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Doctor Adventures Videos

Nurse Connie Carter has a bit of a a weakness for badboys, but working as a day nurse in a drowsy tiny suburban borough, the last thing she ever hoped to rendezvous was a hardened criminal. But as shortly as she lays eyes on Denson she knows she has to have him. Making brief work of his police prostitute, she takes the keys and releases Denson from the handcuffs strapping him to his hospital sofa. Denson's very first activity as a free guy is to take out Connie's yam-sized orbs and then cane out his immense schlong so that chesty bi-atch can give him the blowage of a lifetime. Connie stretches her gams and takes his spear all the way to the hilt, her beautiful massive congenital fun bags juggling as she rails that criminal boner stiff and deep. Stick around for the thrilling conclusion as Denson fires a big blast of jizz all over Connie's gorgeous assets, and just like Nurse Carter, you too will be coming shortly!
Back in the day, Dr. Johnny Sins was a leader in the area of sexual investigates, and his work documenting lady sexiness was instrumental in mansion some of the fuck-fest fucktoys that we know and enjoy to this day. Fortunately, cameras were on the gig to document some of his process for future generations. He embarked by getting his subject, a huge-chested stunner named Ryder Skye, heated up using his patented electrified fake penis on her taut labia. Then he had her unclothe down to nothing but a lil' fishnet bod stocking and touched her down with lubricant until she was practically asking for his pipe! He obliged her and she fellated that enormous spunk-pump down to the ball-sac before opening up her gams to take it deep in her pretty rosy muff. He completed off his session with a ultra-cute cream colored facial cumshot for the super-naughty housewife, proving once and for all the importance of a supreme education!
Brick Danger has been in the hospital with anguishes and agonies for weeks now, but the nurses are beginning to get sick of him permanently attempting to caress them. Figuring he's faking it, they call Dr. Brandi Enjoy in to deal with him, but Brick just stuffs to his story. To prove that he's superb, Dr. Enjoy has her nurses disrobe him down so she can watch if his pink cigar reacts to stimulus. She commences her thorough exploring procedures by gargling and jacking Brick's man-meat, and then climbs up and rails that enormous beef whistle until her cooch is spewing out moist. Ultimately, Brandi extracts her final test for Brick: to drain his large nut sack all over her pretty face! She takes that facial cumshot with a smile, and then determines that maybe she should keep Brick for some more tests after all!
Dr. Hogan doesn't want to give up his medical experience to some nymph new out of school. But Dr. Fate Dixon knows the finest way to correct his old-timey views is by letting the patient determine, after she does an in-depth corporal. The whole time she's meticulously treating his man-meat and ball-sac, Johnny can hardly keep his eyes off her yam-sized knockers. After the exam is thru, there's no doubt in anyone's mind that Dr. Dixon's palms-on treatment is the winner.
Dr. Monique is a bad chick. She enjoys her job, but the only thing she likes more than her patients, is their immense spears. Monique truly has a thing for harsh criminals, so when Chris is brought to her after enduring a stab wound, she can't help but let him stab her gash with his manstick. Oh Doctor...
Doctor Ramon is providing a seminar on Damsel Sexual Arousal to a gang of youthful med Schoolgirls, anxious to learn about damsel anatomy. While the Schoolgirls take notes, Doctor Ramon exams his girl specimen, Zoey on the table. After demonstrating the Schoolgirls her sexual organs, he heads on to vibrate them using a diversity of medical contraptions. Zoey get thrilled highly hastily and so is Doctor Ramon. Shortly enough he substitutes the fucktoys by his own individual one.
Brazzers HQ is attempting out something fresh with their sites, peculiarly Doctor Adventures. To make things more realistic, Lylith Lavey is headed to a real hospital today to ensue Dr. Hogan and learn what truly heads on behind-the-episodes. He leaves her alone for a few minutes, and it's still enough time for this slt to get into distress. With her massive udders draping out of her tee-shirt, Lylith captures a patient by the pipe and leads him into a individual apartment to pound the ravage out of her edible snatch.
Alektra Blue and Johnny Sins are just attempting to record the recent sequence for their strike soap opera, but their pesky director won't stop bellowing at them to do it hotter! Weakened of his sustained put-downs, they determine to weirdo the sexuality up to 11. Alektra comes out wearing a fantastic nurse's uniform that showcases off her ginormous titties, finish with white fishnets on her sugary lengthy gams, and Johnny gets his immense sausage out for her. She gets down on her knees to suck that massive pecker all the way down to the nutsack, and then Johnny tears up her in every stance! Maybe once Johnny has splattered a ball-sac all over Alektra's pretty face, the director will think they're ultimately uber-sexy enough!
