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Teens Like It Big Videos

Jessie is a cutey, no doubt about it, but it seems that she's got something against foreigners. When the foreign swap College girl showcases up to her building, she's not too aroused. She doesn't like brit folks one bit, but once she finds out what's lurking in his trousers, she might just switch her tune.
Mae and Mischa are hottest pals just dangling out at home by the pool. It's a jaw-dropping day and it couldn't get any finer... Hotter, maybe: When Johnny displays up to visit his acquaintance for a lil' bbq, Mischa and Mae leap on the chance to flirt with him 'til he has no recourse but to flirt back!
Megan Salinas is almost a utter-patch member of the sluttiest sorority on campus. But if she wants to be accepted, she's going to have to pass the final test: spending a half hour in the conjugal visit apartment with a well-known prisoner. Can her lil' teenager coochie treat the total effect of Danny D's large weenie? Finer observe and find out.
Zoey is embarking school in 2 weeks, and dude is she stressed. She knows what school is indeed about. It's about finding immense pricks to have lovemaking with! The only problem is that she has no practice, and doesn't know if she can treat a meaty man meat. Fortunately, her neighbour Johnny is filling some serious penile intensity, and he knows just how to get her prepped...
Molly's parents are at their wits end. Molly is out of manage, her grades are pulling down, and her hook-up drive is just revving up. They hire Johnny the tutor in hopes of setting her straight, but the only straight she's going to get is straight smashed. Johnny will get her on the right path for sure.
History professor Keiran and his wifey are looking forth to having their son bring his fresh gf over to meet the parents. Unluckily for Keiran, his son's gf as a manipulative teenage stalker super-bitch by the name of Evelyn. Turns out that while she was Keiran's College girl, she got to practice Keiran's gigantic ol' lollipop, and now she is using his son to get some more. Fearful that Evelyn's man rod-zeal will wreck his family, he takes her to a spare apartment and penetrates her brains out one last time so that she keeps her throat shut.
Scanty, youthfull Talia lusts after Ralph, but sadly, he doesn't even know she's alive.  When destiny intervenes and he accidentally completes up bare in her dormitory apartment, Talia heads from heartbroken to warm and smokin'!  When chance knocks, she knows it's finest to let it in...to her muff!
Jodi Taylor is the fresh tiny super-bitch in town. She has been told that the only way into the huge leagues is to impress the mysterious "Mr. Immense". When she arrives to his high rise loft in downtown Sin City, she is ill prepped for what happens next. Where she thought she could score a job merely based on her super-cute looks, she was wrong. It will take work. Stiff work. And jizz. Lots of it.
Danny is presenting red-hot teenage interchange Schoolgirl Valentina to her fresh roomies. They're bored and it's raining, so the killer Italian suggests a friendly game of unwrap poker. In no time the chips, cards, and jugs are flying everywhere, and fortunate Danny wins the largest drag of all: Valentina's brilliant arse.
Nerdy nymphs Jessie and Beth never go to soirees, they're more interested in staying home, reading comics, toying flick games, and geeking out. But now Jessie is weary of living life on the sidelines, so she hauls her bestie out to Johnny's soiree and goes upstairs with the host himself. She's not sure she wants to go all the way -  until she witnesses his yam-sized sausage, that is. Then it's soiree time!
Blaire is a wealthy, bratty teenage who gets whatever she wants. When Johnny comes to her palace to  give her a personal rubdown, she takes off temptingly, slams her caboose in the air and asks him to paw her fun bags. Sensing highly clumsy, Johnny explains that he's a pro and that what she's praying for isn't part of the rubdown! Totally neglecting his prayers, Blaire requests a glad completing. Our buddy Johnny showcases her what a real blessed completing is all about! Spunk on the face included!
Danny D's neighbors are bratty teenagers who just want to soiree and make noise, when he's got work to do. He attempts to be polite about it, but it backfires. The only way to fix it is by going over to Alyssa Divine's place and tedious her out with his huge weenie. Once she's been given the hottest bang of her youthfull life, we'll witness how much of a fuss she's able to make.
Keisha Grey's super pumped to be doing yoga today, to keep her giant ass super-cute and lithe. Open Up trousers make her whooty backside view so ripe and fleshy, her pals can't stop gawping at it all via their session together. And when one of her acquaintance's boyfriends stops in later, the view of the sheer material opened up bony on her culo cheeks is so steaming, stud just has to penetrate her until he pops a phat explosion on her face. Then he boinks her all over again!
Samm has been put in the hospital because everyone thinks she's nasty. The problem is, she's fully sane. She just needs some huge man-meat. Successful for her, Dr. Johnny Sins believes her, and he'll give her the medicine she needs.
