cable it up to his shaft and pouch. They turn up the voltage and forcefully tear a jism shot out of his pecker.
Elise commences her fresh gimp off by firmly trussing raunchy twine around his pipe and nutsack.  To add to the scraping agony on his bone, Elise strokes his pink cigar digging the twine farther into his flesh.  She then glides  his pipe into her gullet, only to sting down on it with her teeth.  After some fuck-stick cropping and clover clips inbetween his gams, Elise Graves plans his next torment session.
Dominatrix Nightshadow has a tiny game in store for her play fucktoy. She binds his forearms to a point above him, and then runs a cable down however a ring and up to the elastrator band she put on his pouch. Then just like a carrot on a stick, she drapes a pair of scissors in front of him. He must pull on his nut sack and the elastrator band, get the scissors and cut the band off before he loses his sack of babymakers for great.
Domme Mina Mina runs an electrified catheter down her sub's urethra, and secures it in place to some wire. Just when he thinks she is done, she trusses the cord from the head of his penis up to a pulley and drapes several weights from his pecker.
Aiden Starr glides a backside speculum into her victim's bum and uses a diminutive handheld bug zapper to shock his nut sack as she trains him to masturbate off. She places a violet magic wand just at the brim of his nuts so as they juggle as he jacks his fuckpole he shocks his own nut sack.
Catherine de Sade trusses her victim to the sofa and commences to play with his meatpipe and nut sack. He is wearing a rubber gates of hell, which confines his weenie when it gets rigid. The victim's schlong is pierced at the base, so Catherine links a leash to it for some additional manage. She finally brings out a wicked looking fucktoy that embeds spikes into the head of his pipe.
Female Domination Ellie makes for one super hot teacher that knows just how to penalize her schoolgirls. She has a delinquent stud in her class and determines to instruct him a thing or 2 about respect. Clearly he enjoys detention, since he keeps coming back for more. Ellie uses various ball crushers, paddles, and skewers to instruct him what happens when he steps out of line.
All dolled up in a blue spandex clothing, Sintress Skye fucks at her gimp's fuckpole in a iron bone box with a skewer. She turns him around to uncover his bum to ravage him with a fuck stick while pulling on his nut. Sintress Skye opens up her sub's nuts and massages on his pipe making it stiffer as the iron cell gets stiffer.
Still searching for what's wrong with marionette jimmy, Nurse Princess Soma uses sounds of varying sizes, inspecting and thrusting inwards of his fuckpole. After cautiously and sadistically gliding iron medical meatpipes down her victim's manhood, Nurse Soma rips out the excess hair on his groin with tweezers.
Nurse Princess Soma has determined there is something wrong with marionette jimmy. She determines to explore him in a way that only she can to body out what his problem is. She mummifies his rod with vetwrap, tests him with knob pushups before cutting the vetwrap off.
Domme Cheyenne gets her sub on his back and does some highly torturous COCK AND BALL TORTURE to him with acute brushes and ball crushers. For his prize for suffering it, she wires up a ems unit while his nut sack are being crushed and compels him to spunk by cranking up the voltage all the way until he spews with a big jism shot!
Knowing her fresh marionette had no idea what urethral sounds were, Adrianna Nicole slips an ice cold one down inwards his prick, but not until the ball crusher is decently in place very first. After that Adrianna puts a iron rooster box around his manmeat and spurts some ice inwards of it.
Once Madison Youthful has jimmy roped down to the restrain bondage sofa, she has his ballsack clipped into a iron and acrylic ball crusher. She puts her heel on the acrylic plate and crushes his nutsack. She drills the plates down even stiffer. She places asian absorption bowls strategically on his bod and then vibrates his pink cigar with a yam-sized hitachi.
Ryanne has a surprise play meeting planned for her beau Loki.  She calls him into the bedroom, and he finds her wearing a gorgeous tiny attire and impatient to play.  She wants to attempt something fresh that she learned from a pal of hers, which is how to do COCK AND BALL TORTURE. Her bf is jumpy, but willing to give it a shot, as they begin out with a salami and ball cable, that Ryanne puts on him.
Simone Kross works kade over with an heavy series of iron contraptions. These include clover clothespins, clamps, and literally every single clip that Simone had in her arsenal of COCK BALL TORTURE gear. She is sure to prize kade for suffering such anguish by blowing and nibbling his chisel, only causing him to moan even louder.