When one of her neighbors calls an ambulance one day, insane MUMMY Brandi Enjoy catches a peek of a mind-blowing EMT, and fastly hatches a plan to get her palms on his large fuckpole. Very First she calls 911, then she lies on her sofa and waits for Johnny Sins and his gigantic spear to flash up. At very first he's a lil' taken aback by her advances, but once he gets a peek at her yam-sized hooters Johnny determines to go in for some additional investigating of his own! Brandi deep-throats and plows that penis like a true MUMMY, then takes a super-cute explosion of jism all over her pretty face!
Nick Lang is a paraplegic with a secret. The secret is, he isn't actually handicapped. He's just been pretending to be paralyzed so that he can reap the benefits that come with having a fuckilicious doctor like Aletta Ocean taking care of him day and night. During a corporal exam, an full salute gives Nick away and Aletta determines to have her way with him before throwing his bum on the street.
Sarah is gravely in enjoy with her physician Dr. Thomas Gunn, M.D. and keeps visiting day after day with ever weakening pretenses. Ultimately, on her most latest visit, she pulls out all the stops and pretty much invites the excellent doctor to drill her brains out right there; right now! Tommy Gunn might be a doctor, but he was a scoundrel very first!
Dr. Alena Croft is one of many doctors who have tried to help a patient recover from his amnesia. This stud doesn't recall a thing, but for the very first time, something is coming back to him! It's his doctor's tasty donk and sexy udders that are working like magic, so their only choice is to let him go deep inwards her to recall as much as he can.
Johnny is lodging in at his local nectar bank to make a donation. But he's so jumpy he won't be able to make the magic happen! And what if someone watches him?  Fortunately Nurse Brianna is going to give him all the motivation he needs to get the job done.
Ramon is eyeing Dr. Katsuni to loosen some strain in his bod. Her pro acupuncture abilities are extraordinaire, but when she hammers a exclusive spot in his back and makes his Chi load into his stiff manhood, she has no option but to whip out it on the spot.
Katie Kox is one kinky patient. After hammering her head, she's brought to the doctor's office for a checkup and what our doctor finds out is an extraordinary libido; she's got an mischievous thirst for his rod. She prays and struggles with him until our doctor can take no more! He is, after all, only human, and Katie's bra-stuffers are soooooo cute!
Veruca is a raunchy criminal who prays improvised insanity to get out of doing time. But she's not fooling anybody, notably not the doctor overseeing her mental evaluation. Desperate to linger out of jail, Veruca steals her doctor's lab cover and makes a crafty escape. She's attempting to find her way out of the hospital, when she bumps into another patient Erik and his ample rod. He promises not to rat her out, so Veruca demonstrates how grateful she is by porking him like the real tramp she is.
After a seemingly guiltless hospital visit turns into a total sucked sexcapade with Dr. Price, Keiran is astonished to observe 2 steaming nurses come in to give him a couch bathtub. Turns out that these 2 nurses have something else in mind for skimpy old Keiran.
Blake is a gold digging cockslut. She's been with her spouse for years, just so she could get all his money. Well now that he's in the hospital, she bodies she can maybe speed up the process. Successful for Mr. Rose, Ramon knows exactly what she's up to, and saves the day...and then he nails her excellent and rock hard.
Dr. 6 is assigned to the case of Johnny Sins, a fellow who believes every nymph wants to nail him. She attempts to linger pro during their session, but pretty shortly she finds out it's not all in his head after all! She prays for his stiffy to smash her humid cunny and completes up with jism all over her face.
Ever since his shaft stopped doing what he desired, Johnny's been a bit listless and bewildered. But help has arrived! His psychiatrist Dr. Siri thinks she's figured out the cure to his melancholy, and it involves lots and lots of hump. And once she controls to make his bone as rock-stiff as it used to get back in the day, he should function like the champ cocksman he once was. As she plays him some insatiable HD pornography, and rings the bell, Johnny senses stiffness flood into his pink cigar. Now that his meaty salami is cured, he's free to motorboat her phat inborn breasts, and poke Siri's foxy cooter til she groans for more.
Anastasia only has a duo hours left to live and determines she doesn't want to die a cherry. So she asks Dr. Danny D to tear up every crevice on her bod - including her booty!
Holly Halston got called in to the local maximum security lockdown to give infamous criminal Johnny Sins a checkup. Once she gave him a hasty once-over, she promptly found out the problem: a yam-sized jism build-up! So Holly did what any responsible medical pro would have done and embarked jacking and gargling his hefty lollipop! To clear a spunk build up like Johnny's, you've got to make sure he jizzes additional rock hard, so Holly handled that trouser snake right, deep-throating it, railing it rock-hard, and then taking a hefty fountain of jizm all over her face, bra-stuffers, and glasses!
The end of the world has come, and only a fortunate few have made it thru. Since the tragedy, Doctor Summer Brielle has been tending to a highly sensational patient whose giant salami is the only expect for the entire world. If there's any expect of restarting the human race, she finer tempt him with her ginormous globes and drain all the cum from his enormous boner.