Lily Carter is your average Yankee lady, all she ever wished was a lump of the Yankee desire and so she works as many jobs to keep up with her box phone bills. Sales in a departmental store has proven to be fairly the compete as she finds herself "one dissatisfied customer" away from being fired. Johnny Sins who is also attempting to get a chunk of the Yankee wish observes an chance to get laid.
When greatest pals Alexis Monroe and Jessa Rhodes find out that they've both been porking the same fellow, Keiran Lee, they determine there's only one way to lodge once and for all who he enjoys the most. They've got to blow his pink cigar, bang him, and make him determine whose gash he loves nicer! Very First up is the oral job test, then the honeypot taste test, and apparently you can't pick a winner unless you ravage them both. So the 2 sexy blondes share Keiran's hefty hard-on, spunking all over it and slurping each other's raw coochies to assets out which one of them is a huge enough whore for Keiran Lee!
Howdy there. It's me...Brazzers. I have a question for you. How do you like your beaver? Humid? Sensitive? How do you like your backside? Obese? Chubby? Smallish? What sort of puffies do you like? Go on, you can tell me.  And your oral jobs? How about your handjobs? Welcome to the fuckdoll-mansion. Where you may inject, mitt pick and pound the honey of your choosing. Don't worry. These ladies want to be ravaged. And they like it enormous.
Vanessa is a bored teenager overly certain in her cooch's capacity for manstick. She commences dialing random numbers on her phone, praying folks about how well-talented they are. When she invites Keiran over, Vanessa learns the meaning of ample bone.
A bunch of snobby sluts are making distress for the motel doorman at the ZZ Intercontinental. Tommy's just attempting to do his job, but Lola Foxx is being talkative and disturbing him at his post with all kinds of sexual shenanigans. When her backside-wiggling and lollipop rubbing cost Tommy his job, he comes back afterward to give this teenager fuckslut what she truly wants: a phat massive prick right to the back of her mouth. Check out all the sizzling act that heads down inbetween him and this rich breezy when she eventually gets a chunk of the thick pink cigar she thirsts.
After observing a shadowy body walk by her window, Amia fearfully calls the police.  When Officer Sins arrives, tho, the intruder is nowhere to be found, and he is raging at the youthfull female for wasting his time.  Funked to be alone and desperate to make it up to the policeman, Amia thanks him the only way that she knows how.
If you want to sample the highly hottest beaver, you have to go to a completing College for beotches. There, they take youthful femmes with nymphomaniac potential, and make the classiest, perkiest tiny broads out of them. Rich fellows like Danny D come by because they can't get enough of tiny lovelies with enormous all-natural hooters, and won't lodge for anything less than amazing bang-out.
Sumptuous, smart Maddy is the undefeated Wurdzz championship winner. This yr's tournament is off to a rocky embark when she suspects Johnny, another contestant, of smuggling letter tiles in. Raging, Maddy requests Johnny be undress-searched. He agrees to it, claiming he has nothing to lurk - except his enormous pecker.
Lily's mother has a meaty blind meeting, but she has to cancel at the last minute. Incapable to reach her encounter, Keiran by phone, she leaves Lily at home to give him the bad news while she runs out to tend to private matters. Unluckily for her, Lily is a the sluttiest teenage in town, and when Lily lays her eyes on Keiran, she can't fight back posing as her mother so she can take that immense manmeat for herself.
Holly has messed up one too many times, and her pop isn't putting up with it any more. He sells the lil' tart's car to James to instruct her a lesson about partying and acting like a tart. But Holly can't suffer to part with her tastey rail, and she's willing to get on her knees and plead James for grace.
Victoria Rae isn't your typical uber-cute youthful doll. She hankers massive trouser snake every day and longs for each visit by her older bf, Mick, who's packin' exactly what the doctor ordered. On one such visit, she let's him know how it is: "Either pulverize my brains out with you large firm man-meat, or get the pound out!"
Samuel L. Michaels is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood today. He's also the source of a series of malicious blogs targeting his obsession with baggy trousers. These blogs are written by fuckilicious teenager, Veruca James. Mr. Michaels pays Veruca a visit one day and unveils that the reason why he wears baggy trousers is to lurk his giant penis which he views as a handicap. When Veruca ensures him that a hefty wang is nothing to be ashamed of, he determines to feast by porking her taut tiny pink hole.
Heather is attempting to help her greatest mate with her beau Johnny who is older than her and wants to pound her, but she's afraid of his thick boner riping her in 2 and wants to take her time. On the other mitt her acquaintance Heather is greedy for ginormous knob and makes a deal with Johnny, he penetrates the living crap out of her anytime he wants and keeps dating her mate. So everybody is blessed.
Ruby spends the night at her greatest mate's place. While there she meets Johnny and instantly becomes enamored with his immense manhood. During the night, she "accidentally" walks into Johnny's apartment and after a lil' back-and-forward, Johnny determines to pamper Ruby's enthusiasm for a superb deep-dicking.
