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Milfs Like it Big Videos

While his mum's away on a tour, a mysterious MUMMY comes by Michael's mansion to catch up with her mate. Until his mother gets back, Veronica Avluv's going to have to drape out with the guy of the building instead. He attempts to play it stellar while they converse, but he can't keep his eyes off the hefty bra-stuffers spilling out of her bosom. The only thing Michael finds out for sure about this guest is that she likes to plow.
In all his years as a food critic, Johnny Sins has never had to review a diner as bad as The Chatty Spoon. In fact, the slop they conformed up was so pathetic, Johnny embarked to think it must be a frost for some other biz. When his waitress Joslyn James invited him into the Shower to get his forearms on her secret menu, it all embarked to make feel. He hurried into the rear to get his pack poking that Mummy waitress's muff, and striped her face with a phat explosion of jizm.
Keiran Lee wants to pound his gf Nadia Capri, but she's concerned her buxom Chinese stepmom Kianna Dior is going to get home before they get a opportunity to finsish. But Keiran promises to lick her labia just the way she enjoys, so the kinky tiny tart embarks deep throating and boning Keiran's meaty bone, step mother or no step mother! Wouldn't you know it, Kianna barges in right as Keiran is nut sack deep in her step daughter! At very first Kianna is angry as hell, but as briefly as she feasts her eyes on Keiran's large shaft, she leaves behind all her fury and droplets to her knees to get a taste of that giant prick. Kianna fellates his thick member and then nails her way to a thick blast of jism all over her pretty face and fat jugs!
Brandi Enjoy's a steamy Mummy who's recently become single again. She just can't wait to get back in activity and hop on some yam-sized rods. Whatever she does, Brandi can't help fantasizing about Johnny's thick penis, and how painfully she wants it in her labia. Every night, she writes in her diary and gropes herself daydreaming about all those inches. She imagines Johnny flashing up to screw her so vividly, it's like he's truly there.
Charlie is the bawdy head dominatrix of an all-dolls College. She is rigid, stringent, yet despairingly naughty and prepped to puss up any cooch-seeking guy College girls who dares step sole on her side of the College. Along comes Xander, a feisty tiny sodomize who has not only snuck into this College, but has found a way to spy on Charlie's Schoolgirls showering. Lil' does he know he is in for the surprise of a lifetime.
Rayveness is a flawless housewife in a flawless building. Living in a image flawless world can get real boring real swift - so she livens things up by having super hot, warm bang sessions with all the neighbourhood hubbies. But how lengthy can she keep her secret sans the neighbourhood wives finding out?
Julia was a well respected painter, but recently hasn't sold any paintings in a while. When her agent comes over to discuss her career, he gets a glimpse of her recent painting, but she rejects to sell it because she claims it's too individual. Though, after Julia catches a peek of Keiran's man-meat, she is more than willing to interchange the painting for the real thing.
Veruca James was rushing home with her bf Danny because she wished to give him an additional exclusive surprise: her anal invasion innocence! To fit Danny D's thick man sausage in her donk, Veruca wants to make sure they have some oil, so she sneaks into her stepmom's apartment to grip hers. Veruca gargles Danny's schlong and he gobbles out her tastey moist vagina before they hear Veruca's stepmom India Summer coming home early! Veruca lurks out in a closet, but India catches Danny standing there nude as a jaybird and bodies out what's going on right away. Being a responsible stepmom, India wants to make sure that Veruca's very first rectal practice is done right, so India undresses down so the 2 rump supersluts can both take Danny's spear deep in their donks.
Lisa Ann, the Queen of Fat Bone, has been sitting on her golden throne for ages, nailing her way thru all the fattest shafts on Climb On Olympus. But when her manservant Marcus tells her that she's eventually screwed every hard-on in the heavens, Lisa is raging! To solve his Princess's spear-conundrum, Marcus resorts to looking among mortal folks for a weenie so prodigious and ideally proportioned that it could enemy the strong members of the Gods themselves! Finally, he finds Mick Blue, and after one view at his intense mortal guy-meat, Lisa unclothes down, opens up her gams, and takes that spunk-pump ball sack deep in her pretty facehole, pinkish coochie, and taut lil' pink pucker. Eventually, Mick masturbates out a facial cumshot fit for a Queen, but will it be enough spear to please Lisa Ann?
Ava is a smoking steamy and highly dominant MUMMY who orders her butler, Keiran, around like a sub. Keiran is subjected to farther harassment when Ava's buddies come over and mock him for having a "smallish salami." When they actually paw it tho', they fastly realize he's filling some serious fever. At this point, Ava tells her mates to hammer the bricks as she all of a sudden has a hankering for some humid meat, and Keiran's trouser snake is on the menu!
The distress commenced when pornographic star professional wrestler Johnny's dominatrix Kendra Zeal showcased up at the gym looking to get some bone. That Mummy just won't take no for an response! With a fuckbuddy that smokin' molten, no wonder man was willing to toss his entire marriage away just for a adorable lump of rump.