Jessica is a uncomfortable timid doctor, with a hidden insane side. When Xander comes in for a standard check up, he has no problem getting completely bare sans being asked to. Jessica is instantaneously dissipated by his dick and commences getting super-naughty, but she attempts firm to stay pro. Xander notices this, and attempts to casually entice her some more. He finally chips away at her professionalism and pounds her 6 ways to Sunday.
Shyla has a crush. Every day, she observes her manager. Dr. Blue, work with patients, and every day she wishes of hooking up with him. Well, enough is enough, it's time to make a budge. Fortunate for her, she's a spectacular light-haired with a superb rack, so it doesn't take to much wooing.
Nika has to observe her gynecologist for an annual check-up. Tho, her beau does not like the idea of another boy checking out his damsel's cooter. Nika does her finest to quiet his dreads but he's highly insecure. Doctor Sins procesure is getting Nika's cunt all riled up.  Nika's beau is asked to wait outside and let the doctor finish his work undisturbed.
Thick-boobed mortician Ava Addams has lost a dear pal and boink mate. She misses the way he used to drill her, and lets us into her mind as she remembers the mischievous and sultry fuckfest they used to have in that highly apartment.
Savannah's patient is not recovering from surgery decently. Johnny is saying his wifey, the patient, his plan was to marry her for her money and take it all when she dies. Savannah explains him that she found a way that will help his wifey recover. He tells Savannah that he can give her all the money in the world if she neglects her breakthrough and let nature take its course in swap to tear up her.
Dr. Natalia Starr is a leading accomplished in the area of the gal reproductive system, and newbie salesman Brick Danger indeed wants to get her to consider their fresh product, the Orgasmtron 2000. The Orgasmtron 2000 is a miracle of modern science, but Natalia wants nothing to do with it. Brick and his chief tell her to keep their sample and attempt it out for herself, and before lengthy, curiosity gets the hottest of the light-haired haired cutie and she gives it a whirl. The Orgasmtron lives up to its name, and Natalia is spunking stiff in no time vapid. Brick, feeling an chance, whips out his ample fuckpole. The Orgasmtron works its magic, and Natalia is so damn insatiable that she embarks deep throating and pummeling that engorged member like a real wild mega-slut! Her inborn globes juggle as she rails Brick's huge man meat, and then she takes a thick facial cumshot pop-shot. Looks like Brick made his very first sale after all!
Here at ZZ HQ, we take the well-being of our starlets highly gravely. That's why every Brazzers man has his highly own Brazzers Health Care plan, assuring that no matter what happens, he always has access to the kind of sensitive enjoying care that only our taught, licensed, and pro kinky nurses can provide. So when Danny D was hammer by a careless driver, with one fast shove of a button, he was whisked away to the caring embrace of lusty Latina Clarita Gold. Clarita took one glance at Danny's gentle condition and delivered her recommendation for approach: take 3 moist crevasses as needed! Clarita took Dany's large chisel deep in her gullet, vulva, and even her taut tiny bunghole, then took a immense facial cumshot geyser, because when you have the Brazzers Health Plan, it's nothing but the hottest!
Doctor Sins is obsessed. His need to make orbs fatter and fatter just keeps growing, and he is becoming a fellow consumed. Will his sugary Secretary Dani be able to divert him with her flawless all-natural knockers before it's too late? Or will he be lost to his uncontrolled addiction to the largest fake knockers he can create?
Tasha has booked an  date with plastic surgeon Dr. Blue to fix a highly personal problem: she wants him to reconstruct her hymen! Tho still technically a cherry, she likes providing fellate jobs and taking it the caboose, and this teenager cockslut is going to persuade Dr. Blue to help her using her 2 beloved slots!
Cytherea is donating an ejaculation to science! Dr. Everhard and his crew get her all set up and observe as she makes her muff drizzles using her thumbs and a off the hook plaything. After her very first climax, Dr. Everhard kicks out the other doctors so he can make Cytherea rockets over and over again with his lollipop.
Unafraid reporter Sins awakens in a mysterious holding box half nude, and wonders if he is going mad. Sneaking out to study the mysterious empty hospital, he finds out the provocative, ample jugged doctor providing her super-naughty nude patient some oral instructing. Before he can run, prick-thirsty Nymphomaniacs swarm over him and assault. Will he get through, or will he give way to the the lusty Doctor and her half bare patients at the Nymphomaniac approach facility? Find out in vibrant HD.
Dr. Lezley Zen M.D. is a chunk of work! While stroking on her off time, the hospital administrator wonders in to visit with the mind-blowing sawbones, calling her out on something unusual: Turns out a terminally ill patient wants nothing more than to meet Alexis Texas before the end arrives. Ideal, she thinks! With her prolific hump drive, she determines to take out 2 birds with one stone!