3 promiscuous supersluts at a slumber soiree invite over their innocent acquaintance Rahyndee James for a makeover and some stupid pranks. The very first horny game has her unwrapping down and going to do hopping drains in the ass-pipe. When she gets caught almost bare in the cavern by Johnny, Rahyndee's anxious to showcase him she's the furthest thing from being a prude.
Allie Haze has gone missing, and her mother is concerned sick. She makes the right decision when she hires the finest personal investigator in the biz. He won't abandon until he finds out Allies whereabouts. Lil' does he know, Allie doesn't want to be found, and it's going to take something pretty large to woo her otherwise...
It's Madison's 18th bday, but everyone's forgotten about it! When her brutha's luxurious buddy Johnny comes over looking for him, Madison determines she's going to give herself a bday soiree to recall, right in her twat.
Christmas time is here and all of the Brazzers nymphs are total of festive cheer! Also total of the cheer of being youthfull, the cheer of being carefree and the cheer of being magnificent kinky hoes! Merry Christmas, everyone!
How many secretaries care this much about their jobs? When Teal Conrad's manager tells her to do whatever it takes to make sure Mr. Lee doesn't leave the office, she hops at the opportunity. Teal's yam-sized inborn baps have a nicer opportunity of keeping Keiran engaged than the magazines in the waiting apartment, so she lets him arch her over the desk and drill her until the manager can make it in.
For skimpy Chad Alva, school life is tough. No mates, no nymphs, and nothing going his way. Until today that is! 3 pledging sorority stunners have turned up nude and kinky in his dormitory apartment, praying him to be their tormentor and boink them firm. What's a school man to do??
Dillon is an virginal lil' teenager who is having distress in Spanish class. Her pops has hired a tutor to train her the ways of the romantic language and Ramon, the ever helpful tutor, is here to train her all the wrong lessons.
Victoria is unhappy at her summer camp. The other damsels, peculiarly Katie and Ruby, are mean to her but most of all she misses her bf Johnny. When Katie and Ruby catch Victoria writing to her bf they taunt her and help relief her longing for knob by providing her her very first g/g practice. The practice is a fine one, and when Johnny comes to visit, Victoria flash what she has learnt and shares his enormous manhood with her stud campers.
Megan pretends she is sick so that she can linger home from College. When her mom leaves to go to work, she calls her beau over for a adorable lengthy day of nailing. Unluckily, Megan's mother comes back home and the 2 youthful paramours have to stash. They are so worked up and naughty that they proceed to boink, even as they have to keep moving around the palace to stash from Megan's mother.
When the bottle shifts, it's like time slows down until you know who you get to smooch! When Dillion Harper gets together with her promiscuous pals, they always have a tough great time. Tonight, the damsels are gossiping and daydreaming about Johnny's large knob. Dillion wants a chunk of that manhood so painfully, she's willing to remain up all night to get it.
Officer Mountain is on an undercover assignment in a highschool to dump badass teenage Kennedy Leigh for selling ebony market hard-on pills. Danny may be the youngest officer at the precinct, but he's also the one with the largest stiffy, and when he catches Kennedy with the pubes, she's more than blessed to work out a deal...
Katie meets Jordan at the gym and notices his yam-sized chisel which makes her super super-naughty. She ensues him to the showers and lurks in the locker apartment waiting for him to come out. When he comes out, she surprises him by gripping his stiffy when he was looking away and Jordan astonished her by fitting it all in her taut teenie slit.
Avrill enjoys immense motorcycles. The only thing she loves more is huge weenie. Fortunate for her, Voodoo knew exactly what she needs. Penis.
Rikki needs rent money, and she has no idea how to find it. Successful for her, her neighbour Keiran has a few "jobs" she can take care of. She's able and willing, and Keiran is blessed to pay her in schlong.
Dani Daniels can't wait for Johnny Sins to be extracted from prison. She writes him all the time. Just her luck, 'cause today Johnny cracks out of jail and need a place to linger... in her coochie!
Scarlet is experiencing mischievous, and finds herself online on ZZ Talk, displaying her youthful puffy jugs and cracking out her dearest fucktoys. But shortly fucktoys aren't enough, and her talk apartment fucking partner goes to her bedroom to complete the job.
Stevie just broke up with her bf Donny so she heads over to witness her buddy Johnny for a shoulder to sob on. Johnny has always had a thing for Stevie and thinks this might be his opportunity to get out of the cute boy mate zone. The only way to do this is to showcase Stevie that he can be harsh with her labia and make her gag on his man meat.
When you observe your meaty opportunity, you have to grip it with both mitts. Homeless man Erik is chilling in a cafe, when his kinkiest wish Madelyn Monroe walks in the front door. If he wants to nail this rich tramp, he's going to have to think prompt and expect he can coax her he's truly a Hollywood actor in disguise.
