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Foot Fetish Daily

Willow is prepared for a supreme rock-hard screwing, but before that can happen, she has Kurt blow and idolize her pretty soles and toes. She gives him a ball milking footjob before letting him drill her pretty cunny, and spunk all over her soles.
Sophia wants to be a meaty internet gusto by being a webcam woman. She thought it was going to be a way to make some effortless cash. When Sophia walked thru the door to Lou Charmelle wearing a cable-on and an evil smile, she suspected that it might be joy as well as effortless! Before Lou puts her string-on anywhere, she wants a taste of Sophia's jaw-dropping size 7s. The taste of those pretty toes sends Lou into a sole madness that can only end with both ladies left exhausted by repeated climaxes!
Agent Eric has been red-hot on the tail of a gold thief and it looks like he's got Allie rigidly in his glances. In fact, he's caught her crimson-footed! Allie's size 8 high-heeled shoes haven't just been holding her pretty soles, they've also been walking gold out of the vault. Will Allie be able to tap-dance her way out of distress by using her feet on Eric's pipe? Or will Eric's deeply drilling investigation prove to be too much for Allie? Either way, the reaction will be written via Allie's toes in enormous, milky loops of cum!
Super-Cute and fabulous Avril Hall gets her cootchie eaten out then poked rigid by her paramour's stiffy. The she fellates her man-meat superb and he ejaculates all over her soles.
Natasha and Mickey can't keep their palms to themselves. Natasha can't keep her soles off Mickey's schlong or out of his jaws. She gives an epic footjob before he boinks her rock hard while fellating her toes. He pumps out his flow all over the feet of her soles, and she likes every minute of it.
Scarlett and Kurt get along so well, that they won't wait for me to commence the camera. Kurt witnesses those ideal white-hot soles and has to blow them. Scarlet can't wait to use her toes and give Kurt an outstanding footjob. That makes them both need to boink and Kurt does an astounding job doing her. He ultimately splashes his stream all over the tops of her magnificent soles.
Life is raunchy for gals in high high-heeled shoes. That's why Faye has signed up for some home lesson in Style-based self-defense. Her instructor, Dane, isn't prepped for the strength she brings to the table and takes one to the sack of babymakers. Luckily, he's able to regain his composure once she applies the healing force of her six.5s directly to the sphere that's erection up. Inspired, he takes Faye's lessons to the next level by applying his spunk-pump liberally to her facehole as well as her honeypot. In the end, she even gets a lovely healthy snack to lap up off of her soles when the exercise is over!
Mimi wants to be a pro opera singer. Her voice is epic! Of course, so are her mild, rosy, size six.five soles. This sultry newcomer plays an opera singer whose taut footwear are affecting her voice. So what's co-starlet Evan Stone to do, except rubdown and gobble those fatigued tootsies. You can tell how much she luvs his ministrations from the high notes she bashes. She also demonstrates off her gymnast plasticity as they pulverize in confident postures I assure you've never seen before! But it ain't over till the large doll sings and gets a sticky flow of seed all over her ticklish feet.
Emma is well-prepped to give her fellow a footjob like he has never had. She strokes is rock hard lollipop back and forward with her prefect soles before letting him pack her honeypot with his large knob. When he's eventually prepped to deep-throat his fountain, she pleads him to jism all over her pretty toes.
Today is Belle's very first real episode as an adult performer! Belle is more than glad to let Eric fellate on her six.5s but she despairingly wants that huge salami inbetween her gams. Time for some brutish bedroom negotiating, then! Eric and Belle find some common ground as they both blow on her soles while he rides away on her cock-squeezing twat. Sole aficionados, I sense it's safe to say that nobody rocks the spunk-pump like Belle Noire!
Rozzie Rozzborne is a washed up rocker; notorious for the song "Lazy Crane" and his guzzling habit, but that doesn't stop him from having groupies that will do anything to be around his faded stardom. Jessica is one of those women willing to do anything for this has-been. When he wants her soles she is glad to give them to him for anything from gargling to a footjob. Watch... it does pay to be a rocker.
If there's one confident thing in life, it's that it's not an effortless task to pry a fanboy away from his fresh phone. Remy's up for the task however, and she's going to use her size six.5s to crowbar Dane away from his shining fresh tech. Once her soles grasp his weenie, it's game on! Maybe Dane could come back the favor and drown his spear inbetween her gams? And if it's not too much grief, perhaps he could frost her soles and face with his jism when he's all done?
Jenna has fallen asleep with her wonderful lengthy socks on. Kurt just can't leave her alone and has to snuffle them and fellate them. Of course this wakes Jenna up and she is highly revved on. Shortly she needs his meatpipe packing her taut youthful slots, and that is what he does while blowing her soles. After he completes penetrating her rock hard he unloads his explosion all over firm soles… Uber-Cute alarm clock!
Mae is fairly persuaded that her gynecologist is secretly harboring a fiendish craving for her edible size 6s. There's indeed only one way to find out the truth, so Mae globs her drawers and offers her feet to the fine Doctor Eric. Swifter than you can say "stirrups," Mae's gams are in the air and her soles are in the doctor's facehole while he conducts a thorough, and deep, inspection of her taut tiny twat with his stiffy! The prescription to cure all of Mae's ails? A generous dosage of guy goo applied directly to the feet!
Alice can't wait to have her soles adored, and her stud is well-prepped to pack that role. But just as lengthy as she can give him a footjob, he is prepared to do anything. Once she gets his schlong pulsing firm inbetween her soles, she needs that fuckpole deep inwards her. He tears up her ideal lil' slit and sprays his fountain all over her pretty feet.
