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Chica Boom Videos

Jenna Haze knew there were things about her heritage that didn't add up: like her frequent trips to Taco Bell and the emotional pangs she perceived every time a bartender poured her a Tequila Sunrise. And so Jenna went to a hypnotist who specializes in past lives regression. Thru the crystal ball of her mind, Jenna witnessed herself running half nude and barefoot thru a dusty village asking the Federales not to castrate Diego the town simpleton for peering up a widow's sundress. Jenna also found out that she was named "Diosas de Carne" - the princess of skin, by the local gangsters for taking part in a ritual gang-bang she had lil' recollection of. As to the die of destiny being cast, Jenna is highly blessed that she opted for the pornography biz because it hammers working in the sugar mill.
Memorial Day is America's official kicking off-of-Summer holiday for barbeques, intemperate swallowing and DUI checkpoints. Where Charmane is from, they don't have such national celebrations, that's very likely why she moved to Los Angeles so she could soiree firm, drill with royal quit and distance herself from the kind of Filipino-Spanish religious guilt that puts damsels in convents. At least that's our guess, but we could be wrong. Here we witness the exotically pretty Charmane with her sugary lips all gussied up cosmo-like in the way the youthful, illiterate chocolate-colored youngsters of her meager village never beheld a female. If they could only witness Charmane now - most likely not, since Internet connections are rather muzzy during the monsoon season.
Savagely fabulous with Mediterranean lips that could create sheer havoc, Angel is your prototypical diamond in the tough. Lifted in Sicily near a area of champagne vats, Angel spent the nicer part of her youth liquidating stubborn grape stains from the feet of her soles. That's when she encountered Antonio, the son of a deported Mafia chieftain from the States. She learned many things from him, for example, how to run in a specific pattern to dodge machine gun bullets, how to file serial numbers off of revolvers and the most effective ways of laundering currency. How Angel's misspent youth led her into the pornography biz is a story that Hollywood's earnestly looking into, and there's rumors, again, that Lindsay Lohan will get the role. That we wouldn't bet on, but Angel should make important bank as a technical advisor. If you believed any part of this man rod n' bull story, you deserve being home, milking off to bang-out vignettes on your computer. At least take convenience in the fact that you're wanking it to Angel.
Elaborate now in the ways of the world, its firm to believe that Nyomi Arman grew up in a smallish village in Peru where trucks ran on 3 wheels and youthful twinks would play with their urinate-pisses in the tall mountain grass. Amusement as you might guess, was stiff to come by. Often times, as a practical joke, Nyomi and her gfs would go sans wearing undies, sit in a wet cantina and let the rest of the customers guess as to where the odor was coming from. Often times the holder was blamed for complying bad seafood and would have to comp the bills of irate customers. But these were the ways of cheap laughs among the nubile village maidens, many of whom had not even seen or possessed a TV set. As you'll gather from this tough flick pin, Nyomi has progressed a lot farther along and wields a set that receives 200 channels. Unnecessary to say she is the envy of all her mates from the old vicinity.
What's the secret to getting Megan bare? You just need to know the magic word, acquaintance! A duo years ago, Megan had an never-to-be-forgotten rendezvous with a hypnotist she faced thru a pal. During the course of their spunky affair, Megan had herself programmed to react to a confident words in highly particular and sexual ways. For instance, the right word cooed into Megan's ear could sent her to her knees with her trousers around her ankles, choky like an brute in fever. Similarly, another word could leave Megan with the unexpected urge to gulp pecker all afternoon. Now, as it happened, the relationship finally ran its course and Megan found herself walking out the door of the hypnotist. But not before writing down all of her code words. Now, Megan can send herself into a crazy haze any time she wants. And, if you're successful and smooch Megan's arse like a excellent dude, she may even share one of her magic words with you!
Now there's an incendiary combo: Spanish-Italian with the Irish name Kennedy. In this pinch, Kennedy's shown doing what she does greatest: being a wee bit whorish and lending attitude. But clothed the way Kennedy's clothed, you know this office swap is going to have a blessed completing. Off with the footwear [an significant feature of any seduction], off with the clothes and on top of the desk, gams open up. This is the way secretaries ought to be taught instead of filing super-naughty lil' sexual indignity lawsuits against their employers. Play ball, we say. Nobody wins when everyone's frowning, in court and accepting hush money.