When inmate Laura heads to watch the jail doctor for a check up, she learns firsthand what doing "rigid time" is all about!  Doctor Mick gives her a thorough examination, which is much nicer than solitary limitation any day!
Johnny's attempting out a fresh clinic for his yearly check-up, and he's about to learn Dr. Slutcunt's examinations are anything but routine. When the messy doc walks into the apartment for his corporal sans a shred of attire on her wicked Mummy bod, it takes Johnny's breath away. The view of that nymphomaniac's massive baps makes him want to go after every one of the doctor's orders. Peculiarly because all she wants him to do is lash out his ginormous hard-on and use it to penetrate her English muff.
When Johnny Sins opens his eyes and watches 2 super-hot nurses in uber-sexy tiny garments standing over his bedside, at very first he's sexually aroused. But when one of the naughty beauties lets him know that he's in Purgatory, it indeed puts a damper on his day. Fortunate for him, Purgatory nurses Luna Starlet and Dani Daniels are there to make his remain as handy as possible! Very First they lube up his bod, draining his rigid man-meat and unsheathing their magnificent globes and fat cabooses. Then, they all throated, tongued, and plowed each other, Johnny going ball sack deep in both their taut lil' fuckboxes as they tongue-screwed each other's taut bums. Both those trampy nurses came rigid on Johnny's manstick until ultimately he whipped out a meaty internal ejaculation in Dani's tastey tiny labia that Luna ate up fast. maybe the afterlife isn't so bad after all!
Jada Stevens determined to get some surgical enhancements for her arse, but when the prominent ass specialist Dr. Corvus says her gorgeous culo is already too flawless for surgery, she requests a seconds opinion! Nurse Mischa Brooks peels off down so they can compare and contrast their 2 throat-watering asses, and ultimately Dr. Corvus himself gets in to run a few more tests. He attempts the grease test and the finger test, but in the end, he knows there's only one way to decide if Mischa and Jada's culos indeed are flawless: by tearing up them! He heads ball sack deep in both of their taut lil' backsides, and then blows a immense fountain all over Jada's rear entrance! Fortunately, nurse Mischa Brooks is on forearm to help tidy up the mud with her pretty jaws.
After a gruesome car crash, Jordan was left crippled. Successful for him, Dr. Brooke is one of the greatest in the business. She's going to do everything in her force to make sure that Jordan will walk again. Even if that means taking it up her delicious tiny PHD backside.
Bill is travelling in Japan and needs a doctor stat. But when he tells the gorgeously exotic  Dr. Hase he needs a Asian check-up, she's got an completely different procedure in mind. Fine thing the doc knows just how to use that little Japanese booty of hers to makes sure Bill's meatpipe is in brilliant condition.
Daynas spouse is in a coma, and Dayna is having serious grief dealing with the lack of fuckfest. Fortunate for her, her spouses doctor is highly caring, and will do anything to make her sense nicer. Her spouse might be in a coma, but that doesn't mean her orgy life has to be...
When Lexi comes in she has a case of fuck-fest warmth. She's been porking so much she's searing up. Keiran, the doctor, needs to beautiful her down by weaning her off fuck-a-thon. Against his finer judgment he unties her. Lexi takes Keiran hostage by gripping onto his bone and holding it prisoner. She brings him to the waiting apartment and makes everyone there do sexual acts upon her and Keiran. Ultimately Keiran says to pulls out the hostages and he'll give her what she wants. Lexi frees them and Keiran smashes her rigid.
Dr. Sins is active with back-to-back patients and can't make the meeting he had planned with his ultra-cutie, Rayveness. She's beyond peed, and determines that the meeting is happening if she has to storm into the hospital and pound her fellow right in the operating apartment. And that's exactly what she does.
Johnny Sins is terrifyingly ill and has required sustained attention from the doctor for some time now. It undoubtedly helps that his doctor is the terrifically buxom Eva Angelina. Otherwise who would bang Johnny back to health?
Johnny wakes up in a mad scientist's lab, with no clue how he got there or why. What he does know is that he's all of a sudden got a meaty fresh jizz-shotgun, and it gets larger and tighter than ever. To finish her sexperiment, MUMMY scientist Cherie has to make sure it works. She deepthroats his fresh beef whistle, and then he smashes her vagina until she can't walk straight.
Devon has had a thing for her doctor for fairly some time now. She keeps finding excuses to go back and observe him, expecting that he'll ultimately take the hint, but Dr. Deen just never seems to get the message! Next time Devon witnesses him, she determines, she's getting poked no matter what! So she heads in making complaints about a problem with her rump, knowing that once he's got his mitts all over her fleshy backside, he'll be so ultra-kinky that he'll plow her for sure. She dumps out her phat titties while he's toying with her arse and it works like a charm. Ultimately, her dream comes true, and Dr. Deen is sack of babymakers deep in her taut sphincter!