After a lengthy holiday with the relatives, Jennifer needs to relax and loosen. Always prepped to help in any way, Dane offers to caress her weary soles while she lays back. She can't help but notice the response her vagina has to Dane's mechanism and she finds the power to suggest her fellow a tiny footjob activity. She won't be able to stop there, tho; once her motor begins going she needs to get romped and plowed rock-hard! She climbs up on Dane's manstick and rails him until he's prepped to suck. Of course, the holiday dessert she chooses is a massive layer of male icing all over her size 7s!
When LA super-cop Mikey Butders goes into the rubdown salon for a lil' ease from his day-to-day tension, he uses both his charm and his shield to work a tiny additional attention from the uber-sexy masseur, Kita. Once she observes the badge, she spurts her resistance as swift as she droplets her faux accent. In no time at all, the twenty-one-yr-old Filipino is working Mikey's chisel like an old professional with her size six soles. By the time it's done, Kita has detected a entire fresh meaning for "glad finishing!"
Officer Pepper Kester is looking to take down a prominent ring of underground pornographers but upon busting the set finds herself entranced by pornography star Kiera's delicious size 6s! There's no need to rush this arrest, is there? Maybe Officer Kester can display the starry-eyes Kiera what the true meaning of sole adore. Will this be a drizzle gone wrong or a burst gone so highly right?
Taylor Vixen just determined 2 months ago, at the ripe old age of 25, to get into porno. Before that she'd been working at Knocker's, Shaft Parent's, and other places down in Dallas where she lives. With a assets like hers I'm sure you'll be watching more of her shortly, even tho' she only does gals on film. Taylor wears a size five boot, stands five'two" and her epic mounds are 36D. And she has some of the highest bends and most puckered feet I've ever seen!
Chad has a desire of a blessed completing rubdown. Lara is sick of making all of Chad's fanatsies come true and determines she wants to investigate some of her own. She wants Chad to deep-throat her pretty soles while he humps her. She gives him a footjob and makes sure adores every inch of her toes before he ejaculates on her toes.
Skimpy Yankee tourist Suzanne finds herself in a bit of a pickle: she's corded up and at the fragile mercies of German interrogator Evan SStone. In his quest for answers, Evan isn't against excellent old-fashioned torment to find the microchips he's looking for. He commences by ramming his Dodel inbetween her soles and much to their surprise she begins loving it! If she wants her freedom, tho', she's going to have to work tighter for it! The Geneva Convention is surely cracked when Evan begins stabbing her tastey coochie over and over with his long Schwanz; the technology seems to be notably effective, as he gets a lot out of her in terms of splashing. He then turns the Fraulein upside-down in order to give her the accomplish length of his Pimmel! Evan ultimately finishes the interrogation by spritzing all over Suzanne's uber-sexy size 7.five soles. Obviously, her papers were in order after all!
Alexis is having a rock-hard time dealing with people sexualizing her pretty size 7s. That's why she's come to observe an experienced: Dr. Evan's work, while unorthodox, gets results. Alexis is willing to attempt anything, including the fine doctor's man meat inbetween her soles and deep inwards her cunny. Sure, the doctor left his cream-colored mark all over her soles, but what if the entire thing is all in Alexis's head?!
Like most modern nymphs, Lyla loves to troll the interweb for potential bang friends. But to do that you need some supreme pictures of yourself, so Lyla hires a professional to snap some wonderful photos for her. She notices that shutterbug Mikey seems to have a fascination for wonderful size 8.five's. So when the time comes to chat about compensation, she offers to trade some footsie activity for services rendered. This, of course, being a win-win situation for Mikey who despairingly wants to gobble those trendy soles. It's not lengthy before the tonguing and deep throating turns into a real need to drown his pipe in her sizzling crevasse as she uses her endowed tootsies to harden his wood. Once he puts it in her, it's game over as this fabulous filly gets her weirdo on; she even lets Mikey investigate her cock-squeezing butt with his trigger finger as she spurts her guy goo bum on his prepped instrument. When Mikey eventually rockets all over her soles, the jism-blessed vixen instantaneously pushes her sole into her gullet in order to get the utter measure of Mikey's rigid work!
Ah, the perils of living together. India comes home to find her roomy Layden snacking on her applesauce. This sort of aggression won't stand with India and earns Layden a slapping. Layden's antsy to make it up to her and starts by smooching India's soles. That's a fine commence, but India's going to need a lot more from Layden: it's time to break out the fucktoys! India doesn't smash around; she violates out the dual-completed faux-cock and deepthroats on Layden's size 9s as she relieves the plaything into both of their poons! After that, it's time to break out the battery-operated strength fucktoys; Layden's snatch may never be the same after India's done with it!
Cali is just doing a image shoot but she can tell the photographer is getting revved on. He seems to be looking at her soles, so she thinks it might work to taunt him with her toes. When he can't take it anymore, he asks to adore her flawless soles. As she gets more revved on from his throat around her toes she determines to wrap her soles around his penis for a footjob. Then she needs his fat weenie inwards her moist vulva, and they poke while her fellates her soles. She then prays for his stream all over her soles, a flawless end to a lovely photoshoot.
Zoe wants to be a good assistant, but her superior chief Dane just wants to keep her down. When she determines to wear "call girl" footwear to work, Dane weirdos out on her. If she wants to sundress like a tramp, then he's going to handle her like a tramp! Her tights are torn away to unsheathe her pretty size 8s, but Dane doesn't stop there. He gives her a mad drilling before cracking out a plaything in order to showcase her how to multitask decently. When he's persuaded that she's learned her lesson, he coats her toes with jizm and calls it a day!