Simone Kross is known for being a perverse hellish Dominatrix. She showcases no grace to any dude. In tao jonz's very first session for this website, he finds out just how perverse that can be :-)   Simone purrs stellar sounds as she binds his hard-on and sack of babymakers up cock-squeezing before glazing the penis of his meatpipe with forceps. She pulls and twists on the clover clothespins on his ball sack.
Mz. Berlin does electric torment by taking a bug zapper to her sub's salami, nips, and even makes him munch the tips, causing him to shock himself. Mz. Berlin heats him up with a tiny more lashing with a dragon tail, before his next surprise. With Chad in utter restrain bondage, Mz. Berlin runs a sound down inwards his urethra, Chad really has no idea what's coming, and it fully deviants him out.
With his spear and nuts weakened to a restrain bondage sofa, Dominatrix Mona pours steaming paraffin wax all over them.  She proceeds her sub's torture with a wartenberg wheel and by whipping his pecker.  For his prize she permits him to jack off in front of her, the only problem is, his shaft and nutsack are to aching for him to jizz.
Elise Graves starlets in one of her very first roles as Dom. She uses various sized sounds and pushes them down her gimps urethra. She determines to witness how much he can take and grasps the ginormous vibing sound.
Black-Haired cockslut  spanks, kicks, nibbles, squashes and pulls his manstick and ball sack
Queen Soma and her pal engage in one of the most heavy violet massager episodes possible, outrageous jimmy's chisel and ball-sac over and over while he squirms and yells. They leave him with a lightbulb shiny brightly in his jaws and a conductor vibrator under his arse.
After a short break, Simone Kross alternates stroking his pipe rock-hard with running a dual pinwheel over it. She uses a comb, dragging it's plastic teeth down the length of his fuckpole, and via the ridge of his head. Then she mildly drains his beef whistle with a pair of puffy vampire gloves. After flogging his meatpipe she does a tiny fire play with his penis and a easier.
The luxurious and nude Female Domination Kat embarks tantalizing gimp william's pecker and nuts with some naked transferred gripping, twisting, and pulling.  She resumes to torture him with canes, meat tenderizers, and paddles, but determines the only way to penalize him decently is with her teeth.  Female Dominance Kat sits on her sub's face while she nibbles his weenie and nutsack, providing him the most torturous oral pleasure ever.
Domme Lillian has her sub on a restrain bondage sofa and glides some spandex gloves onto her mitts. Lilllian then commences to by hand manipulate his schlong into pretzel like shapes. She slaps, pins and videos his sensitized jizz-shotgun and nutsack.
Female Dom Nyxon comes back with marionette william. Nyxon wires up william's boner and nutsack in a duo of different ways. While she shocks his spear and nuts, she times a moment to do a lil' kneeing balls to combine things up. Eventually, Nxyon freaks up the voltage and rips an climax from willam.
Kiki has her sub roped down, gams open up, palms manacled behind his back, and left with no way to defend himself.  Kiki uses a series of acute clamp wheels, forceps, paddles, and a fuck-stick box on his manhood and testicles.  Instead of wailing in agony, her victim is rock rock-hard and enjoying every moment.
The world well known and super handsome Ashley Fires is going to fellate your fuckpole like you've always desired.  She slips down inbetween your gams, takes hold of your dick and glides it in her facehole.  Ashley Fires is going to make you earn your suck off tho.  She uses her bright milky teeth and leisurely drowns them into your dick and nibbles deeply.  Ashley taunts you as she fellates you and then all of a sudden chomps down on your sack of babymakers or the head of your bone
Godess Soma and her acquaintance determine to observe just how much weight they can string up off of their gimp's nuts, kneeing at the weights and flapping them in all instructions. Next is a game of fire and ice. The femmes gargle fire at his miserable sausage and nutsack, roasting them leisurely like a man-meat roast, and then glazing his roasted skin with ice packs.
Dominatrix O is an experienced at influence play.  It doesn't matter if it's a lash, lash, spanking paddle, or her naked arms, Dominatrix O knows exactly how to work a sub.  She takes her gimp thru a torturous session with various tools, and thrusts his boundaries.
Female Dominance Zayda has her sub roped down on his back and prepared to have his schlong and pouch tantalized. Zayda does some influence play very first, to get him heated up. She makes sure to stroke his dick every once in a while to keep him firm. After roughing up his sausage with some firm and acute brushes, Zayda uses a single-tail on his trunk and testicles.
Tara Lynn and her sub attempt sounding for their very first time. Tara is thrilled to watch what it's like to thrust a iron manstick down her gimp's fuck-stick. Her sub is not to sure about the idea. What does a fine victim do? Anything his Dominatrix tells him to do.