Ramon has accused Dr. Summers of taking advantage of him in the patient apartment earlier that day. She is shown some bruising evidence: a surveillance camera has caught her plumbing Ramon. She had to confess the outrageous truth: she made Ramon pulverize her, and she liked every 2nd.
Johnny is so sick of sitting in the waiting apartment. He is almost fed up when super-steamy Doctor Cox clears her schedule to get prepared for her rendezvous. Hearing that bitchy doc paw one out after cancelling on him is the last straw, and he cracks into the examination apartment to give her a taste of his thick beef whistle.
Danny was involved in an accident that traumatized his sexually appetite, he has no idea that he has been admitted to a psychiatric ward that is tailored to design procedures intended on returning the current state to the preceding sexually state. Doctor Adams has a plan that involves her and a band of hump crazed nymphos.
Danny is taking part in a medical investigation, he doesn't know what is it about but begins to understand once nurse Tyler embarks the test. She embarks with a pornography movie and resumes with a mitt job and then to accomplish the test he has to bang her puss with his firm rock manmeat and pop his flow all over her face.
Danny heads to his doctor because he thinks he might be losing his mind. He observes so much pornography that it embarks to spill into his life and he can't tell whats real or not anymore! The doctor suggests that he remain for overnight observation under the care of Nurse Jasmine. Danny will shortly learn that nurse Jasmines idea of patient care and convenience are exactly what the doctor ordered.
Dr. Danny D is a no nonsense medical pro with no time for shit. His recent case is a coma patient with a big-titted light-haired wifey named Leigh Darby. He uses his authoritative powers of observation to notice that she's taken her wedding ring off, and before you know it she's down on her knees deep throating his giant hefty knob! Danny porks that superslut's moist snatch while her spouse lies there, oblivious to the entire thing. Danny romps her rock hard and gives her a super-cute yam-sized facial cumshot, all in the name of medical science!
When Ryan Ryder flashed up for the reading out of his daddy's will, the last thing he hoped was to get laid. But when the will says the only way for him to collect his inheritance is to plumb his parent's buxomy nurse Emma Culo, his day begins looking up! Very First she deepthroats on his giant man meat, then she wraps it up in her ample fake boobs and pretty tiny soles. He tears up her humid cunt before going nuts deep in her taut butt-hole and then ultimately deep throating his fountain all over her hefty breasts!
Rose Monroe has the ideal Halloween costume, a whorish nurse's garment! That cheek-peeking sundress lets this curvaceous Mexican demonstrate off that she's got the finest bootie in her entire school dormitory. None of the guys who watch her walk into the soiree can take their eyes off her large Latina culo, particularly not her crush Van Wylde. It doesn't take lengthy before she's brought Van to another apartment, and seduced him into penetrating her tastey lil' snatch.
Christie and Jacky are very first yr med College girls who get paired up in anatomy class and control to fail their very first assignment. Prof Dr. Johnny determines to play patient to decide who will go farther for the flawless grade.
Dr. Andrews is nobody's dork. Heck, she's a doctor! But when Keiran Lee walks into her experience with a bit of, ahem, gigantic distress, she tosses caution to the wind and determines to literally bury her teeth into the problem. Is Keiran's man meat truly too gigantic for a condom? Dr. Andrews gets to the bottom of it and, as usual, urges paramours everywhere (no matter how massive) to wrap their instrument before fuckfest.
Dr. McCarthy has been attempting to understand knob for years, and today she's had a breakthrough. When studying her patient Jordan, she realizes how much she needs thick spear. Time to give it to her Jordan, in the name of science!
Mick heads to witness the doctor, Holly Michaels, because he can't get it up. He asks her to help him fix his problem. She gives him the cure... raunchy orgy!
Keiran determined to become a vegetarian because his gf couldn't stand the taste of his jizm. After a while, he heads to the doctor for a check up to make sure that the flavor of his jizm has switched. Doctor Breeze says there's only one way to find out. Even however he doesn't lick meat, it doesn't mean that she won't.
Jamie Jackson is one of the hottest Doctors in her realm because she always keeps her promises. So when she tells Keiran Lee that he's going to walk again, she's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that he does! His healing should all be done, but ever since his gf dumped him, his motivation has all gone out the window. To make sure that Keiran gets out of the wheelchair, Jamie uses the most strong motivational implement she has at her disposition: her fleshy arse! With Jamie's large ass just out of reach, Keiran gets up out of his stool and walks over to get him a chunk of her pretty tiny rosy twat. He lubes up her donk and then bangs her from behind so that he can watch that jaw-dropping bootie juggling, then spins her over to get a view at her inborn hooters. Eventually, he gives the doctor a meaty facial cumshot, and Jamie can cross one more pleased patient off of her list!