Evan is the fresh Pope, working firm, smooching the soles of the skimpy and someone has left him a off the hook bounty named Zoey. She is so scanty and in need of more than just a sole smooch, she wants to be plumbed as rock hard as Evan can, then she wants his fountain all over her soles.
Virgin and her pal know the hottest way to work off a duo calories from a enormous meal: lots of jiggish sole humping and a honest dose of vulva-humping. Eric can't even wait for Virgin to take her boots off; he wants his stiffy inbetween her size 8s, like, now! He knows Virgin can't fight back an chance to do some intensity-cowers on his man meat, so he sits back and likes her work out! Once the last calories of spermy kindliness have been deposited all over Virgin's feet, there's only one question left: what's for dessert?
Dane needs to prove to Elaina that he still has a few surprises up his sexual sleeve when it comes to bedroom playtime. Maybe Elaina would like to attempt some sole-fellating joy? Dane's always dreamed to taste her size 6s and both of them hastily realize the sexual potential of a tiny toe act! The significant thing here is, will Dane's toe-deepthroating and twat-banging be enough to reignite Elaina's fire? Or will it take more than one explosion of man juice on her feet to get her motor running again?
Welcome to Sole Fetish Gigante! Passions kindle when flamy Mexican paramours Evie Delatosso and Mikey Butders rediscover their enjoy. Overcome with emotion, Mikey tosses Evie to the sofa and absorbs her toes thirstily. Evie can't contain her own passion for Mikey's technology and fastly thanks him by rubbing his sack with her size five's while he thrusts his engorged pillar down her thirsty jaws. Her gasping inspires him to find an even moister fuckhole for his prong, so he moves behind her and instantly sends her into sexual overdrive. But Evie still has her mind set on getting him off with her soles. She moves forth and lets her toes do the conversing as he crams himself into the space made by her leans. Not one to be left behind, Evie wants her own growling climax and has Mikey climb on top of her so she can diddle that supreme cunt until she begins speaking in munches. She changes it up and mounts Mikey, railing him like Olympic gold depended on it. For the finale, Mikey whips out his manstick and rockets a generous flow of nut nectar via her soles so she can flash everyone the fruit of their rigid work and fervor!
Erika wants to get her soles adored, and she is going to get what she needs. She wants to wrap her soles around a stiffy and jack it for us. She can't wait to have her toes inhaled on while she is getting torn up. You can witness how much she enjoys it when that jizm strikes her pretty soles.
Kasey Warner is all clothed up in her tights and garter belt. Kurt can't get enough of her brilliant youthfull bod. He even gets a footjob with her pantyhose on. Her pretty soles sense ideal in his jaws and around his boner. He drills her until she blows a load over and over. When it's his turn he sploogs his explosion all over her soles, she gobbles it up like the tiny jism mega-slut she is!
Eric has about had it with the ridiculous scenarios he's been getting. All he wants to do, like right now, is put Ana's size 8s in his gullet and open up her lengthy nice gams for a steaming pummel on a fantastic autumn afternoon. Accordingly, Eric tosses the screenplay out the window and does Ana just the way he wants to, finish with a meaty fountain of jism he's been saving for her pallid feet!
Evan has a tiny surprise waiting for him at home: it seems his wifey has sent her co-employee Allie over to get some top-notch sole slurping from the sir himself. Evan doesn't ask any questions; he just gets right to work on those splendid size 8.5s. Evan won't be pleased with just a taste of her toes, however; he wants the entire package! Of course, Allie wants her own taste of the massive reward inbetween Evan's gams. Passions flare and before you can say "footjob" Evan is nut sack-deep in her mouth-watering slit and looking for the brilliant spot on her soles to spurt his thick stream!
Emma is in her penthouse waiting for some activity. Her paramour displays up and adores every angle of her ultra-cute toes before moving on to her pretty and now running in rivulets humid cunny. She has the urge to give him a footjob, and he enjoys the way it perceives. After pummeling her every way, he rockets his jism all over her pretty soles.
Megan's beau has a lil' surprise for her: it's going to be a lot more joy munching her ticklish feet if she's been decently limited! But he isn't just worried for his pleasure; no, he plans on providing Megan much more than just his tongue on her size 7s. It's no surprise that the toe deepthroating promptly turns Megan into a man meat-engulfing she-demon just as it's no surprise that she finishes up with soles soaked in jizm after a mad boinking. Aren't glad endings just the hottest?
Ally Ann is prepped for her rubdown. She senses safe being nude in front of her "homo" masseur Lee Stone. But dangle on, what's this? He flashes an interest in her jaw-dropping size 8 soles that seems more than pro. In fact, as she permits him to slurp them, it turns out her soles are SO uber-sexy that they turn a fag boy heterosexual! She strokes Lee's rigid penis with them, then Lee munches her creamery gash before fuckin' her missionary right on the rubdown table. They stir to the couch and Ally pounds Lee cowgirl with her soles in the air. She is fellating her own toes when Lee pops on her soles and face.
Hosting a reality demonstrate can be pretty strained, but fortunately Dane has his cute secretary Maryjane to help him silent down when he's redlining! The key to her technology? Liberal doses of her size six.5s applied directly to Dane's gullet! It's a great commence, but Dane is going to need the entire package today, namely, her package on his pulsating knob! Once Maryjane has completed her rail on Dane, he droplets a humongous stream of his "pressure" all over her shaking toes. Ahhhh! Much nicer now, baby!