Ryanne is mad that her bf has been hammering on her pals.  She has him corded up in restrain bondage and is slapping his dick around.  She thrusts her boobs in his face strangling him, praying if her acquaintance's mounds are finer than hers.
Dominatrix Nyxon gets creative with a old school mitt pulverize that involved nip forceps and one highly distorted up boner. She then adds electro-pads to her gimps nuts and shocks him so bad he can slightly remain in stance. Domme Nyxon then starts a lengthy slapping session while her victim is still being overwhelmed and has forceps on his spunk-pump.
The ever so super-fucking-hot and mischievous ashley Fires determined it's her turn to work over kade. She embarks out with a lil' Horse Play to watch how subordinated he is. Just to make it interesting tho', she links a humbler to kade's pouch and makes him crawl around the floor while attempting to smooch ashley's brilliant donk, only to badly spread his nut to the thresholds.
Mz. Berlin determines it's time for her to get some elation. After stinging her sub's fuck-stick to get him stiff, she plumbs him while he is ball-gagged with her undies. Not pleased with his spectacle, she gets herself off with a wand while penetrating his sack of babymakers with her soles.
Elise Graves has her gimp strapped to a post and vulnerable. He is still indeed fresh to salami and ball torment, and still highly nervious. Elise determines to mud with him, and pulls out the elastrator. Her sub had seen it used on our website before, but didn't think she would use it on him, so shortly.
Female Dom Ellie starlets in her very first flick, and she does it with a screw! Ellie commences off with her sub trussed with his arms above his head. She links a ball stretcher and pulls his sack of babymakers to their thresholds. She trusses a loop of strap to the stretcher, slides her sole in it, and puts her bod weight down on her gimp's sack of babymakers.
Domme Mina has a very first time victim in the dungeon space. He has never accomplished any shape of COCK AND BALL TORTURE ever. She takes him on a ultra-kinky rail and probes his boundaries as a obedient and how much anguish he can take. She clothespins his sack of babymakers into a wooden ball crusher and tightens it down to witness just how far she can take it. He is jumpy and imitated by everything she has to flash him.
After a COCK BALL TORTURE shoot, we asked Madison Youthfull if she'd be up for doing a rapid fuckpole and ball nibbling vignette.  She anxiously said yes.  Next thing we know, a highly fortunate dude is getting the deep throat of his life!  Madison Youthfull nibbles and chops on his lollipop and nut in her super torrid and promiscuous way.
Elise determines to watch just how much weight her gimp can treat. She trusses his weenie and testicles stiffly with wire and leisurely commences to dangle powerful lead weights on him. The more weight she adds, the tighter his prick seems to get. After some hard-on nibbling and taunting, she unties the cord and rips it off his weenie , causing one last shot of agony.
Godess Soma and her buddy play a game of tug of war with their sub's nut sack, they each bind a testicles up and pull on their respective completes of the cable.
Adrianna tests the elasticity of his nuts with a duo immense weights, and tortures him with a big electro-hitachi. Proud of his tolerance levels, Adrianna prizes him an strong forearm job, causing him to spew out all over her palms.
Simone Kross takes her marionette down from his standing restrain bondage and binds him to a stool so she can suspend strong weights from his nuts as she taunts him with her bare assets. She lashes his salami and bod, then extracts his arm and trains him to stroke his manmeat. Incapable to jizm, she locks him into virginity and sends him home.
Queen Soma and Domme Victoria have just gotten back from a night at the opera, which left them a lil' restless. They've determined to entertain themselves with victim jimmy.
Mona binds up Kade's ankles and arms, and then put shim into ball restrain bondage, strapping each ball to a different thick toe. She takes vampire finger tips and hauls them down his internal hips and via his man meat and ball-sac. She places clover clothespins on the peak of his weenie and trusses them to his dog collar.
Dominatrix Nyxon taunts her tied victim with her ideal orbs, inviting his futile trouser snake to get stiff while it's locked in a purity implement. She plows and prods at his miserable man-meat and nut with pinwheels and skewers, then hammers on his junk with a smallish cane.
Female Domination Zayda leans her gimp over a bench and pulls down his undergarments. Her marionette is compelled to suffer 16 none stop minutes of having his ballsack spanked and slapped.
Dark Haired honey strings her victim up to a post and inflict anguish to a manstick
Catherine showcases off her fresh implement, something normally used to cut off the top of gentle boiled eggs, as the spikes delve into her fresh marionette's weenie.  With his weenie in a jizz-shotgun box, she puts a condom over it and snaps it on the apex over and over.
