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Caprice is quivering with desire. She is feeling shivers deep inside of her. It is all because of the skilful fingers that play over her waiting body. Therea??s not long spent in waiting. She cannot hold back when she is caressed deep inside. As soon as that storm subsides it is time for the next one to build up. This time it is even more overwhelming for her. Her moans of longing become more and more insistent. She has to experience every tremor of her fever through to its climax.Come to me and I will cum with you -  she said. Then she waited in her apartment for her closest friend to arrive. She surrendered herself on the bed, oiled and ready. This was what her friend had promised her and she was eager to feel every sensation. The lingering caresses of her legs and her firm ass were all she had longed for. When she felt those strong fingers inside her pussy she could not hold out any longer. Her whole body shook with desire as she cummed again and again.Through the ages the penis has been honoured and worshipped. Now we see exactly what this means. And it is absolutely clear why it arouses such strong feelings of desire. The petite Japanese worshipper gives a whole new meaning to the phrase Whole body massage as she uses all of herself to honour the man. This ground-breaking film lingeringly explores the contrast between the soft delicacy of the feminine and the rock-hard firmness of the masculine.Thats not an easy phrase to get a hold of. The real lingam is very hard too. But she gets to grips with it. Soon she has it in hand. Plenty of oil makes it easy. Her fingers slide everywhere that a man is most sensitive. She moves from base to tip. She is sometimes firm and sometimes playful. Always she makes sure she brings him nearer to fulfillment. At last he can hold it in no longer. The outcome is spectacular. When it comes to massage, she is right on the ball.Come and watch Silvie as she receives an intimate pussy massage that she will never forget! SilvieТs unshaven pussy is expertly caressed and massaged, sending ripples of pleasure through her lithe, naked body.  You can pick up some tips for yourself on how to create prolonged pleasure for your partner or you can simply relax and enjoy the experience as Silvie does.Who knows the hidden ways to pleasure a young woman who is discovering the depths of her passion? Who better to find those secret routes than another girl who shares those same intimate longings? This masseuse shows in her own way her desire to be as close as possible. Her naked breasts are a signal. She too is willing to bare her inmost impulses. At first she is content to rub her friend with the oil that trickles into her ass. Soon both of them want more. That has to be passionate attention to all the intricate details of her gleaming lips. In return the masseuse too receives lingering caresses. It all builds to the startling climax.Tantric Goddess Zana performs an intimate and erotic Yoni massage on Silvie. Massage of the Yoni (pussy) enables a woman to reach heightened states of sexual arousal and regain connection with her sacred female power. Tantra expert Zana performs this massage naked herself and takes Silvie to a whole new level of pleasure.A new dimension for Hegre-Art. There has never been such an arousing yet tender massage of a man on film as this. As she starts with a slow, slow oiling of his body - legs, thighs and beyond - his manhood responds to her caresses. The more he is fondled by the enchanted masseuse, the more the film reveals each stage of his arousal. You'll wonder how long he can hold back his excitement - and how long you can - before the explosive eruption.Experience the ancient sexual techniques of Tantric massage in this erotic film featuring a male client. Performed by our in-house masseuse Zana, a highly experienced Tantric Goddess from Hungary, this explicit film was shot in Paris. Zana take you through a full Tantric Massage session featuring all the sacred rituals such as Bonding, Tantric Play and Yoni/Lingam gazing. This is a unique opportunity to watch a complete Tantric Massage.Interview with Zana about tantra massage.Imagine a beautiful girl. Imagine her body as your playground. Thats the paradise which is hers to take. Her girlfriend stretches out on the bed, willing and submissive. Its time for the long, slow massage to begin. Now she can explore every detail of her friends oiled body. Hands alone are not enough to show the strength of their desire for each other. It is so much better to use breasts for tender stroking. Their loving encounter reveals the secrets of girl and girl intimacy.When she wants to freshen up, there are no half measures for her. The bottom line for this girl is that she craves deep fingering of her ass. Then she will be ready to welcome the warm full bottle. She raises her ass eagerly. It quivers when the drops of oil prepare the way. Thats just for openers. The exploring fingers of the masseur have an extra special way of preparing for what is to come. Long, deep and slow is the way to this girls heart. Its ass-kicking action all the way.On a recent visit to Barcelona Yanna felt like a bit of pampering and called up a male masseur to her hotel room.  YannaТs body certainly responds to this erotic touch. Her pussy juices start flowing as she is caressed repeatedly for a very satisfying massageЕ  We guess there are plenty of volunteers who would swap places with the masseur!In this video, filmed in a Parisian clinic Anna receives an all-over, top to toe body massage to soothe mind, body and spirit. Sensually working on soothing and relaxing Anna, the masseuse expertly massages her entire body including her most intimate areas. Pick up a few massage tips for yourself or simply enjoy these soothing scenes and the view of AnnaТs perfect body.This is a first! The masseur steps naked into the limelight to give himself and his client a shudderingly thrilling experience. So who is the star of the show? You decide. He is totally in control. He moves with professional skill from the slow oiling and rubbing all over to the ever more intimate stroking of lips and clitoris - and beyond. We can see the proof that he is moved by their experience. Finally she must reach the longed-for climax and hold back no longer. Her triumphant smile says it all.Join gorgeous Erica as she receives the ultimate pussy massage and pick up a few tips for your own repertoire. Learn the secrets to giving an extended erotic pussy massage. Erica is teased to heightened states of pleasure over and over by her expert Tantric masseuse. And with lingering shots of skilled hands caressing EricaТs clitoris and slipping slowly in and out of EricaТs oiled, wet pussy youТll reach new levels of viewing pleasure too.  