Tanya Tate is on a boring meeting, and the crazy duo the next table over can slightly keep their mitts off of each other. Their public shows make Tanya so ultra-kinky that she commences pawing her jewel thru her lace undies while she's still sitting at the dinner table. Her appointment keeps attempting to converse her up, but she's already over him, so she excuses herself as briefly as she watches Johnny head to the guys's apartment. She ensues him in there, and sans a word he knows that she wants his phat bone. She gets down on her knees and deep-throats that spear down to the ball sack, and then she opens up those gams to take it deep in her raw MUMMY beaver!
Eva Karera is a french maid who's sick and fatigued of being taken advantage of by spoiled rich brats like Keiran Lee. When he calls her over to neat up after a mischievous soiree he had and only gives her an hour to do it, she's already just about had it. But when he commences striking on her while she's attempting to work, that's the last straw! Eva grasps Keiran's head and pushes it inbetween her yummy bum cheeks, making him eat her arse until his hard-on is rigid and Eva's poon is running in rivulets humid. She gives him a ultra-cute filthy oral job, conversing filthy in French, before climbing up on Keiran's giant weenie and railing her way to an heavy ejaculation. Her hefty fake globes juggle as she gets screwed firm, and then the huge-titted maid takes a hefty facial cumshot cum-shot. Looks like she's going to have to have a lil' more cleaning to do after all!
What you gonna do when cockamania runs insatiable all over you? If you're anything like buxom MUMMY whore Kate Glaze, you're gonna inhale and bang your way to a championship belt for finest lay! Scanty Kate was just minding her own biz attempting to get some food before the ample match embarked when some brown-eye blasted her drink all over her! Since the gals's apartment was locked, she had no choice but to use the bury in the studs's apartment, where unluckily for her, that butthole Prince Akmir just wouldn't take no for an response. Fortunately, the Cockster himself, wrestling pornstar Johnny Sins, overheard everything, and heroically swooped in just in the nick of time! Kate is so turned on by witnessing him in act that she whips out her huge baps and commences fellating and romping Johnny's immense pecker with her funbags and taut MUMMY labia. Get some!
It's time for another plump of "The Bating Game"! Johnny is today's fortunate bachelor, and he must prefer inbetween trio jaw-dropping contestants: salesgirl Tiffany, financial specialist Monroe, or Jennifer, a porno starlet with massive funbags. What Johnny doesn't know is that no matter which contestant he prefers, Jennifer is decided to take home the reward.
Nadia Styles is the evening news anchor over at ZZ News, and ever since their very first day on air together, her deviant co-anchor Brick Danger has been attempting to get a glimpse at her privates. But when she finds him sneaking upskirt photos behind her back, that's the last straw! To get some vengeance, Nadia demonstrates a duo of Brick's penis pictures live on air, embarrassing him so much he storms off mid broadcast! To make it up to him, Nadia determines to eventually give Brick what he's been after and undresses down so he can fellate on her phat globes. Nadia deep throats and bangs Brick's ample trouser snake until she's cascading moist, and then she takes it nuts deep in her taut butt! After an strong ass fucking bang jamboree, Brick bursts Nadia with a giant facial cumshot popshot. He might be out of a job, but at least he ultimately got to live out his thickest desire!
Bored to death during a C.M.O.A rendezvous to abolish porn, Tiffany and Syren pretext themselves and flash the son of the committee president how excellent pornography is and mostly how some Mothers of America do love a hefty youthfull lollipop!
Julia has just encountered Mark, the fresh tenant via her room and they are checking each other out. Julia gets turned on that night due to the wailing and noises from the fresh neighbor's. The next morning she bumps into them and lets him know that she wants to be part of the sensation too. To her surprise turns out that it wasn't him but his buddy John which its even nicer for Julia because she now can pound them both!
All the Mummies at the gym are raving about the freshest trainer Johnny. Nikita can't body out why, until she signs up for a one-on-one class. No one's ever been able to take her as deep before, or make it sense as superb as Johnny does. At the end of her session, she gets even more private attention in the shape of an incredible beaver-plumbing.
Brooke can't keep her eyes off the hunky boy she hired to take care of the backyard. She wants a chunk of Jordan's shaft so painfully she can already taste it.  And when she invites him inwards for a tiny entertainment, he finishes up snacking on her meaty orbs and poking her perfect cooter all afternoon.
Whenever Abbey Brooks gathers her rich pals lush the table for their weekly poker night, she arouses the other Mummies with stories of all her muddy sexcapades. When Ms. Jenson's butler comes in to comply tea, the extraordinaire bulge in his trousers catches Abbey's whorish eyes. She tosses her clittie necklace in the pot, expecting to steal the butler for herself and get obeyed up thick geysers of spunk all over her big innate orbs.
ZZ sex industry star Keiran Lee has carved out a reputation for himself as one of the greatest dicks in the business. His package is his livelihood, and so it was determined that it ought to be insured for a splendid million. But insuring a man meat is no plain process: it must be measured and inspected. And who finer to perform such a task than a rod thirsty MUMMY like Dana Vespoli?