There's a plain cure for all of Blake Rose's sexual string up-ups, but it requires her absolute cooperation. For Dr. Sins's mechanisms to work, the patient has to be absolutely turned on and willing to go deeper than she ever has before. Blake looks inwards herself, and finds a furious nymphomaniac prepared to spew out and pummel the very first fuckpole she watches.
Missy Martinez's job as a wartime nurse is taking its toll on her physically, emotionally and sexually. What she needs is a distraction; something to put her mind at relief, something to relieve her bod. Still, Johnny Sins' progression from soldier to patient to sultry paramour comes as a surprise, even to her.
Kerry Louise is a chesty EMT whose gigantic orbs have been getting her into grief for her whole career. So when Dean Van Damme zips his gigantic jizz-shotgun into his fly, she's pretty psyched to be able to use them to her advantage for once! To make sure his stiffy is still in great working order, Kerry gives Dean a super-cute blowage, and then whips out her yam-sized fake melons for Dean to idolize. She takes that ample hard-on down to the base, her large fun bags juggling as she rails Dean's shaft, and then takes a adorable geyser of jizm all over her saucy breasts. Dean makes a swift recovery, thanks to Kerry's hefty funbags and fast thinking. One can never be too thorough in the medical sphere!
The excellent doctors at the ZZ institute are making astounding fresh advances in the medical sciences every day. 2 of our chestiest docs, Rachel Starr and Kendra Zeal, have been using the healing force of their hefty titties to bring scanty sick studs back from the edge, and made this movie to demonstrate us how its done. Very First step is some extraordinaire hooter idolize as Keiran Lee munches, deep-throats, and drills those astounding hooters of theirs and then to go ball sack deep in both of their pretty poons. Kendra and Rachel work his meatpipe with the practiced expertise of medical professionals, railing Keiran until they're both spunking stiff. The huge-chested fucksluts take turns throating and smashing Keiran's hefty man rod and each other's tastey moist vags in one of the sexiest threesomes ever!
Capri Cavanni has an gruesome ache in her sole, and needs Dr. Mountain to fix it, hasty. But the doc is so affected by her ultra-luxurious toes and immense baps, he determines to attempt some highly strange technologies to gargle the ache out of handsome Miss Capri. He'll have her plumbed and sensing jiggish in no time!
How can you improve on perfection? Bella Reese has plans to do just that, so she's been chatting to a perverted plastic surgeon. Sure, this bootylicious stunner already has one of the best, juiciest bods in the Valley, from her amazingly large fun bags down to her ridiculously plump whooty booty. But the Doc thinks he can take her to the next level, provided she's willing to pay for it with her mouth-watering vag.
Ramon is visiting his dentist Ann Marie. She asks him if he followed all her recommendations on the care of his teeth including if he had lick cooter. Ramon finds strange. As a excuse, Ann Marie determines to perform a checkup just to be able to inhale his meatpipe. To sate her desire he proceeds with a stiff boning in the dentist's office.
Alison Tyler and Johnny Sins are the medical staff at the recent winter games, and they're attempting to find some time to themselves to idiot around when they hear that ski leap porn industry star Phoenix Marie has crashed on the course! Once they make sure she's OK, the 2 sloppy doctors determine to witness if Phoenix is interested in joining their pulverize session. Alison begins munching Phoenix's humid vulva while Johnny touches some heating grease all over her enormous breasts. Once Alison and Phoenix's pretty tiny cunts are running in rivulets raw, they blow and pummel Johnny's phat dick, gobble each other out, and share a enormous facial cumshot!
Dr. Brooklyn Blue's brought a duo of her smokin' torrid residents along on her rounds today. They want to make sure their patient Xander is in supreme health, because they've got massive plans for him and for his big boner. Brooklyn and her buddies wheel him into a wing of the hospital they've converted into a individual fuck-fest lair. Once Brooklyn gets Xander all alone, she stretches her cooch broad open to take every inch of his bone, until she's found the cure for her awesome horniness.
The Surgeon General has just heard rumors that getting laid is great for you, and he's raging. If the general public learns that ravaging is excellent for everything from headaches to depression, no one will need doctors anymore! To verify these rumors for himself, he assigns his 2 hottest doctors, Preston Parker and buxom light-haired Kagney Linn Kater, to do a tiny experiment for him. Kagney embarks by unwrapping down and taunting Preston, then checks his heart rate for a answer. Preston eats her muff and taut lil' rectum, and Kagney's heart begins pumping just as swift as his own. Kagney gives his prick the royal approach, deep-throating it and wrapping it up in her super-sexy thick hooters. The ultra-kinky docs tear up for science until Kagney is bellowing with gusto and her vag is running in rivulets raw, and then Dr. Parker completes the whole experiment off with a yam-sized facial cumshot!