Dominatrix Cheyenne makes her debut by flashing off her wrestling moves, and adds kicking balls to the mix up. She continually pinches marionette william, once clipped she punches, kicks, and wrings his man meat and sack of babymakers continually.
Mz Berlin has Hoodman arched over a smacking bench where she slaps his culo with a slapper and then links 3 pairs of clover forceps to the sides of his bone and strings up weights from the chains. She picks up the weights on the chains and droplets them back down suddenly, making him bellow
Domme Mona catches her victim Kade begging at her altar, asking to be let out of purity. She unleashes the lock on his purity and orders him to get firm while she hits his gams and chisel with split drumsticks.
Domme Mona lies Kade on his back on a slapping pony and using skewers, duct gauze and cable, she asserts her supremacy over his meatpipe and nutsack. Using a scrub brush, she exfoliates his nips and then his fuck-stick and sack of babymakers. Then she slathers icy torrid on his meatpipe and ball sack before putting him back into his innocence.
Dominatrix Cheyenne leads victim will in by a chain around his beef whistle. She then cords him into a flapping couch and commences his torture for the day. Cheyenne whips, paddles, and flogs his manhood to get him heated up. The more agony she inflicts, the firmer will's penis gets.
Just to taunt and torture him, Dominatrix Mona puts her gimp on a restrain bondage couch, climbs up and sits directly on his face.  Knowing he can't get thru her undies, she resumes to work over his manmeat and nut, but holds max in place with her rump on his face.
Tara Lynn has done her honest share of normal pornography and subbing in other SADISM & MASOCHISM movies. This is her time to get even. With her lovely yet jaw-dropping personality, she tops her marionette. At very first she taunts him with her nude jugs. Once he embarks to get stiff, she delves her knee into his weenie and sack of babymakers.
Uber-Sexy stunner does weenie and ball torment on her dude
Jimmy has applied to demonstrate his art work at Domme Madison Youthful's art gallery. But she doesn't permit work created by studs to be shown at her gallery. She determines to witness if they can come to some sort of compromise.  She tugs on the spandex sack that encases his nutsack, and spanks his taint. She puts him thru stinging torment and tugs on clover clips on his ball sack. She paddles his gams while she dangles on the clover forceps chain.
Mz. Berlin has you on your back and she sits inbetween your gams.  She looks right at you and tells you to go get a boot lace to bind up your jizz-shotgun and pouch.  Mz. Berlin trains you on how she wants you to bind up your penis and nut.  Once you're all roped up, she embarks to stroke your rod, she even glides it into her facehole and fellates on it for a moment.
Virgin Ripped looks you in the eyes as she unwrap her clothes off, and tells you how much she wants to perceive your bone and ball sack inbetween her teeth.  Once she is downright nude, she globs to her knees and glides your bone in her gullet.
Adrianna Nicole cracks in a fresh sub for her very first time on CBTandBallbusting.com. Having never accomplished COCK BALL TORTURE before, he was in for a real surprise. Adrianna Nicole determined to work on his capability to manage his full salute, by inflicting agony and elation to his manhood and sack of babymakers as she spotted fit.
Domme Cheyenne comes back to sploog some more trunk and ballsack. This time, she gets a stud that is obviously doing it for the money. Of course we have to pay the man something to be in front of the camera, and you can tell that's why he is doing it.
For Chad's penalty, Mz. Berlin lashes his butt with various whips, and dangles each one from his sack of babymakers making him carry the weight of his own penalty. Once Mz. Berlin is done lashing and humilating him, she lets Chad earn his place as her marionette once more, and prizes him by letting him wank off.
Domme Annika Amour wants to observe what her marionette wants more; her funbags and booty or his ball sack.  She puts an castrating elastrator band around his nut sack and fastens them to a post behind him.  Then Annika walks just out of his reach and pulls out her boobs and tells her victim to come and get'em.
Crazy honey porks her sub with her strap-on
scorching redhead slaps and torments her boy
Nurse Princess Soma determines gimp jimmy needs a set of ballsack. So to give him a set of testicles, she pierces his testicles with an IV catheter and continues to enter his measly nut with 500 ccs of saline, until they are a decent size of her loving, the size of a grapefruit.
Mz. Berlin trusses her sub down on his back and asks him about why he loves nip torment, and then explains the difference inbetween torture and torment.  She takes a mean rubber bullwhip and starts to strike his right nip while he wriggles and moans in ache.