Keiran has been caught crimson-passed. His wifey's greatest buddy found him getting head from the maid. Well, Keiran is pretty successful because the only way Darcy will keep her gullet shut is if he fills it with manhood.
Priya is caught off guard when officer Sins emerges on her doorstep with her delinquent offspring in tow. Turns out she'd been partying waaaay too rock-hard and tossed up on the police officer's trousers. Priya has no recourse but to let Johnny inwards so he can freshen up... In more ways than one!
It's Danny's very first day as a window cleaner, and what he observes thru the glass is nothing less than Rebecca Moore's ample F-bowl hooters. He's dispelled right off his ladder and invited in to tidy up and take a break. Successful for him this ultra-kinky housewife is more than blessed to use everything she's got to get his chisel super-cute and glossy.
Raylene is a fuckilicious MUMMY who gets invited to a soiree confined by her neighbours. She determines to attend in the hopes of finding a well-strung up gents who can tear up her taut lil' bung 6 ways from Sunday. Her initial try to attract some salami is disappointing to say the least, given the nerd-to-boy ratio at this boner festival. But when she meets Voodoo, she knows she's found her fellow.
Big-Boobed MUMMY Janet Mason has been getting anonymous gifts from a secret devotee lately, and she would enjoy nothing more than to catch the mystery boy crimson passed. So when Gracie Glam comes over and gets a package from that same stalker, the couple come up with a plan to catch him in the activity. Setting out some of the wonderful undergarments he had bought them, they lure him into the building, where they pounce and train him a tiny lesson about respect! The 2 trampy honies take turns blowing and screwing their aficionado's large pecker, railing that trouser snake until they're both spunking rock hard. They take turns gobbling each other's humid twats and railing Bill Bailey's rock-hard manstick all the way to a phat facial cumshot for them to share! But the question is, now that he got what he wished, will their secret devotee ultimately leave them alone?
Shay Fox enjoys blackjack, but some days her luck is worse than others. After a notably brutish losing streak, she embarks using her hump attraction to turn her luck around, pawing the dealer's spunk-pump thru his trousers as he deals her cards. The management catches on, so they send in Brick Danger, their most expert (not to mention most draped) dealer, who knows exactly how to deal with naughty MUMMY fucksluts like Shay. Brick takes her in the back apartment and peels her sundress off to uncover her large bra-stuffers, and then she globs to her knees to inhale on his immense man-meat. After a adorable sixty-nine, Shay takes Brick's large manhood deep into her taut MUMMY slit and rails her way to the phat fountain of jizm that she hungers! She may still be down overall, but it's never a bad day when you get laid!
Mandy and her beau think they're alone when they attempt anal invasion fucky-fucky for the very first time on her stepmother's sofa, but she's home early from tennis and hears them smashing from the bathroom.  So she determines to get some saucy vengeance on her lil' step-breezy by blowing her beau's chisel and making him thrust it deep in both their arses.
Keiran has troubles keeping his gfs because of his ample manstick, but the mother of his finest buddy,  who is a gal with vast practice, have no problems with gargling and ridding his monster trouser snake !
Johnny has an addiction. He likes sexual intercourse way too much. Realizing he has a problem is the very first step, the 2nd step is to get some help. Albeit Dr. Angel is fresh to the world of sexual addiction, she's still one of the top psychiatrists in the country. After listening to Johnny's bang-out tales, tho, she's going to have a tiny addiction of her own...
Joslyn is on the prowl at a local bar. She's prepped to pounce on anything like a violent tigress. She sets her glances on a lonely guy in the corner. The lonely guy is highly jumpy because Joslyn is being so forth. All Joslyn cares about is the rigid sausage in his trousers so she hauls him swiftly to the Shower for a mummy fashion smash.
Tia Layne is a big-boobed blondie bitch who likes to go to the opera. Nothing turns her on more than witnessing all of those fancy people in their stylish garbs, hearing the timeless music, and knowing that she's up in the balcony caressing her labia while no one has any clue what she's up to. This time, however, she's toying with her turgid lil' love button when the usher Danny D comes up and asks her to keep it down. When he witnesses that she's got her thick orbs and humid labia out, tho, he can hardly believe his luck! Tia gargles Danny's ample penis, inhaling the ball-sac and the stiffy as she gets him rigid as a rock and prepared for her taut cunny. He tears up her taut MUMMY cooter rock hard, nailing her until every eye in the theater is on them, and then plastering her pretty face with a gigantic facial cumshot pop-shot!
Kiara Mia heard a tiny rumor about her hottest buddy Bridgette's roomy Keiran, and it's so nailing spicy they just have to know for themselves if it's true. Could his spear indeed be as meaty as all their gfs claim it is? These hottest pals share everything, and the thought of a spunk-pump that hefty slipping into her Mummy vulva is indeed turning Kiara on. She wooed her bitchy pal to initiate a mischievous lil' three-way, and observe if they can't just have their fuckboxes pulverized by that massive fuck-stick.