With her nose drowned in a fine book, Alice detects to her gusto that reality can be just as unusual and glamour as fiction! When Alice's greatest-selling ninja jumps from the pages of her novel and onto her size 6s, Alice isn't going to ask any questions; she's just going to stretch her gams and expect for a glad completing! This well-written ninja doesn't disappoint; before jumping back into the pages of history, he leaves Alice with a generous blast all over her feet!
It can be a scaring thing, sharing your innermost fantasies (even with a husband). That's why it was so handsome of Jaslene to be so open-minded when she catches her hubby Evan boinking a faux pair of soles. Why not add her own soles to the combine? In fact, why not go all in and throw her cock-squeezing youthfull labia into the mingle as well? Now that Jaslene's loving Evan's jism all over her size 8s, will she be just as accommodating to his other fetishes?
Skimpy Ashley is embarrassed that an unflattering movie of her has become an overnight enjoyment on the interweb. She always knew that her enjoy of toe blowing would get her into distress. Fortunately, she has a great pal in Aiden. Aiden offers to let Ashley do as much toe fellating as she wants, in the privacy of her own home. How ideal! Ashley cracks out some barbeque sauce and gets to work on Aiden's soles. Aiden offers to do a lil' deepthroating of her own on Ashley's size 5s, and before you know it the toe gargling has revved into hooter inhaling. And bean tonguing. And... well, you'll just have to witness for yourself!
Killer Flesh was in a bit of a quandary: since cracking up with her beau, she hasn't been able to pamper her sole fetish. The hottest solution? Hiring Evan, an call girl that's paid to cater to her every caprice. And cater he does! After fiercely deepthroating on her size 7.five soles, he sinks his weenie in inbetween her feet as a prelude to the boinking her cunny is going to get. Flesh likes railing his boner, but she's waiting for the immense flow to glob all over her soles!
What are you supposed to do when your gf's mother is the greatest MUMMY you've ever seen? Youthfull "Michael" Butders does the only thing possible and accepts India's invitation to play a few grown-up games with her. This older dame lets Mikey tidy her soles with his tongue. India, greedy in turn for the youthfull cock in his trousers, engulfs his pink cigar after getting him rock-hard with her size 8 soles. This warm mother knows her way around a man meat and knows exactly how to make all of it vanish in her facehole. Not sated with simply degustating him, India hastily thrusts him to the sofa and impales herself on his swollen guy meat. When he rolls her over, she's overcome and swiftly gets off all over his manhood. She showcases off her finest asset when she gets on all fours and opens up her lithe booty so he can play a harsh game of stash the spunk-pump with her. When she shoots a load, the penetrating leaves her hardly able to speak! Mikey ultimately lays back and lets the raven-haired mother plow him with the gentle feet of her trendy soles. He hoses down the flower tat on her sole with super-steamy, life-providing jizm. But after a tearing up like that, will India have the power to let her daughter know Mikey ever stopped by?
It's rough these days to be a football player with an internet gf! That's why Evan is ripping off in on his digital darling Maddy today; he wants to make sure every inch of Maddy's bod is as real as he's been led to believe. Evan is going to begin at her 8.5s and make his way right up to her humid damsel parts; he'll leave no spot untouched and he'll only be down when he's sprayed Maddy's toes down with a large dosage of fellow milk!
Sara has some secrets she's been keeping from her roomy Lyla: not only does she have a crush on Lyla and her pretty size 8s, she's also been using Lyla's toothbrush as a magic wand. Well, now that it's all all of a sudden out in the open, there's truly only one thing for the damsels to do and that's to probe each other's honeypot in delectable detail. Lyla gets a cute lengthy taste of Sara's small size 6s before she violates out her own fucktoys for the women to play with. Interlocking toes, the dolls do their level hottest to find out just how much their cootchies can take as they plaything the afternoon away!
Recently, the biz of attempting to impact the decision of the one Undecided voter left in America has become serious biz. Political canvassers Aailyah and Alyssa will do whatever it takes to secure the vote for the candidate they enjoy, up to and including Aaliyah using her size 6s on Alyssa's twat. It's this level of devotion to the cause that makes undies humid all throughout this good land of ours!
Somewhere, the ghost of Benny Hill is calmly smirking to himself while blowing delicately on the toes of a bra-less, ample-bosomed angel! Evan comes home to find his fantastic maid wearing something that needs to be ripped off, so he haunts her around the palace until she agrees to let him plow her soles. Evan envelops those stocking-dressed, size 7 tootsies like there's no tomorrow before thirstily diving into her cooch. She uses her soles on his contraption while he uses his facehole on her. Once he's able to work his rod into her cock-squeezing cunt, its time to rock! She then takes her own turn in charge as she climbs on top of that large fuckpole. She stretches her mancum bum open for our viewing delight as she stuffs down, impaling herself on his spear for an powerful poking. When he's prepared to deepthroat, he does it in fashion by covering her hair, face and soles with a liberal dosage of his man chowder. Like any gent should, he then insists that she tidy up his filth by fellating her toes tidy!
Just like your loyal director, Kurt here has a fragile spot in his heart and a rock hard spot in his trousers for jaw-dropping Jewish nymphs! This is his fortunate day, then, because Layla is going to mouth-watering converse him with a lil' Hebrew while Kurt gets on his knees to adore her six.5s! Layla then gives Kurt a thorough lesson in elite Israeli screwing; all she wants in comeback is a gigantic explosion of jism on her toes. Is that too much to ask?