Ariella Ferrara heads to a witch doctor to find a way to win her dude back. There's just one catch: the enjoy potion won't work unless this torrid Mummy is indeed turned on when she uses it. The witch doctor gets engaged riling up his patient, and bringing her to the numerous climaxes that are a key part of making this charm work.
When Jared took his gf Emily to the doctor's office, the last thing he hoped was for his old penetrate pal Sandee Westgate to come walking thru the door. Sandee missed getting smashed by Jared's yam-sized man meat, so she worked a lil' medical magic to get them some alone time. He wasn't sure at very first, but as briefly as Sandee lashed out her astounding immense jugs, he left behind about his dame acquaintance rapid. She began inhaling that meaty weenie of his, and then it was time to boink her phat titties and taut puss!
Dr. Evita Pozzi is one of the foremost Sexual Stimuli Researchers at Splett University's ZZ Labs division. Thanks to their research, she and her fucking partners have designed several non-invasive mechanisms to induce an arousal which surpasses that brought on by conventional methods. Tho, when left to her own instruments, periodically Dr. Pozzi is the one left in a state of amazing arousal. And successful for Tommy Gun that Doc's got some immense funbags.
Kortney heads to a podiatrist to get her sole checked out. She explains to the doctor that she injured it providing a man a sole job. The doctor is unsuspecting of such an activity, but finds it rather intriguing. He mends Kortney's sole in two seconds and then guess what?
It's Asa's very first day on the job as a dental hygienist when Johnny comes in for a routine check up. Asa's inexperience flashes when she can't avoid bruising Johnny. Wanting to make a fine impression on her fresh chief, she determines to muffle Johnny's shrieks by sitting on his face.
Bono himself has generously agreed to donate a fresh health clinic for the skimpy at ZZ Hospital. Well, after Dr. Akira wooed him to with the back of her gullet. The press is impatiently awaiting his arrival, but when he showcases up he's being an awesome douche, demonstrating off and fondling patients. Can Dr. Akira keep Bono and Cliff under manage? Most Likely not.
Journalist Johnny has heard some unusual things about Nutley's asylum: That the doctors nail the patients, the patients inhale the doctors, and they're all just a bunch of nymphomaniacs with no real illnesses at all. Johnny determines to go undercover as a patient, and watch what's going on very first palm.
Angelika's back has been killing her for weeks because her phat globes are wearing her down. The doctor is fully opposed to a orb reduction because Angelika's fun bags are too mind-blowing. He helps her ease off by fondling the globes highly cautiously until Angelika leaves behind about the melon reduction and instead wants to smash the doctors brains out.
Day after day, Johnny's been filming his splendid playmate Dr. Krissy Lynn on her violates. The money's piling in for these brief, wonderful clothespins of "unexperienced" bareness. One day, Krissy catches him crimson-passed with his camera angling in for a crazy upskirt movie and gets so angry! But once this whorish Mummy finds out how many internet-followers want to watch her nude, Krissy determines to go all the way with this one. We'll watch how the devotees like eyeing Dr. Lynn's striptease (on goal this time!), and then drenching Johnny's chisel like a professional.
Ramon's ribs have been truly bruising him lately, so him and his wifey went to observe the doctor for a hasty fix. Things get a tiny clumsy when the Doctor walks in, tho, because it's none other than his old school plow acquaintance Alexis Ford! She may be a doctor now, but she's still the huge-titted mega-slut that she always was, so she wastes no time getting his importunate wifey out of the apartment. Shortly as she's gone, Alexis commences draining Ramon's big manstick. Ramon remembers from the supreme old days that Alexis enjoys to get penetrated rock hard, so he drills that vulva, pokes her in her taut bulls eye, and then shoots a load all over her pretty super-bitch face!
Shady doctor Joy Buttons Jade spinned into this one-wagon town with her medical caravan rattling with bottles and cures of all kinds. One of these cures is her own miraculous remedy, designed to make stiffys fatter and faceholes deeper. But when the ornery sheriff embarks begging too many questions about her enjoy potion, Joy Buttons enlists her Secretary Clover to prove it works with a tiny showcase. She whips out his fat pecker in front of everyone and gets him to fuck her jiggly snatch until he pops a phat geyser on her face and funbags.
Dr. Alexis Monroe has been stiff at work saving lives for what senses like an eternity, and every time she attempts to sit down and take a break, something fresh pops up that needs her attention. After a total 24 hours on the job, if Alexis doesn't get some kind of break from the polish shortly, she's gonna lose it. Fortunately, nurse Johnny is there to help give the big-boobed light-haired exactly the kind of distraction that she needs! He embarks by gargling on her puffy orbs, and then she spurts to her knees to grind his meaty stiffy. Johnny bangs her taut humid cooch deep until she's spunking so rigid that she can slightly reminisce how fatigued she is. Alexis rails that huge prick in posture after posture and then takes a hefty explosion all over her pretty face.