Wonderful MUMMY Syren can't stop dreaming about her neighbor Johnny's bone. He's all grown up, and she can't stop thinking about him and his fellow meat. To find out once and for all what he's filling, Mrs. D cooks up a plan to get that salami in her mansion, and her fuckbox.
Miss Avluv has a problem: her breasts are so massive that they're spilling out of her hooter-sling! She needs some fresh undergarments pronto, and Johnny Sins has just the right instruments to pack, er, fit Veronica ideally. She may need a lot of help attempting things on, but she's sensing highly, highly, appreciative for Johnny's limber frigs.
Brandi and Julia are going door to door for their charity, Mummies Like It Large. They're lifting money to put an end to yam-sized salami discrimination. For some reason they can't get a dime out of Keiran. Thinking he's cheap, the 2 scorching mummies keep knocking on his door until he's had enough. He pulls them in and exposes his yam-sized meatpipe, which has them on their knees in no time.
A matchmaker impressive, Julia Ann is a savvy biz lady who runs a high class dating service for girl millionaires.  Fulfillment is always ensured, which is why she insists on accurately testing of all potential youthful men before recommending them to her clients.  Witness as Keiran tries to pass thru Julia Ann's quality manage tests to observe if he can measure up to her standards!
Noelle Easton walked into a individual romp club with nothing but the clothes on her back. Successful for her, a seasoned legend of the flesh-game was there to take her under her wing and showcase her how to enjoyment the rich fellows. Noelle has the bodacious assets and fervor for boinking required to indeed service a VIP client, but Holly Halston schools her in the kind of finesse that'll bring in the thick bucks.
The only thing that can make Alana and Veronica's high College reunion any supreme is the possibility of getting romped by Johnny Sins' rigid beef whistle. Gratefully their fantasy is about to come true as the 3 engage in a super-hot classroom trio way pummel jamboree!
When Keiran tries to steal Diana Prince's priceless paintings, she catches him crimson passed and literally with his trousers down.  Amazed by the size of his fuckpole, she holds off on calling the cops and instead determines to imprison his man sausage deep inwards her bum.  Who says that crime doesn't pay?
You can't hope a tiny thing like a robbery to get in the way of Tiffany Mynx's joy. She's at the store attempting to get her arouses in the old-fashioned way, charging all kinds of jewelry and diamonds to her spouse's account. But eyeing that dashing thief Danny plow things up indeed brings out the bad doll in her, peculiarly when he offers to give her a pleasure button necklace. Check him out caressing those clitties on her pleasure button, then tossing his immense manstick in her fleshy Mummy butthole.
Buxom Ms. Ann has just gotten a fresh shipment of paintings at her art gallery, but shifty Ramon comes in and commences defacing them! Ava, the artist comes to help Lisa confront the lil' criminal, but when they witness his fascinating smile and meaty knob, they determine to extract their disappointment in a much more creative way.
What the hell is Brazzers going to do sans Johnny and Keiran? Those skimpy folks got mingled up in a hold-up at the pummel parlor and weren't fortunate enough to leave with their lives. They wake up in a unusual place, the Throne Apartment of a weird after-life, where the only sign of light ensues 3 smokin' sizzling Mummies around the darkness. When Johnny fades away, Keiran's left all alone with the Crimson Princess and her bang-out-servants, to plow the nail out of these shaft-greedy breezies's cootchies.
It's not honest that Danny got turned down, just because Nikita von James wasn't glad with the size of his stiffy. Afterwards that night, something magical happened and granted all his kinkiest desires. Because when Danny awoke from another raw wish, his grower had become a plower! Nikita was so affected by the energy of Danny's man sausage that she let him pummel her on the couch, the tabouret, and even on top of the grand piano! Once he was done spreading out her fleshy fuckbox, he pulled out and hosed down that Mummy's meaty udders with a massive flow of jizm.
How is that fabulous Mummy Brandi Enjoy going to get her arms on her late hubby's estate? His promiscuous domme Ash Hollywood just displayed up at the lawyer's office to make her own provocative claim to that immense fortune. The only way these gassy bitches are going to coax Clover to give them exclusive approach is by rivaling over his pipe, and eyeing which of them can blow and poke it finer.
Mellanie Monroe is a talent agent who has a lot to be appreciative for. Success, stardom, and fortune. The one thing she's most grateful for is her super-cute gigantic, thick, enormous, meaty fuck-stick.
Skimpy Keiran has been a cherry for so lengthy, he's kicking off to worry he might never find any doll willing to pop his virgin. One day, when he's ultimately had enough, he calls in a pro to take him all the way. Emma Starr displays up at his place well-prepped to rail, but Keiran's a tiny jumpy to get with such a super-fucking-hot Mummy. As shortly as that slut wets his pecker, he gets right in the mood to ravage her beaver like a professional.
Shay and Ariella have been lusting after landscaper Johnny secretly. When he trips and hurts himself, they can both think of a thousand ways to take care of him but every way leads to smashing! Get well shortly, Johnny!