Bailey truly wants to flash Dane what she's been up to in her dance classes but he can't be bothered to pull his nose out of his fresh book. Maybe if Bailey uses her size 7s to pull out Dane's penis he'll pay more attention to her? Well, mission experienced, because once Dane's trouser snake is out Bailey's going to get what she wished and much more! By the time Dane blows his explosion all over her toes, Bailey's slit and feet are going to know Dane was there!
Like a lot of ladies in LA, Melody is down on her luck and owes a bit of back rent. Unlike other women, however, Melody knows that her landlord is a deep-throater for soles and her size 9s can introduce a pretty tremendous case for both free rent and mad pummeling! Melody uses her soles and her vulva to cajole another month of free living out of her landlord in addition to the super-steamy flow he splashed all over her pretty toes!
Jazmine is East Indian, stands five'three" and wears a size 8 boot. (She says 8-nine, but they glance more like 8's to me.) I liked her exotic looks and womanly forms.
Natalie Monroe is new and well-prepped to poke her stud, but very first she wants her lil' soles adored. She wants to watch a throat all over her brilliant toes, and slobber dribbling from them. She gets so revved on that she determines to stroke his rock-hard man meat with her soles. During the footjob her cootchie gets so raw waiting for that trouser snake to go deep inwards her. They drill and he splatters his blast all over her brilliant latina soles.
Dahlia needs a fresh private secretary. In the course of interviewing Bill Slide, she notices him leering at her ideal size six.five stocking soles. She makes him do what any fine secretary would do - idolize those tootsies. He munch her toes, then her vulva and donk till she is greedy for his boner. The successful fellow gets a footjob before moving on to pulverize her in missionary, spoon (with her mind-blowing soles in your face), and cowgirl till he drizzles his geyser on her soles.
Sean is prepped to give Natalie a touch down with lubricant. Of course he begins with those boobies, and moves his way down to the soles. He gets the soles greased to perfection and when she can't take it anymore he plumbs her and makes her fellate her own soles.
Secret agent Evan has been took hold of and faces a harsh interrogation at the arms (and soles) of the French bombshell Lou. She has no problem cracking the Geneva Convention by using her size 7.5s on Evan's trouser snake in order to whip out the information she needs. When he escapes his bonds, tho', the tables are revved and she finds herself on the puffy end of his super-fucking-hot syringe of inquiry. This swap of information (and bodily fluids) inbetween intelligence operatives can only end one way: someone's soles are getting splashed with man chowder, and it ain't Agent Stone!
It's known around these parts that if smallish Skylar Green observes a spunk-pump... she has to deep-throat it. Our stud Kurt is going to test this theory out very first-arm, but very first he determines to steaming up on her super-sexy soles. Once he knows she can't wait any longer he gives her his enormous pink cigar to use as she observes fit.
Summer needs a superb nailing, and wants to have her soles worshiped. Her tiny vagina gets so moist when her toes are deep-throated and gobbled. Teddy does a fine job and gets a nice footjob after. They both get so revved on that they have to poke frantically on the sofa until Bear blows his flow all over Summer Carter's flawless soles.
Lexi has a Reality camera team following her around today, so she and Jennifer determine to switch their plans and spend the day in sofa attempting to weirdo out the sole-obsessed cameraman. Once they watch that they can't funk him off, they determine to give him a demonstrate to recall! The gals play around with some toe blowing, but before you can say "cut," Jennifer finds her vagina utter of Lexi's size 7s! Lexi and Jennifer don't stop there, tho; they want to taste each others' twats before packing them up with stimulating fucktoys from Lexi's personal bevy.
Lexi had a rock hard day at work and need her flesh and bones linger at home spouse to rubdown her soles. After a lil' light deep throating she makes him take his penis out so she can play with it with her flawless soles. Then he romps her cock-squeezing labia to climax before he splashes his blast all over her soles.
Ricco knows that there's only one way to get the joystick out of CeCe's palms when she's on a great run: a lil' toe kittling! It's the brilliant distraction, as she promptly substitutes her joystick with Ricco's! CeCe uses her forearms as well as her size 7.5s to make sure Ricco's prepped to play, then she opens up herself broad open for his meaty ebony boner. Once Ricco's sure she's had more than she can treat, he globs a phat explosion all over CeCe's soles!
Secret Agent Evan Stone and his courageous damsel-friend Jessie have just escaped from the gullet of death and need a way to burn off all of that adrenaline. Perhaps working on Jessie's toe dexterity could relief the pressure in the apartment? It takes only seconds for Agent Stone to realize that putting Jessie's size 8.5s in his facehole was a clever decision. Faster than he can say "007," Jessie is praying to get her gullet on some shaft. She's super-antsy to satisfy, and she also wants to watch that ample manhood vanish in her cock-squeezing labia. But can she treat it? Tune in and find out!
Kinky Nurse Nikki needs some individual time with her dearest physician, Doctor Eric. She's sensing frolic and the only cure to what's ailing her is a healthy dosage of tongue-on-foot. Eric is a superb provider, and thorough. But he wants to make sure Nikki gets the utter benefit of this approach and applies his jizz-shotgun to her size 7s as well as her gullet and gash. The naughty duo uses the exam table the way it was meant to be used, and ol' Doc Eric leaves Nurse Nikki with a sizzling blast on her toes before rushing off to his next patient!
