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Kick Ass Teens Videos

In this day and age, youthful gals, prepared to hop the gun, start exercising teenage energy well before they're even in their teenagers. Of course a few of them are residing in homes for unwed mothers, but those are the cracks. Smart beyond her years, Anna waited until she was a ripe old legal before she commenced stretching her gams. After that, it was pretty effortless for her to seek the companionship of aging rock starlets with hairweaves but with slew of drugs to share and money to burn. Thusly, Anna advises temperance and approaching teenager force with a solid game plan. Unluckily, she doesn't parlay any of those tips in this movie pin. Because skill restricted close to the vest, after all, is strength.
That old bag with the semi-saggy come hither face, husky calves and super-sexy soles sitting alone in the coffee shop looked like honest game. That, is, until the high college stupid with the carbonated eyes walked in. The choice would have been ridiculously effortless. You'd have gone for the sure-thing, considering that you haven't been laid in the last 5 years. Instead, you went for the Teenager Energy doll, however can't say as we blame ya. And, like the wheel of fortune, your number didn't come up and wouldn't have come up, no matter how many shifts. You can rationalize the sad fact by saying yourself that Teenage Strength damsels are either attracted to Bohemian cafe poets, Elvis impersonators or carnival operators. Doesn't matter because nice damsels like Taylor Sands will gobble you alive with their momentum. That's why we suggest them for glance-witnesses on the download. We call it the safe harbor principle. Wank off loosely, knowing that your heart won't be cut out of your pecs - unless you get too close to the screen.
Those chasing blue eyes. That uber-sexy chubby caboose. The splendid Brit accent. Yes, one could say that teenage crevice Sophie Dee has it all. Or nearly everything. The one thing she doesn't have (yet) is the rock-firm shaft of an Italian footballer tucked rigidly in her velvet box. But when you have Teenage Strength in spades like killer Sophie does, there isn't any mountain too high or any rod too phat; she'll get what she wants in the end. And in the face...
Put it this way. When you've got Teenager Energy you can have a brain like an uncooked pork roast, and dudes will find your company exhilarating, your conversation mentally vibing. When you've got Teenager Intensity you can be bipolar, have Petit Mal brain seizures, and men will think the brutal witness-eyed of your emotions when you all of a sudden make a grasp for the kitchen knife is nicely lovely. Fellows will also detect that dating a woman with Teenager Intensity is like driving a leisurely accelerating car into a brick wall. Even with a totaled car, the Teenager Energy honey detects her meeting will laugh it off and think it's joy. How does a female get Teenager Energy? We might offer listening to the advice of Kitten Marie tho' the suggestion is to keep the volume low, lest the helium in her voice fills your lungs and you become a Thanksgiving Day parade balloon. Even so, it'll be joy.
Teenage Energy, a fertile and mighty musk, is the odor of the fullness and ripeness of youth. Being on Teenage Energy is to make your blood super-fucking-hot and fragrant in your veins and have the capability to make dudes do doofy things to curry your favor. No wonder the Brit-born Poppy Morgan's named after the source of one of the world's most beloved recreational substances. You'd think Poppy were on it the way she thigh jumps around in this flick. On Teenager Energy, Poppy could hop all day and her damsel parts would still odor like perfume and soap. mummies can't get away with that. After 10 minutes of brisk calisthenics, they're faces commence looking like museums and their bod parts reminding you of the catch of the day. Whereas to deep-throat the fumes of Poppy's Teenager Intensity bootie is to sigh the essence of gardenias. Make your choice.
Not to be bewildered with Murray the K, the fifth Beetle, Denise K is of a entire different generation whose avant garde sexual experiences would shock and astound swingers from the Sixties. Not to mention the fact that Denise with her exquisite hips looks pretty fine in a pair of cock-squeezing lil' cut-offs. So let's commence with that. A cultural historian, Denise, being of the highly sound opinion that chicks should sundress [and undress] to tempt dudes, can't assets what all that Mod, mini mini-skirt and go-go footwear bullshit was about. Instead, Denise believes that the sooner a guy has his arms on your nude bootie, a lady can commence exercising Teenager Energy and acquiring the things she wants in life. Denise has many such ideal thoughts on the subject and is all too willing to share them in this flick tweak. That fact that you're even eyeing it at all, proves another aspect of Teenager Intensity.