Hailey Youthfull is with her hubby, Warden Marcus London, checking out the fresh state of the art expansion of the jail he runs. Hailey, ultra-kinky biotch that she is, is bored and wants to find some isolated corner for them to plumb in, but the warden is too engaged to attend to his dame's needs. An unattended kinky tramp is a dangerous thing, and it doesn't take lengthy for Hailey to commence showcasing off her fuckbox for some of the convicts. Willing to do just about anything for a excellent lay, Hailey runs into an open cage and then puts the entire jail on lock-down, trapping her hubby in the observation apartment, incapable to do anything but observe as his wifey deep throats and ravages 3 ample ebony spears! Hailey gets dual pummeled and then even heads airtight, boning those large fuck-sticks until she gets 2 facial cumshot money-shots and one vaginal internal cumshot, ultimately satisfying her jizm wishes for the day.
Clover keeps getting in grief for tugging off in class, and since no one seems to be able to get thru to the youthful fellow, his teachers sent him to watch the guidance counselor, Dr. Eva Karera. Eva attempts her hottest to reach him, but all he seems to notice are her astounding gigantic fake baps, leaving Dr. Karera with no choice but to call up Clover's stepmom Charlee Haunt. Fortunately for Clover, his stepmom is a huge-titted MUMMY who knows that the greatest way to reach a crazy fellow like Clover is thru his fuckpole! The 2 huge-titted mummies inhale his hefty meatpipe, slurp each other out, and than take turns taking his gigantic jizz-shotgun deep into their taut MUMMY cunts. Maybe once Clover has blasted a nut sack all over their big breasts, he'll have an lighter time focusing in class!
Karen is going to display a gang of Mummies her product for them to rent. The product is Ramon's thick screwing stiffy. The hottest way to sell it is by banging Karen's humid drenched cunt in front of her potential clients.
It's Emily Austin's wedding day, and since she's been saving herself for marriage, she doesn't even want to wait until she gets home to get a taste of her fresh spouse's large manmeat! But when their wedding planner, huge-boobed honey Bridgette B, overhears their wedding day rendez-vous, she bodies it's her job to make sure their wedding day lovemaking is every bit as excellent as the rest of the wedding! Very First, she trains Emily how to deep-throat rod like a excellent wifey, and then she demonstrates the groom Tommy Gunn how to gobble his wifey's taut cherry slit. Once she's cute and humid, Bridgette and Emily share Tommy's massive jizz-shotgun. Emily shoots a load over and over while Bridgette's ginormous inborn mounds juggle, and then it's time for them to share a huge geyser!
Proper guys go to weddings to feast a blessed moment but not Ariella; she underestimated the groom by assuming she has the moves to make him fall for her taut cooch. Disappointed in herself she leaves early only to run into a youthfull fellow; the decorate check fellow who is clueless of the line that's about to be crossed.
Bill likes his gf. He enjoys her so much that he's well-prepped to pop the question. But very first, he has to ask Aiden for her bliss. She doesn't mind providing her bliss, but she wants him to give her a tiny something in comeback, well, maybe a ample something.
Amber runs a talent agency and is looking for a lead actor, but she can't catch a break. That's until James comes in to casting... and gives her all of his talent!
Divorce is a slut... And so is India Summer! A poking warm one, too! When India and her hubby, Dale determine to get a divorce, high-intensity attorney, Johnny Sins Esq. is brought in to indicate Dale. India wants absolutely nothing to do with her deadbeat, lil'-dicked, ex-hubby but has had a friendly relationship with Johnny for years. And as a Lawyer, it's Johnny's job to lift that relationship to additional friendly to get his client results!
Limo Driver Will Powers has seen some unusual things at his job, but when big-titted MUMMY Arielle Ferrera began having phone orgy right in his back seat, he could barely believe his eyes! He did his greatest to keep his eyes on the road as she talked muddy and jerked, but when she pulled out her large udders it was just too distracting to treat! Pretty briefly he got so mingled up that he was lost totally and had to pull over, but Ariella was just getting began! She pulled out his yam-sized dick and commenced deep-throating it right there in the open, and then took it deep in her taut MUMMY cunny. Will romped that ample jugged bitch rigid and then blew a ample stream all over her face. Not bad for an afternoon drive!
Johnny is attempting to become a pickup artist. His mate Eugene is trussing to display him the tricks of the trade, but Eugene is a pretty crappy teacher. Fortunate for Johnny, Alura doesn't mind flashing him how the game works...the game of fuckin'.
Miss Kristal Summers has been engaged selling her sweetheart products door-to-door, and she's decided to get some results. When James opens the next door she knocks on, she watches the brilliant chance to use her tits and exclusive oils to put this customer in the mood to buy.
Ariella invites Francesca to join her for a oral job lesson. Francesca gets truly carried away while deep throating on this ample faux-cock. It's demonstrable at this point that she needs more then plastic. She then ensues Johnny on his way back to the kitchen and gets embarked on his real ample lollipop. Concerned, Ariella comes to them and can't fight back Johnny's weenie neither.