Dane should have known finer: attempting to sneak in at the violate of dawn means that his gf Holly is going to have to do a fuckpole inspection! Has he been adultery on her? She'll be able to tell once she gets her size 8s on his manstick. Once she establishes his chastity, Holly finds that her stylish footwork has earned her a uber-cute, rock-hard humping. Since Dane has been such a excellent guy, she uses her soles to complete the job and gets her toes coated with morning dew!
Kendra and Jason have been super-hot for each other since they faced on set today. I could barely keep them apart. Kendra is pretty fresh to using her soles with lovemaking, but gets a footjob like a professional. It might help that Jason liked worshiping her toes and soles.
What do you do when you find your daughter's mate Bailey lying on your sofa in her undergarments when you appear from the bathroom? If you're Evan Stone, you do what comes naturally and you let her caress your pecs with her marvelous size 8's. Her nosey soles briefly find the growing bulge in Evan's towel. In no time Bailey has his salami swollen and his spirit willing, so he dives into her feet man rod very first and penetrates her soles like a champion. Bailey isn't content to stop there, tho; she wants that meaty spunk-pump in her cock-squeezing, youthfull gash and Evan is more than glad to accommodate her as lengthy as she comebacks the vag porking with generous amounts of sole play. Bailey takes a seat on top of Evan's man rod and juggles on it until he's prepared to lose his mind. Instead, he loses his stream all over her precious soles as she mildly massages his schlong with her toes! Nothing in life is free, however, and when the other boot globs, Evan is in for a surprise!
McKenzie and her spouse Glenn invite their supreme mate Evan over for dinner, but McKenzie has more on her mind than just puny converse; she wants to adultery her spouse! Frolicking footsie under the table with Evan won't be enough to sate her; she wants to pussyfoot with his schlong! She suggests a tasty chocolate dessert once her sissy spouse is out of the way; perhaps the white-hot feet of her soles will be more to Evan's enjoying? Just wait 'til you witness McKenzie juggling that wonderful dark-hued butt up and down on Evan's rod! Evan lays his own white pearly dessert down her adorable size 8's just in time for her spouse to come home and tidy up after the soiree's over!
Alia is persuaded her hubby Lee is adultery on her so she comes home early to attempt to catch him in the action. All she finds is a shame-met Lee attempting to lurk his secret sole fetish. Observing her spouse in such a defenseless place inspires Alia to let him play with her stunning size 9s. As Lee noms on her soles, Alia embarks sniggering and before lengthy she detects that toe inhaling is the ideal compliment to energetic ravaging. Once Lee globs his stream all over her soles, Alia confess to a secret fetish of her own!
Jay Taylor and Richie have rambled into a doctor's office and come down with a slight case of genre awareness! So, when you're on a pornography set, you do as pornography starlets do! Jay slides into a nurse's garb so she can address Richie's bad case of persistent schlong. The cure? Liberal doses of Jay's size 8s as well as the direct application of her brilliant honeypot to his pubes! Toe-curling shenanigans follow as Richie races to gargle his gargantuan blast all over Jay's waiting feet!
Hooo-stud, do I have a upbeat one for you today. Jessica Right is twenty one, stands five'six" and wears a size nine.five boot. Her soles are uber-cute despite the petite bunions on both. She's of German heritage, and she has the most strong, blue-green eyes. Maybe they view so powerful because of the fire searing behind them. You witness, Jessica's not your average porno lady. She has a precognitive sixth perceive. At least that's what she claims.
Mae is attempting to earn some additional money by camming for strangers on the 'net. Her roomie Anthony interrupts a personal display and wonders if she'd be up for a lil' help making her rent. Well, of course she would! Anthony dives right in, insanely fellating on her toes. There's no stopping Mae once she gets her size six.5s on his penis; she wants the entire package, and she wants it deep in her poon! Anthony gives her cootchie a romping she won't leave behind before he ultimately unleashes a meaty flow of jism all over her pretty soles!
It's not everyday that you have an chance to meet the rap starlet of your cravings. That's why besties Karina and Heather are so thrilled! All they have to do is prove that they are indeed down for anything to the excursion chief. Would they be willing to deepthroat on each other's soles to get backstage? Hell, yeah! Heather won't stop at the instep, tho'. To secure her alone time with a rap vet, she's willing to gargle on Karina's size 8s as well as her acquaintance's fuckbox. There's no stopping these ladies!
Japanese masseuse, Evan-san, informs Tristan that all agony comes from the soles so he must focus on her size 8s. After a great lubricating-up, Evan-san applies the Japanese beef whistle approach; the ancient Japanese secret, it turns out, is to apply Japanese dick to delicate feet. Following this is some brutish deep tissue adjustments to Tristan's vulva and a generous portion of secret sauce to her sensitive feet!
Bailey likes to get humped, and Kurt likes to bang! They are both so revved on that they can't keep their arms or her soles to themselves. Kurt does a good job idolizing her toes and throating every inch. She gives him an extraordinaire footjob before they determine to pulverize. Then Kurt sploogs his geyser all over the tops of her soles just like you studs have been begging for.
Marina has a enthusiasm for Jason and his gigantic dark-hued fuckpole. She wants to witness that prick jerked inbetween her pretty lil' soles. But she wants to watch him adore those toes very first. This smallish Latina gets penetrated rock hard until Jason blows his geyser all over her brilliant tiny soles.
Amia Moretti is a inborn born taunt. She's legitimate years old and still in high college. When her mate Tiffany heads away on vacation, she sets out to entice her beau Mikey. He attempts to fight back. But with Amia jiggling her super-cute, teen toes in your face, what can you do? Those size 7.five's are super ticklish, so at least Mikey gets some vengeance. But in the end his lollipop can't stand against that lil' teenaged snatch or those delicate, puckered feet, and he finishes up spilling his jelly all over them.