Enjoy this ultra-hot film and feel your own pleasure rising.There's nothing like jumping straight in at the deep end, and as the film starts Erica reveals that this is her first ever massage! Erica receives a slow massage with steady, gentle stroking movements. And you have the opportunity to be a fly on the wall and watch a naked, young model being caressed all over. The final shot of Erica'??s beautiful, serene, flushed face proves that she loved her first time!Silvie goes for the ultimate in pleasure. She is wide open to new sensations. For this she must be well oiled. It is lavished on her waiting body everywhere that the masseuse can reach. Her ass especially is given maximum attention and what a superb ass it is when it gleams and drips. Very soon she is more than ready to welcome the hand of the masseuse reaching deep within her. She lies on her front revealing her delicious ass and on her back with her legs drawn right up. Again and again she welcomes the exploring fingers.Clover climbs aboard for the journey of a lifetime. It's a roller coaster ride.From the moment she gets on to her favourite gyno chair she's quivering with expectation. What will the hour to come bring? It's certain is that there will be amazing scenes along the way. She gets up speed quickly when her pretty ass gets the attention it deserves. She takes off into a world of non-stop pleasure powered by probing fingers.This is the place where she yearns to come again and again.When these two gorgeous girls got together, their imagination ran wild. It was only meant to be a gentle massage. They thought it was just to be one girl stroking another. They did not realise the strength of their desires. The heat built up. Maybe it was the way she stroked her frienda??s ass that got them both so carried away. It could have been them squeezing each othera??s nipples. Pleasure piled on pleasure until finally the longed for climax exploded. Then they lay satisfied at last in each others arms.Eastern style massage celebrates the delights of the body. The lingering strokes expertly explore all the pleasures that a young girl can experience. Yoko surrenders herself to the skilled caresses she is about to receive. Every part of her body is waiting for the tender attention of the masseuse. In close up detail we can see how intimately Yoko receives pleasure. To bring herself to new peaks of delight, Yoko lies outstretched so that she is totally open to more fondling. Her secret folds and hidden places are opened. She is led willingly to the climax that she longsfor.Dominika is already smouldering. Soonshe is on fire. From the moment that Dominika arches her body over the towel there is only one way to go. Her legendary lips are the first to receive a fondling from exploring fingers. Her   is ready and waiting. She wont be disappointed there. Her stiff nipples are the proof of that. The spark has been lit. All her most intimate parts become a rich deep red as her hot blood pumps faster. Then the flames of desire swallow her up.They say you never forget your first time. That is so true for her. She often wondered what it would be like to take massage to the next level. What would it feel like if the wandering hands would stroke her waiting ass? How would it be if those fingers opened her lips? What would she do if the fingers slipped deep inside her? How soon would it be before she climaxed? Most of all, how would she feel if it was another woman that was doing all this to her? Now she has all the answers.This breathtaking film features French model Amandine receiving an intimate pussy massage. Watch as Amandine is taken on a journey of ecstasy by a topless masseuse, experiencing an involuntary and very real orgasm! After the massage, Amandine frankly discusses the experience of receiving an orgasm from another female. She chats about her own sex life and, unable to contain herself, masturbates to orgasm again!German Masseuese Basia is a lifestyle dominatrix, tattoo artist and bondage performer! This is no gentle massage - DominikaТs large pussy lips are roughly rubbed and her vagina forcefully penetrated by BasiaТs fingers Ц just as Dominka likes it! Massage of the clitoris and G-Spot is a fine art and when applied expertly the results can be explosive. And they certainly were for Dominika who experiences an authentic and loud orgasm!Sometimes your luck is in. It is for her. She has got three in a row. This is the moment every player dreams of. Ita??s time for the big pay-out. After the suspense of the build-up there is the thrill when you hear the rush. Its all getting released. Lingering caresses of her hidden folds prepared the way. Firm grip on her nipple pushed her further towards a climax. Confident fingers explored inside and around her. Shuddering orgasms sweep over her again and again. Every one is a winner.Filmed in a Parisian clinic Silvie receives a full body massage, designed to leave her feeling good all over. Laid out nude on the massage table, full bush and lithe long limbs on display Silvie is transported to a place of total relaxation. Pick up some tips to improve your own massage technique or simply relax and enjoy these soothing scenes of a beautiful model being caressed from top to toe.Welcome to the Hotel Catalunya. The staff here put your pleasure first. Caprice has very personal needs that have to be catered for. Luckily for her, the masseuse understands completely what she wants. She starts with lingering teasing strokes along CapriceТs feet and legs. These turn into intimate fondling of her perfect ass. The excitement builds irresistibly. Caprice surrenders to it again and again. This is service that exceeds expectations. You wonТt want to check out.Shot in a grand cabana on a white sandy beach in a naturist resort in Tulum Mexico, Brigi receives an authentic Mayan massage performed by a local female therapist. BrigiТs is caressed all over with soothing oily strokes. This is followed up with a flower bath - an intimate cleansing ritual in a huge wooden log tub as Brigi soaks her skin amongst the petals. Soft hands touch BrigiТs sun warm skin in the shades of the cabanaТs white sails.Filmed in a stunning beach-side location on the Thai island of Ko Samui, this film features four stunning models. The massages take place in a white cabana, with the warmth of the sun on naked skin, the sound of the ocean rolling in the background and the scent of flowers in the air. Simply viewing these sublime scenes will help to iron out the strains and stresses of your day.
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