Janet walks into a HARD-CORE theatre for some personal time, but her plans are foiled when Jordan walks in. She is bashful at very first and has grief draining with Jordan down the aisle doing the same thing, so she determines to poke him instead.
Sinderella and her hottest acquaintance Buttons are stuck back at the palace working while big-boobed MUMMY Chick Hardon and her 2 gross step daughters are having a grand old time at the ball. But when Sinderella's pixie godmother shows up, everything switches! Sinderella gets to go to the ball and tempt Prince Enrapturing, and Buttons eventually has all his fantasies come true when he gets to have a insatiable 3 way with Dame Hardon and Sinderella's pixie godmother. He porks those chesty stunners in all of their crevices, and then blows a flow all over their faces and enormous jugs!
Mellanie is a intensity greedy Mummy who handles her butler like absolute bullshit. The only reason she keeps him around is because she enjoys banging his phat cocked son Jordan. Jordan doesn't want his parent to lose his job so he does exactly what Mellanie asks... and that's to jam his immense beef whistle deep inwards her taut lil' cooch.
India and Michelle perceive like helping the homeless fellow that lives on the corner. They invited him to jizz inwards and take care of him...
The immensely rich, eccentric MUMMY Diana is bored, so she determines to toss a soiree. She employs the soiree planner Scott to plan and cater for the event. But Scott commences to wonder what kind of soiree it is when people aren't displaying up. By dessert time Diana gets what she's been after all along: a hefty conforming of ample hard-on!
Professor Johnny Sins is always getting in grief with the Dean for drilling every youthfull superslut he can get his arms on, so he was doing his finest to be tenuous when he faced Haunt Ryder in the Shower for a quickie. But when the stall door opened and none other than Dean Simone Sonay was standing there, seeing him get his gigantic man rod blown by a College girl, he knew he was in for it. Fortunately for Haunt and Johnny, however, Dean Sonay is a buxomy MUMMY mega-slut with a enthusiasm for mitts-on education! She put her practice to use, training Pursue in the finest way to inhale a weenie, munch a vag, and take a romping from a fat rock-hard manhood! To demonstrate her appreciation for the lessons, Haunt collective the blast of spunk that Johnny gave her, and the 2 tramps interchanged that jizm right in the Dean's office!
veronica Rodriguez wants to be the finest lay in town, but there's only so much you can learn sans an expert MUMMY to flash you the straps. That's why she turned to Kiara Mia and her Bi-Atch Academy. Kiara Mia is one of the horniest MUMMY there is, and her personal lessons can turn any fledgling biotch into a pro sausage pleaser. Very First she trains her how to decently taunt a stud with some handsome ebony tights and undergarments, and then instructs her the finest way to blow a shaft. From there, it's time to share that meaty chisel and plumb their way to a ultra-cute fountain of cum to share!
It's way too effortless for rich people to go mischievous and take up all kinds of freaky hobbies. Ms. Cherie Deville has been toying with life-size damsels for a lengthy time, and it's too much for her butler Johnny to treat. He takes his manager by the forearm and uses every inch of his gigantic shaft to showcase her why the real thing is always finer.
Xander's just waking up after an OUTSTANDING soiree, and his buddy Spermlet's palace is downright trashed. Everybody has bailed, so when Cocklet's super-steamy mother finds only Xander there, she requests he help tidy up the dirt. And while he's at it, he'd finer screw her bootie til it glistens, too!
Holly Brooks married Erik Everhard's daddy for his money, but when she gets a view at Erik himself, she determines she'd much rather get a enormous jizz-shotgun than a immense bank account! She attempts to tempt him in the bathtub bathtub, letting him open up some soapy suds on her phat MUMMY ass, but it's only when she gets him in the bedroom and whips out her enormous baps that Erik ultimately dives in to get some of that stepmom cooch! She BJ's Erik's ginormous spunk-pump, funbag pulverizes him, and then rails him until she finishes off rock hard. Ultimately, Erik glides his big manmeat into her taut ass hole and plows that wide open MUMMY arse until she's bellowing for his jizm!
Alura Jenson is a huge-boobed teacher who always controls to attract a crowd of insatiable guys every time she commences working out, thanks to her meaty mounds, obese caboose, and poor tiny apparels. Rumor has it that she indeed likes weenie, but all the dudes are a lil' too intimidated by her to find out once and for all. It's only when Danny gets caught with his manstick tucking thru a glory crevasse in the chicks's bathroom apartment that Alura makes it clear just how much of a lollipop-ultra-kinky super-bitch that she truly is! One sight at Danny's thick pink cigar and she grasps on with both arms, pulling him straight thru the wall to get at it. She deep-throats and screws Danny's man sausage, ordering him around like the Schoolgirl he is, and educating him how a true tormentor bi-atch boinks. Ultimately, Danny bursts a enormous nutsack all over Miss Jenson's pretty face, and she lets him know that this is only the embarking!
Keiran is the fresh poolboy at Ariella's palace. After one fine view at him she can't fight back calling her pal Kendra to come take a view as well. When Kendra gets there, their main concentrate becomes seducing the poolboy...