Being a stripper isn't effortless! Just ask Esperanza; those enormous high-heeled slippers she wears are killing her soles. Accordingly, she takes her aching size 7s to witness the superb Dr. Lee. This is lucky for Esperanza, as Dr. Lee has an experimental knob-based technology that he's been dying to attempt out. All Esperanza has to do is let Dr. Lee give her an utterly porking exam; once she has his medicinal geyser on her feet, she'll be prepared to hop back onstage and get back to work!
What could be nicer than a complimentary rubdown at the local Indian casino? Chloe finds out the joy way when her masseur Evan offers her the deluxe package: his deluxe package! Evan embarks at Chloe's killer six.5s and leisurely makes his way up to her waiting honeypot! She gets the total approach from Evan's peace rod and her pleas for rain are answered when he lets out a sultry tsunami all over Chloe's feet!
Jesse and Walter made the sickest batch of meth in Arizona history. Too bad Lydia just offed Mr. Milky, and is prepared to take out Jesse too. She makes him munch the meth off her toes, and the side effect is his weenie embarks pulsating and she wants it
Never one to do things halfway, Evan determines to give his sensational damsel pal a lil' something additional for Valentine's Day: a cool Cupid dance finish with bow and arrow. Sadly, she dreamed cool, not cheesy. Fighting to play catch up, he spurts to his knees and smooches her adorable size six.five's. This seems to do the trick, because it's not lengthy before he's pushing his device into her taut lil' cell! His ultimate V-day bounty for her? A milky ribbon of baby batter laid delicately via her fantastic crimson toes!
Evan has a problem, and it's one that only his psychotherapist Rhianna can help him with. His dread of being crushed by luxurious soles is debilitating, but Rhianna thinks a course of systematic desensitization may be the only reaction. She has Evan liquidate her boots so she can apply her scholarly size 7s to his pulsing full salute. To help put him farther at relief, she determines to sit on his manmeat and go for a rail. The therapy seems to be a success; Evan's dread of soles seems to vanish fully by the time he paints her toes with his spooge. In fact, he has to proceed his therapy to address his fresh sole fetish!
Evan is sad about our bleak future. Successful for him Coco knows just how to cheer him up. Her soles have a magic effect on him and before he knows it his throat is all around her soles and his blues have faded. Once his chisel is rock hard; she strokes it with her ideal soles, and he shoots a load all over her soles and face.
Ember has a tiny surprise for Eric! She's snuck into his office and unwrapped down for a tiny Afternoon Elation! Is there time for a lil' sole play inbetween clients? Observing as Eric can't stand against the view of Ember's size 7s, it's safe to say that it's go time! But how could Eric be hoped to stop at a lil' toe deep-throating? Neither of these frolic paramours will be glad until Ember's feet are glazed with a large cover of batter!
When the tall blond Victoria Milky chances a view over Mikey's shoulder as he "writes," she can't help but notice the sole fetish porno on his screen. Realizing they share an affinity for sole-related joy, she impatiently lets him adore her soles with his gullet. Not well-prepped to stop there, Mikey studies the space (and odor!) inbetween her toes with his tongue, eliciting some titters from Victoria. Already humid from Mikey's tongue, Victoria comes back the favor by wanking his weenie with her size 8.five soles until his swollen instrument is prepared to ravage her innards. Observing his contraption slip in and out of her shining cootchie is impressive, but it doesn't even come close to the website of witnessing his thick blast as it coats her soles and leisurely cascades down to her engorged lips!
What do you do when you have a super ticklish female on set? Well, Katie knows exactly what to do and that's to get in close for a taste test on Lily's ticklish size 7s! While Lily writhes and laughs, Katie does her hottest to get her tongue on every square inch of those pretty soles! Then everything gets a tiny ultra-kinky as both dolls get into a cunt-playing, foot-gobbling lezzie-palooza! These nasty women aren't going to be sated until every inch of their bods has been ate!
Onyx luvs having her soles adored. Her beau Jason is more than blessed to deep-throat and eat her pretty toes. He knows if he does a excellent job she will wrap those toes around his rigid ebony trouser snake and give him a footjob, and maybe that pretty tiny beaver too. After they boink in all different ways, Jason blows his stream all over her wonderful soles.
Ol' Doctor Tom seems to have the brilliant prescription when it comes to dealing with back agony, and that prescription includes the generous application of beef whistle to sole. In this case, Jessa's adorable size six.5s. And Jessa could not be any more satisfied about that! She's so appreciative in fact, that she can't help hopping on Tom's man rod and railing him for all she's worth! All Jessa asks is that Tom make sure every droplet of his jizm is left on her feet when she's done!
Dakota has to get her dude off the phone. She determines the finest way is to lure him in is with her flawless lil' soles. When she gets his attention it's time for him to idolize her pretty toes. She then strokes his pulsating stiffy with her mild feet and they drill until he blows his flow all over her mammary milky feet.
Megan is a audition agent. In the course of doing her job, she witnesses a lot of craptastic wanna-bes, but none have perplexed her fairly like Evan. When he realizes his warbling won't win him on spot on the screen, he offers to kittle her size 8.5s with his tongue. And his beef whistle. Megan seems open to the idea, to the point where the footjob she's providing has to be interrupted by her hopping on his hard-on for a truly rigid rail. Will Evan get the role after his Oscar-worthy spectacle? It may come down to the size of the stream he droplets on her toes...