Monique is a superb lil' patient who thinks that slow, romantic hookup is what gets her off. But Dr. Marco knows differently! Thru a series of vibrating tests, this Doc is decided to prove that all this mega-bitch needs to get her heart rate up and cooter wetting humid is a fine, rock hard, pummeling.
Keiran Lee's been in a coma for trio weeks, and the entire time, his Doctor, Bridgette B, has impatiently been waiting for him to wake up, one eye on his yam-sized bone. As shortly as he recovered, Dr. B determined to put him thru some tests to make sure his phat schlong was still working decently. She put him thru stringent sexual studying, very first by gargling on his enormous schlong to make sure it could still get rock hard, then by having him munch her pretty pinkish lil' cunt and taut rosy pucker until she was running in rivulets humid and prepared to pulverize. Bridgette takes his huge penis deep in her mouth and poon until she ejaculates stiff, and then Keiran gives her a hefty facial cumshot. Now that's a wake up call!
Capri stole Veronica's dream. Instead of praying to meet a celeb, she wants a Doctor that can give her the insertion she is been waiting for.
Doctor Julia is working her shift when a fellow acting like the reincarnation of Don Juan is brought in. Julia isn't persuaded he's ultra-kinky, but she can evidently watch his balls as she licks down his man rod and let's herself be seduced!
Keiran is all boned up. After a lengthy and excruciating surgery, all he wants is to be rid of the ache. Successful for him, Dr. Kirsten Price is the hottest medical practitioner around. At Times you need painkillers, at times you need rest, but periodically, you just need to get your knob deep-throated!!!
Ramon and his wifey are attempting to have a baby, but something just isn't working, and the wifey insists she's not the problem. When Ramon's girl is insulted by Dr. Leveaux's muddy questions, she leaves them alone to assets out the problem. Excellent thing Dr. Leveaux is a highly endowed GP, because she'll get his boy milk splashing in no time.
Angelina's patient is her hubby and he is on life support. His daughter catches Angelina, providing some maltreatment to him. Angelina believes that she will be the foot benefactor of her spouse's estate so a confrontation occurs that's when Chris comes from nowhere with the proof in forearm that he is a lengthy lost son of the patient and that he will be the foot benefactor. Angelina now has to tempt Chris to get some of the money.
Keiran has been in patient recovery for weeks, his gf being a recurrent visitor as a means of keeping him company. Incapable, or rather, advised not to engage in any requiring corporal action by Jenna, (the doctor) they both havn't boned in a while. Tasha can't struggle her sexual urges and embarks to loser around with Keiran. Jenna catches them and she too determines to take part in the joy.
Claire has just ended her shift at the hospital and turns on her beloved T.V. flash starring James Deen as Dr. James Deen. She's so exhausted from her shift, that she closes her eyes and has the most uber-sexy desire where she gets splayed and then creamed.
Dr. Aniston is earnestly trampy. Not only does she sundress like a superslut, she admits to fuckin' her patients! When she faces the review board, they determine to revoke her ID because of her skanky demeanor. But when she's alone with Dr. Ramon, she determines to beg her case one last time...
Danny Mountain has been fantasizing about fucking a warm doctor, and after searching trio hospitals, he's ultimately found the one! All he wants to do is unwind some of the tension Dr. Kiara is carrying around by slurping out that magnificent vagina and providing her a decent drilling. If only every patient were as generous as Danny!
Johnny is recuperating at the Hospital and has the hugest sexual wish for Doctor Bitoni. Whiles he gets some rest in the hospital couch he is incapable to decide the lines of reality and wish.
Johnny displays up to his doctor's meeting with symptoms of dizziness. Dr. Blair suspects that his vertigo is due to his thick chisel. She surmises that the loss of cells to his head happens when he gets excited. Dr. Blair has the cure for such an ailment.
Helly's got a serious medical condition: her muff can't get enough of being tucked with rock-hard pink cigar, and the only way she'll get help is from a messy doctor. She sneaks into the hospital late one night and completes up finding Dr. Johnny. Helly tempts the doc with her thick melons, until he leans her over the testing table and porks her thirsty vagina.
Leilani claims that her jaws senses constricted and she's having distress sighing. After performing some tests, Ramon woos her that instantaneous manual opening of her gullet is necessary to avoid farther complications. Fortunately, he has his pecker to use as a contraption.
Samantha is watching the doctor today for her yearly funbag exam. It's her fortunate day because Dr. Ramon is one of the finest orb doctors around. His treatment is highly "palms on" He's going to make sure she's healthy and sated.
Rachel is highly stressed with a individual situation and pays a visit to the doctor to witness if he can prescribe some tranquilizers. But with the fresh rules he can't just give medicine away like that. Tho', what he can do is perform some entertainment exercises and they are so supreme that Rachel wants to go for more and he gives her his fuck-stick to inhale and such a excellent penetrate that she leaves behind all her problems.



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