Girls want him, and dudes want to be him. He's got fantastic mummies waiting months to get a taste. He is "The Keiran," and he's gonna rock out with his spear out. After years as a brit super soldier, Keiran is eventually living his lifelong desire of being a hair dresser and having a lot of fuck-a-thon with steaming cougars!
After being away for eight lengthy years, Michael has ultimately returned home. Fortunately Raylene is on arm to make Michael sense finer, and welcome her soldier home with open gams.
Taylor is a world well known roadie, known for her insane exploits. Dazed by the fame, she attempts to remain out of the spotlight and refuses all media interviews. Yet when Johnny heads out to get an interview for a book he is writing, she grants him a infrequent viewing of her plastered meatpipe bevy from legendary rock starlets. Reliving those mischievous days gets her so scorching and tastey that she determines to add one more stiffy to the plaster bevy.
Rihanna is a wealthy goddess who hires a skimpy peasant painter to paint a killer portrait of her for her Prince. Under mighty strain, he is finding it difficult to make the portrait super-sexy enough, as Rihanna is being difficult. After getting Rihanna to posture in various postures, he suggests Rihanna take off some clothes. But Rihanna cant do so sans the painter dude doing the same. She finds out the painter dude has a fat brush and a Goddess always gets what she wants.
Alena Croft is the finest performer in the speakeasies these days. Wherever she sings, dedicated admirers and devotees hound her for autographs and whatever else they can get their arms on. After one flash, a boy ensues her back to her dressing apartment, and glimpses thru the key-slot at her thick udders. Check out the muddy ravaging that heads down once Alena catches her largest aficionado spying on her personal time.
Johnny Sins and Mia Malkova headed to Devon's motel in order to feast their one yr anniversary in personal. Mia commences by deep throating Johnny's fuck-stick, but his man-meat is so fat that she can slightly treat the entire thing! Motel chief Devon has been seeing the kinky youthfull duo thru a squeak slot and determines to help them out by joining in on the act and instructing Mia how to treat a uber-cute meaty hard-on! Johnny drills both of the huge-titted honeys while their massive udders juggle and they slurp each other's super-hot moist beavers. He ultimately jizzes in Devon's gullet, and then she exchanges it with Mia who eats that jizm up like a champion.
No fellow is safe when MUMMY Huntress Tiffany Mynx is on the prowl. She hasn't gotten nailed in 2 weeks, and she's mischievous as hell. Cruising around for massive jizz-shotguns, she meets youthfull man Danny and takes him home for a fine firm poke.
Carlo Carrera's over at his acquaintance Mark's place with his camera, because he learned that a huge-titted redheaded cougar named Darla Crane moved in next door! They get in close enough to get incredible footage of her spreading and unclothing down in her back yard, and then go after her back up to the bedroom to get some epic shots of that mischievous MUMMY inserting a giant glass faux-cock in her pretty lil' vagina! Mark gets freaked out and bails, but Carlo determines to go in for a nicer shot, and that's when Darla catches sight of him! Nothing pounces on a ginormous man rod swifter than the elusive massive-boobed redhead cougar, and pretty briefly Carlo's penetrating her gullet, her breasts, and her mouth-watering MUMMY coochie!
Samantha Ryan is on vacation in Vegas. She doesn't truly know anybody and wants to go where the act is. When she realizes she has inadvertently booked herself at a one-starlet hoe hotel, she is prepped to fill up and leave. Tho, once she hears the lengthy wails and scorching sleaze going down thru the lean walls, her libido takes over and she determines to role play as a chick of the night. Join Brazzers and Samantha in "MUMMIES LIKE IT SLEAZY"
Diana is a rich housewife who sits by the pool all day. Johnny, the pool stud, is cleaning the pool when Diana showcases up. They embark to chat and she reminisces about her junior insatiable days when she was so care-free. Inspired, she gets nude and attempts to relive her past practices with giant weenie.
Ariella is hosting an significant soiree for some rich neighbors in LA, she has gone thru a lot to prevent Johnny Sins from coming; he has been known to penetrate up soirees and it turns out his giant lollipop has a lot to do with it. When he arrives uninvited Ariella determines to instruct him a lesson he will never left behind.
Inari Vachs is a immensely strong theater producer, she's in charge of all the Broadway strikes. James Deen is a youthful fighting actor despairingly attempting to be in one of Inari's productions. She has other plans for him, such as him being her own sexual victim. She's going to use him until her snatch gulps his meatpipe entire.
Danny's not superb at life. He's bumbling, clumsy, and never says the right thing. Tune in to this week's tour where Danny attempts to entice a insanely killer realtor MUMMY only to be led down to her orgy dungeon space! Will Danny work this to his advantage, or become Tia's lovemaking sub? Find out, on Danny V Life!
Darla has been a real estate agent for fairly a while now. She's been doing indeed well for herself. Despite the fact that she's highly knowledgeable when it comes to houses and properties, there are other hefty reasons that explain her success. When she demonstrates a building to a client, she makes sure to visit every apartment and to always end with the sir bedroom. That's when her meaty jugs come out and the biz get real. She will blow a knob as rigid as she can and take it all the way in the bootie to seal a deal.