With or sans the utter teenager regalia on, lovely Aubrey Banks is a exceptional chunk of bootie. Paralyzed by mind numbing zeal, fellows thru the ages have struggled wars over this kind of teenager rosy pucker, and it's effortless to watch why. Personally, we'd delve deep into our bank accounts just so we could pull Aubrey's pinkish undies down and play with her delectable rump cheeks, wedging our thumbs inbetween her tastey smelling violate. But struggle a war? We doubt it. In battle, folks lose bod parts and often come home sans their knobs. And who among us wants to witness some red-hot, teenager empowered gal like Aubrey standing in the doorway, total of the odor of youthful untested enjoy and not be able to do anything about it? Meditate on this thought for a 2nd as you imagine Aubrey's knee socks gliding down her gams unsheathing her shapely calves and gorgeous soles. Is teenage strength worth buying the mansion and ranch over? Then, again, if Aubrey is sending us off to battle after a rough session of total bare cheerleading, real estate has its possibilities.
At age 60, the perennially young Nadia Styles would most likely still have Teenage Intensity coursing thru her veins. Then, again, that would no doubt make her a vampire and just as likely to fellate your blood as your fuckpole. But why dwell on those uneasy particulars as lengthy as she keeps her teeth neat and breath not smelling like a crypt? Being an accomplished in such matters as making the optimum use of stupid-enlargened charisma, Nadia dons a poor clothing and dances restlessly as the camera grows doofy with infatuation for her. Having straddled the supreme line of common feel, intelligence and youthfull fuck-fest attractiveness, Nadia is no longer prone to run off with carnival barkers at their whimsy and say-so. Which means Teenager Intensity is not wasted on her, we're glad to report.
Here's a sad fact of life. By the time a boy completely appreciates teenager energy and can exploit it with his own socio-economic intensity and financial resources, his stiffy has become wearied, existential and is often too preoccupied with copyright infringement lawsuits to spring into act. Whereas a dame brimming with the fullness of teen zest can simply go barefoot, slide into a pair of cut off cut-offs, leap up and down on a cage spring like a wank rabbit with a firecracker in its arse and activity foolish. Nymphs with teenager strength want for, or dread nothing. There's no tomorrow waiting to nibble them in their nice arse, and their todays are often coated by some sap with a blank check. Sure, Lexi looks alive and carefree. Why shouldn't she? She's most likely never been transferred a subpoena or badgered on the phone by some powerhouse attorney named Mr. Berkowitz urging her to call back as briefly as possible. Teenage strength is about hopes and promises and carefree days. So you think dolls with it would stretch their gams more often? Who are we kidding?
Loretta Ebony lost her innocence at the youthfull age of 14, just when Teenager Force starts taking root in a youthfull chick's psyche. Not telling that we're nosey to practice it for ourselves, but the perceive of a guy's molten, dribbling meatpipe must be something else for a chick who's just be weaned off bicycles and is now hitching potentially perilous rails with strangers. Loretta's from Chicago so, thinking is, she got slew of practice in that madcap venture department. As a Teenage Force player, Loretta's urban education comes in heavy comfortable. So it stands to reason that she's able to provide her sisters with meaningful advice in the Teenage Intensity guerilla arts. Most importantly, it's about finding a sugar father and not wasting your time on bozos lengthy on story but brief on bankroll. After all, you can only be ultra-cute for so lengthy, and one of those rails might end up in an alley.
If Teenager Intensity had a defining poster nymph it would be Kinzie Kenner. She's ultra-kinky, adorable, mischievous and well-skilled in the art of manipulating fellows. Kenzie knows the score all right. She tells fellows what they want to hear and showcases them what they want to witness. For example, in this flick clamp, Kenzie's wearing a t-top that says "School" yet a swift view at her academic resume will display that the only institution she's ever graduated from is Traffic College. While this might bother some sticklers for accuracy, most men with a furious rigid-on will let matters slip and not call her on the carpet. Knowing this, Kenzie with a well positioned snigger, flirtatious eyeball and a hint of pussy violate will thrust as many buttons as she can get away with. Predictably, you will let her. For this is Teenager Intensity.
What some femmes know about Teenager Strength they've read in books or seen on the History Channel. Happy with genes and a trunk structure that won't abandon, Aurora Snow, luckily, is not one of those. So the fine guess, is, Aurora could be dispensing Teenage Energy wisdom and advice, like she is here, till the day she collects her very first Social Security check [and getting away with still being cute]. Even with that, frankly, it's a day we're not reveling or anticipating. It sounds rather shallow to say, but capture the Teenage Energy women when they're youthfull, and when their pert, relatively untried poopers odor like the bloom of a floral bouquet and not unrefrigerated seafood.