Dating a chica is is a dual-edged sword. One the one forearm, you have the lust and fire that is capable of turning the bedroom into an orgasmic inferno. On the other arm, you have the fervor and fire that's capable of turning your meatpipe into a spandex hood rat car ornament. A careful stud walks a cock-squeezing cord at all times when dealing with these brutish flamy femmes. Jasmine here is no exception. When her blood's up, you'd finest stash and beg that she doesn't find you. Or! You could sit that scorching-blooded Latina down and flash her how to channel all of that aggression into something more creative. For instance, instead of cutting down your bone, she could use her throat to relief the pain in your pouch. Or, instead of squealing around the mansion all day, she could bellow in fun at the generous amount of lollipop you provide her. And, instead of sitting on the sofa eyeing telenovelas all afternoon, she could droplet that backside right in your lap!
Not to be bewildered with Maury Povich, Mourrie Turmain is proud of her ethnicity and intends to prove it on Cinco de Juice this week by getting puke-buzzed in a pool of cheap Tequila. When she's not celebrating Pancho Villa's bday, the fall of the Alamo and other important holidays of her countrymen, Mourrie luvs dressing provocatively [sometimes sans panties] and passing herself off as some obscure TMZ celeb expecting someday to land on that site as a has been video starlet's recent cheap conquest. But true to her Latina temperament, Mourrie is also promptly excited to eagerness- the kind of fervor that reaches for a gun and a dagger before reason prevails. You don't want to pee Mourrie off. As an exemplar of nouveau softcore, Mourrie expects to be coddled, indulged and waited on arm and sole. Sit her in a restaurant, as we watch in this streaming flick, Mourrie can be a oppressive domination with a gullet downright out of manage. The service has to be just so and exact, and pity the scanty slob waiter who gets caught in the crossfire. Mourrie will cuss at you and demean you in words never wished up by the ancient Spaniards, but if you string up in there, the prizes are important. Some folks with patience less than of a saint might be tempted to kill her before all that punches in, but that would be their loss.
In the lil' village where Romina grew up, everyone was highly close and no one was truly lifted to be anything but exuberant about their sexiness. By the time Romina ultimately found her way to the States, she had very likely stretch her pretty gams for just about everyone she knew! You can imagine her surprise, then, when she found that the land of the free was just a wee bit uptight when it came to matters of romp. All of her fresh mates reddened and choked when Romina would chat her sexual exploits openly and, much to her horror, more often than than not the men wouldn't know what to do with a sexually violent youthfull chick like herself. But all was not lost! All Romina had to do was make her way to a phat city like Los Angeles. In LA, Romina found just what she was looking for: a city total of pretty people like herself that liked a lovely flip in the hay whenever the mood affected them!
Now that she's a gigantic time porno starlet making the thick bucks, Starla Fox clings to her roots more than ever before. She misses her quaint Argentinian upbringing of waking up in the morning to the scent of chickens, deprived trucks and the rotting corpses of murdered drug dealers. Make jokes if you will, Starla's bloodline and heritage did bequeath her one positive attribute- she comes from a family of highly super-cute looking soles. To this day, Starla thanks her successful starlets that mother insisted on her wearing footwear to college, of the belief that a tipsy's puke curdling inbetween your toes sooner or afterward takes its negative toll. In this pin Starla is seen in sofa curled in an alluring plow-me fetal posture. She's wearing a crimson satin gown, unsheathing her left jug and nude gams. The instant impulse of course is to leap her bones like some Vato from the street and have your way with her. If she were back in the village, that's what ordinarily would have happened and a way most dolls her age commenced their day. But this is Hollywood, the immense time, and the civilized thing to do would be to pay Starla her hourly rate before proceeding.
For a nymph hoisted in the grimy back alleys of San Juan, Ice La Fox has controlled fairly successfully to shrug off the tarnished sweat of a geneology of sugar crop sphere palms and made a name for herself in the GONZO biz. Her relatives, tho, of stout religious stock, proceed to trust in the powers that'll take Ice away from the humiliating fuckfest she performs onscreen with shady looking inked characters, such as the one she co-mixes with in this flick pinch in order to get her car immobilized. Not that we truly give a rat's donk about her private problems, because Ice, being one super-hot breezy, is here solely for our elation and manual amusement. So what- if years from now- she winds up mentally incapacitated and emotionally handicapped due to the rigors of pornography. By then, she'll be wrinkly looking, heinous, and we'll be jerking off to the next torrid Puerto Rican street fuckslut. That's usually the way it is.
Myah Monroe is frantically super hot!!! Super-Naughty Spanish bombshell! She has a mind-blowing face, young orbs, cock-squeezing belly, superb lush rump, and lengthy, lengthy gams. And you know what that means right? You can say she'll be on her knees, donk up and face down while she takes Lee Stone's ample rigid man rod. But when is he going to pop at? Take a glance and I'm sure you'll love!


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