Diamond Jackson is a chesty dark-hued call doll who likes enormous penises, and Erik Everhard is the super-naughty John who called her up. Only one problem, however: Erik is married to Diamond's sis! At very first she says he can view but not paw, taunting him in her mind-blowing underwear, and disrobing down to nothing but a pair of high-heeled shoes, some ebony tights, and a set of garters. Her tune switches as briefly as gets a peek of Erik's enormous knob, tho'! As briefly as she gets her palms on that hefty man meat, she has to stroke it, gargle it, and pack all of her slots with it. Once Erik has porked her in her throat, cooter, and taut tiny donk, he blows a immense flow all over her face. Here's expecting they can keep a secret!
Being a temp renter is rock-hard because you are a stranger. Having a Mummy with immense fake mounds and a kinky view in her eye greet you and make you sense at home makes everything finer. Notably when her areolae give you visions of dancing pepperoni slices and make you want to motorboat until you find them. See and watch why Mummy adult movie stars are the greatest adult movie stars: they know exactly what the want and go for it.
Keiran is a youthful orderly that takes care of Tyler's mother. On one particular day, Tyler comes over to visit and Kerian is there to greet her and mentions his lengthy history with her mom. Tyler questions the relationship and farther explores into the matter, only to have Keiran detail the story of "how he drilled her mom!"
Scott Porks is down on his luck. He just got out of prison and his probation officer puts him to work right away. Not only does he have to do yard work all day, but the proprietor of the mansion, Kianna Dior, denies to sign his hour sheet unless he plumbs her facehole. Scott's been working rigid all day, but that won't stop him from poking for his freedom.
Keiran is having a flow at a mansion soiree. He's flirting with some super-fucking-hot tail, and nothing is going to slow him down. Well, nothing except Rebecca putting stiffy powder in his drink. Fortunate for Keiran, while attempting to get away from the soiree, he bumps into Rebecca's mother, and let's just say that she's a large aficionado of the immense jizz-shotgun.
Darryl admits to her mate that she is lonely and insane, so she presents her to an online masculine call girl service.  It's not lengthy before Darryl is greeting in Keiran for a secret afternoon penetrate session.  She's blessed she did after she spunks numerous times on Keiran's accomplished rod.
Nicki's spouse has just handed away. She's in ache over her loss but at the same time senses a perceive of ease. You observe, her was a messy bastard who would cheat on her with junior dolls all the time. With her spouse dead and submerged, Nicki senses it's time to stir on to another fellow. Come In Billy Slip. Her chauffeur and the dick that's going straight up her backside.
Ever since Mike Angelo got a divorce from his ex Vittoria Risi, that buxomy MUMMY has been dangling around attempting to get one last rail on his meaty man sausage. But when she catches sight of him his fresh gf Anita Bellini, Vittoria knows that teenage breezy doesn't have the practice necessary to treat a large bone like Mike's. Vittoria takes it upon herself to train Anita the right way to handle meaty lollipops, embarking with a super-cute muddy suck fellatio! From there, Mike heads ball-sac deep in Anita's taut teenager backdoor while Vittoria plays with her pretty lil' moist poon. Eventually it's Vittoria's turn to get Mike's ample man sausage in her culo, while Anita deepthroats her hefty MUMMY boobies. Once they share a lovely geyser of Mike's goopy jism, Vittoria makes a timely exit. Isn't it ultra-cute when exes remain buddies?
Chloe and Keiran have been dating for a few months now, and Chloe's parent doesn't like it one bit. Strangely enough, it seems that Chloe's stepmother has become a tiny bit interested in Keiran's package. Chloe knows that the only way she'll be able to keep Keiran, is to have a superslut-off with her stepmom. Apparently.
Keiran is about to get hitched. Everything is prepared, except...he doesn't know how to dance. Successful for him, his mate knows where to send him. Barbi is one of the top dance instructors in the country, and she knows what it takes to instruct a stud to dance. She'll train him how to tango, how to salsa, and how to have hump with your dance teacher.
Shay has recently divorced and fortunately for her, she gets to keep the mansion. One day she gets woken up by a duo of youthful movers coming to the palace to pick up her ex hubby's stuff. She has always been a fat admirer of  junior knobs and wasting no time, she prefers the man with the largest salami to give her a supreme old morning pounding.
Johnny and his wifey, Robbie, have Brooke over to their palace for dinner. After supper, Johnny and Robbie display their guest photos from their latest vacation. They come upon a naked intimate pic and Brooke gets a superb sight at Johnny's gigantic prick. This glimpses her curiosity and then she realizes that she must boink him.
Everyone is gathered to gladfully bask in the union of Keiran & Robbie, and dream them well before they take that ultimate hop. Devon is the lonely, lollipop greedy maid of honor who will pounce on any massive chisel in view. She begins messing around with Keiran's trousers under the table. When he heads to the Shower she hops on the chance to have a phat pipe open up her poon out.


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