Encountering the grim inescapable is one of those rock-hard facts of life. For a girl in the advancing MUMMY stage, it's the realization that a veneer smile with the sink into a faint, vacuous promise of romp no longer gets a gullible gentleman to open doors and pay the bills. She's gonna have to cough up. Jug for a tattoo, if you will. Not so with Teenage Intensity, and the way Sasha Knox experiences it. Ultra-Cute Sasha still has that youthful nymph scent going inbetween her gams, and when she farts, her tiny toadies laugh uproariously and don't bother to reach for the gas max or open the car window. You can get away with a lot of bullshit when Teenage Strength's working for you. The bottoms of your soles sight great and boys will pay to play with your booty knowing that it doesn't seep. Maybe Sasha will be one of the successful ones and not have to wear a diaper. We'll watch.
Teenage Intensity was found out when the very first cavewoman menstruated. It wasn't pretty, and fellow had yet to develop his snuffling powers to the very complicated degree now liked to indeed appreciate what was going on. Granted, the word "sophistication" rules out the all-over-the-place dance Kat performs for you in this video pinch, but this is another way Teenager Intensity has evolved. Don't view at us, we're just delivering the message. If you're entranced, even infatuated by this performance, then Teenage Force has worked its incomprehensible Mojo upon you. If, on the other mitt, you find all this nonsensical and a finish waste of time, you're most likely wearing a ring of garlic around your neck and are impervious to vampires as well. Should that be the case, our advice is to think of the alternative - an old gal with false teeth and cedar closet breath gumming your nut sack. Then you'll appreciate Teenage Strength.
Women who have the most success with Teenage Intensity are the ones who view youthfull and harmless enough to get carded for a carton of milk. Or, as a proud hicktown dad or uncle might say, "She sure looks purty with them braces on." Which is pretty much where the mental conditioning of Teenage Strength gets its commence- it's nurtured from the cradle and is encouraged shamelessly thru grade college and middle college. The corporal conditioning part is something else. It begins with fine genes and diet [like guzzling that carton of milk] and is predicated on the idea that your hair doesn't start to fall out at an early age because you're dealing with annoying things like chemo. It gets complex, truly. But Phoebe is one of those successful women who gets to use Teenager Energy often to her advantage. Listen to her words of wisdom.
The delightful Cassie Youthfull is a prime, Grade A rib of beef on any stud's hearty menu. Clothed and acting, according to the dictums of Teenager Strength, tho, she's beyond that- Cassie's a magnetic sexual lore that Parisian lords, Italian aristocrats and Yankee mobsters would find firm to stand against, yet, would action highly stupidly and insecure around. Such boys, rather than risk out and out rejection, would cut out the middle stud and pay handsomely to have Cassie's ripe, delicious donk planted on their faces. And Cassie would behave accordingly. When dudes with that tingle in their nuts and weight in their wallets come on to her, Cassie knows exactly what to do. She dons the mask of a confused cheerleader, acting oblivious to the sexual innuendo. Don't be fooled. It's part of the intricate Teenager Strength strategem designed for larger and nicer paydays.
There's a story told about the time in a posh Italian restaurant when a dyslexic beau ordered a dose of Alicia Alighatti with marinara. But that story isn't told here because Alicia, after finding out the wonders of Teenager Energy, was able to squirt the beau for a well heeled dyslexic dude buddy who bought said restaurant. We're not gonna kid ya. Teenage Strength and its magnetic capability to attract money and fellows with slew of it, also requires a girl at times to pamper in immature, nonsensical demeanor conformed up with a babbling speed-chat that would rate a ticket on most California freeways. No threat to the memory of Winston Churchill and the English language, Alicia complies a flawless instance in this movie as she punches her stilettos, celebrates the envious glories of youth and gives advice to the lovelorn. Oh, you may laugh, but consider this. Alicia might not be able to spell BMW, but tomorrow she's going to pluck cash down on the fresh B3 S Biturbo, put on some cutoffs and get a speeding ticket on one of the California freeways. She'll be able to converse her way out of it, however. Teenage Intensity has a way.
No relation to Yogi Berra, Aaralyn Barra, nevertheless, is just as quotable. Seen here in a "Teenage Strength" flick segment, Aaralyn says it's finer to love the fruits of youth when you're youthful than when you're old. We couldn't agree more, particularly when the ol' gash commences smelling like a bad basket of fuzzy strawberries, your hair's falling out in clumps from all the dye jobs, and you wake up in the morning to 300 humps of dude lard sleeping next to you. Granted, he's paying the rent, but, still, you have to put up with his foul, perspiring arse aroma. Expert in the ways of the world, Aaralyn is barely one to give it away, so the fact that you're observing her lending a passionate figure-baring spectacle on the relative cheap is a infrequent handle truly. That's because Aaralyn learned one thing from Teenager Strength- sundress to arouse a dude's high college butt dreams and make sure he knows a supreme bail bondsman. Just in case.


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