Mz. Berlin looks right at you and and displays off her nude figure and immense funbags.  She commences to play with your man-meat and even commences to give you a fellatio.  After a while, she witnesses that you're not getting a rock-hard-on.  She begins making joy of you for being a idiot that can't even get it up.  Berlin seizes your nuts and leisurely pulls on them, then she badly twists your manstick up into nodes
Mz Berlin binds Hoodman's gams up over his head in a pillar driver posture, and cosily trusses the ball crusher on his pouch up to a suspension point.  She buggers him with a G-Pop, thrusting the lush ball into his taut pooper.  She lashes his soles and his caboose, making him tug on his sack of babymakers.  She resumes to dish out her violent whipping.
Madison Youthful puts a parachute on jimmy's nut sack and trusses a string thru the bottom chain. She lays down to jerk while she tugs on his nut sack with her free palm. She strokes his manmeat until he ejaculates so he can have one final sensation before his sacrifice.
Domme Lillian places finger claws on her mitts made out of walrus teeth, and scratches them down her victim's bod to his chisel and pouch. He wails as the additional acute claws delve into his manmeat and testicles. Lillian then places an elastrator on his pouch and menaces to geld him with the rubber band
Mz. Berlin caught her individual marionette guy, Chad Rock, attempting to submit to another Dominatrix. Berlin has no sympathy for her marionette. She trusses him to a restrain bondage tabouret while blinded, and works him over with a plump of flagellating and lashing all over his bod, and of course his prick and sack of babymakers
She torments his pink cigar with slapping and nibbling thru the spandex undergarment he wears with a knob shell. She hammers his man sausage and binds it up around the spandex envelope before making him bang-out the smacking pony like the super-naughty dog he is.
Ashley Fires pulls kade along a flipping rack by his nuts!  She gets revved on by eyeing him in agony, so she grasps a electro-hitachi and gets herself off while tantalizing his prick and sack of babymakers.
Simone Kross' next surprise is the Juicer which Simone nicknames once she puts it on kade's testicles. With it, Simone leisurely squashes kade's ball-sac firmer and firmer. All the while, Simone has his bone corded down to a COCK AND BALL TORTURE board and crimps his spear with what looks like a hefty nutcracker.
Ryanne gets her beau Loki roped up on the sofa and does a lil' COCK BALL TORTURE for their very first time.  Now that he can't get away, Ryanne turns up the COCK AND BALL TORTURE and embarks to use it to get Loki to confess to flirting with her gfs. Ryanne put clothespins and clips on his jizz-shotgun, nutsack and puffies.
Rick thought he was getting away with obeying both Domme Amber and Domme Hunter sans them knowing. He must have forgotten that you can never out clever your Domme, peculiarly 2 of them. Domme Amber and Domme Hunter surprise their hotwife sub by showcasing up together.
Female Dom Nightshadow has a defenseless marionette trussed to a post with his gams open up broad. He can't do anything to protect Female Domination Nightshadow from kneeing balls him. She takes a few molten up punches then lets liberate. Nightshadow punches, knees and kicks for a great kicking balls session.
Domme Nightshadow commences off with her marionette standing in restrain bondage. She lashes his beef whistle and nut sack and finds out how much weight he can treat dangling from his pouch. Once the weights are linked, she canes, and crops him. With his boner frosted in clothes pinches, she leaves him corded and walks away.
Domme Nightshadow has her victim on his back roped to a bench.  She tantalizes his chisel and ball-sac with scorching paraffin wax, binds up his beef whistle with twine, and bashes him until she's pleased.
Now Elise puts her sub on his mitts and knees, to give her effortless access to torment his sack of babymakers. She affixes a parachute to his pouch and then binds cable from it to both of his toes. This causes him to permanently pull on his own pouch.
Elise Graves has her gimp leaned over rearwards and fastens strenuous weights on a pulley to her sub's testicles. This is his highly very first COCK AND BALL TORTURE practice, so he has never perceived this kind of ache before. He came back for more as shortly as he could.
Female Dom Catherine de Sade has another play tryst with her fresh COCK BALL TORTURE victim. She binds his forearms to his gams to be sure he doesn't play with his rod. Catherine enjoys her subs hairless; since he is not, she affixes several clips to his pubic hair and pulls some out. Catherine then sits him down and embarks to throttle him with her snatch, melons, and butt.
Female Dominance Elise Grave has her marionette in restrain bondage with his palms above his head. She has a sensational surprise for him. She found some truly diminutive vise captures at the hardware store and determined they would be superb for his ball sack. Elise trusses up his pink cigar and nut, adds the vise takes hold of to his sack, and then paddles his sausage and ballsack.



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