Coach Tex couldn't help noticing a uber-sexy siren suspending around outside his football experience facility. He calls over his starlet quarterback Evan to check out the nude soles she's showcasing off. Enamored of her sleek size 8s, the couple determine to take her up to Coach's individual apartment for a exercise she won't leave behind. Evan commences with some sole adoring, but it's not lengthy before the trousers come off and the starlet QB glides his fuckpole in Adrian's impatient cunt. Evan gives her a tough exercise and finds himself weakened. Adrian is more than blessed to complete off her fatigued fucking partner with her soles, as lengthy as she gets a taste of that yummy jism in the end!
Scanty Kimberly has strike some rigid times. Her minivan has battered down and the last thing she wants to do is to walk to the mall! Fortunately for her, her mechanic Mikey excels at 2 things: minivan maintenance and sole care. In lieu of charging for his work, he is more than glad to let her work it off with her soles, jaws and fuckbox. Kimberly isn't timid; she wants to rail that phat manmeat all over her bedroom! Hopefully she'll be prepped for the 3-day blast Mikey is prepared to spurt on those pretty size 9s!
Times are harsh, even for pretty ladies like Megan. When she finds herself brief on rent money, she attempts to work out a bartering system with her roomy Marco. Maybe if she offers her size 8s up to him he could let the rent glide this month? Yes? Well, what kind of deal could she get for a footjob? Or a fellatio? Once she tastes Marco's penis, tho', she wants to go for a rail on it! Marco is blessed to give her one; so blessed, in fact, that he needs to droplet a gigantor blast all over her pretty soles when he's done!
Raven is the fresh maid. Her tasks seem ordinary enough, cleaning the counters, do the windows, and neat Gracie Glam's perspiring soles with her facehole. This turns the gals on so much that they stir on to pulverizing each other right on the kitchen counter. Raven is well-prepped to flash just how rock-hard she will put in to working her tongue all over Gracie, and Gracie is blessed to display Raven how an accomplished can neat a sole and a muff, too.
There aren't many excellent doll drummers out there and Casi wants to make her mark. Her drum teacher Evan thinks she would be nicer off using her size 7s on his chisel and not the drum set. It turns out that Casi is rather endowed when it comes to jacking a penis with her soles; it's time for the real lesson to start! Evan presents Casi's vag to some rhythmic trouser snake exercises before ultimately ripping off his stream all over her feet.
Youthfull and cocky Katerina Kay is more than prepared to have her toes suked on and gobbled. It makes her tiny vag so humid that she needs to be packed with salami, but not before she can wrap those toes around a rigid beef whistle to give a footjob. After her soles are raw enough from being gargled on, she strokes that bone, then inserts it in her humid vag. She needs to sense his fountain explosion all over her lil' toes.
Sean loves the doll sweat-soaked, so Cameron is doing leaping milks in her tennis boots. After the work out he takes her boots off and gobbles her sweat-soaked soles tidy before smashing her cooter all different ways. She pleads him to jizm on her pretty feet so she can play with the spunk. She can't wait till her next exercise!
AJ is having a fresh alarm system installed in her building today. She doesn't think the gringo doing the work will understand when she converses litter about him in Spanish, but said gringo is no dork. His feelings are hurt and he wants some additional compensation for his emotional pressure. She's willing to go along with this plan as lengthy as it completes with him showering her fleshy size 9s with attention as well as seed. He gladfully pounds her soles before jamming it in her cock-squeezing coochie. AJ rails his dick to happiness and offers up her puckered feet for a adorable ginormous blast as a way for her to say, "Gracias!"
It's raunchy being an all-night soiree female! When Zoey gets home from a lengthy night at the clubs, all she wants is a tiny enjoy for her sore 8.5s! Successful for her, Marcus is just the right sole aficionado for the job! Once Zoey has her soles in Marcus's gullet, it sets off a chain response that can't be stopped: Marcus is going to give her an early morning exercise that can only end in Zoey's jism-frosted feet!
It's another boring afternoon in Los Angeles until Chad gets a text from Gigi. It seems she's looking for a building call; she needs her size six.5s groped down decent. Not one to pass up an chance, Chad speeds over to Gigi's palace and offers up some jummy ease. Gigi is more than blessed to lie back as Chad uses his magic thumbs on her feet. Shortly, he's gargling on her soles and she's pleading for a taste of his pulsing trouser snake. Always impatient to satisfy, he lets her taste it before submerging it deep inwards her cock-squeezing cunny. Chad's ending knead? A sizzling protein approach for her toes. Just what the doctor ordered!
Marvelous homemaker Lana seems to have forgotten that she had an date with effete fresh home decorator Dane. He's got a lot of superb ideas for her bedroom's color scheme, but even finer ideas for her sleek, broad, size six soles! He determines to break out his Soles Shui on her; by channeling his Chi through his tongue and onto her soles, he can bring out the super-naughty tigress inwards. She's more than willing to ditch her undies and pounce on his rock-stiff penis when she senses that very first gobble. His very first idea for renovation? Redecorating her soles with a healthy blast of jism!
French neo-impressionist artist Evan is working with bare model Chi Chi today. And, as lengthy as Chi Chi keeps her socks on her size 7s, there shouldn't be any problem with errant erections. Chi Chi has other ideas, tho'! She doffs her socks and sends Evan into a sole madness, much to the sensation of both the artist and his muse. When Evan is done painting the bottoms of Chi Chi's feet, he's left her with a work of art that Jackson Pollack himself would be proud of!
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