Callie is a fighting writer. This is mostly because she's gruesome. Though, her wish is to get published, so she attempts to woo Jordan, her sibling's acquaintance, to witness some potential "inwards her."
Carla and her mates from school got a fresh model in class, Danny. Having a model suspended like Danny makes it rock hard for a school bi-atch like Carla to concentrate on her drawings. She fastly gets on her knees and showcases Danny and the rest of the class her finest abilities.
Lou is losing his crap attempting to film an RV commercial! He just can't get a porking treat on things, and Danny's getting exhausted of working with him. The minute Lou steps out of the RV, Danny brings super-hot teenager Rikki inwards to smash her stupid.
As a career counselor, it's Johnny's job to guide wayward teenagers like Karina, so when she tells him she fantasies of being an actress, he preps her for the business by guiding his wayward hard-on into her throat.
Parents are right to be worried. Teenager ladies everywhere have detected a furious zeal for pornography, all thanks to one pornography starlet, James Deen. He's all set to show up on Erica Fontes's news demonstrate to address this national outrage. Turns out Erica's got a few surprises up her micro-skirt, including super-admirer Lizz Tayler who wants to hop on and poke James right there on Live TV. We'll witness what the parents think of their live threeway on prime-time news.
Zoey is your typical cover check gal: bored, aloof, and greedy for sausage. Fortunately for her, Johnny lost his ticket. He may need his jacket, but she wants his trouser snake, and he ain't going nowhere til she's sated.
Tommy's son gargles at algebra. Fortunately, neighbor Lacy knows her way around an equation. Tommy's son wants nothing to do with a nerd whose only knowledge is math. Her abilities go far beyond math tho, as Tommy is about to find out.
Evil super villain El Tronco has amazed again, leaving dread and destruction in his path with his intense spunk-pump. Only one gal can stop him: Wonder Cooter! But when El Tronco and his group grip her and bring her to their lair, Wonder Gash witnesses that she must inhale the strength out of him if it's the last thing she does...
Gabriella Paltrova is on her way to her school's Winter Formal Dance. Her limo driver, Billy, lends his ear and detects that Gabriella wants nothing to do with her rendezvous but she nevertheless takes him along. Jimmy, the meeting, is a exceptional douchebag and attempts to get new with Gabriella nearly instantly. When Billy can stand it no more, he kicks Jimmy out, leaving Gabriella dateless.
When Johnny Sins finds that his finest buddy's Sister is one of those attention-seeking web cam chicks, he gets it into his head that he'll be able to head over there and get a lump. And what do you know? He does! It most likely helps that Teenagers Like It Thick.
Heather is a spoiled, trampy teenage. When her parents hire movers, she's rapid to taunt them and chief them around. Tho', when James accidentally detects her cage of hookup fucktoys and pics while moving, the tables are turned, and Heather must find a way to prevent the movers from spilling the nubs to Mother and Pop. But how?
Alyssa is looking for a place in which to live on her own in the enormous city. She's ultimately shown the most fabulous room but was misled on the price. She couldn't possibly afford $3000 a month! How's this tiny southern chunk of candy corn gonna woo the landlord to lower the rent? Here's a hint: Teenagers Like It Large!
Mischa Brooks is straight-up addicted to man-meat. She can't even go half a day sans having something pushed in her taut honeypot. All her mates gathered around to intervene, because it might be the only opportunity for her to get the therapy she needs. The fuck-a-thon counselor Erik is here to help, but instead he completes up violating all his own rules, and pounding this teenager in her tasty crevices.
Victoria Rae Dark-Hued is a lil' queen: She lives in a house with her parent who pays for absolutely everything she has. But when parent finds out about her soirees and prominent promiscuity, he takes away the only thing she truly valued... her car! And Vicky's gotta get it back the only way she knows how!
Stevie is sick of petite time fuckpole so she's hammering the road, hitch-hiking her way to the thick city. Erik picks her up and trains her a valuable lesson in deep-throating and pounding.
Santa Sins is working at the mall when along comes a kinky lil' fuckslut by the name of Lexi Bloom. When she tells Santa that all she wants for christmas is something that begins with "C" and rhymes with "Rock," well unnecessary to say, Santa's north pile stands at utter attention. When the mall closes, Santa and Lexi meet up for a tiny rendez-vous on Santa's sleigh where Lexi's about to receive a White Christmas... all over her face!
It's just another day down at the ranch, and after some strenuous raising, Melissa is prepped to climb into that pick-up truck and play with her labia til the sun heads down. But Ryan knows just how to help her unwind: by porking her fine and providing this lil' cowgirl a internal cumshot surprise!
Staci's pop is buying her a used car, but it's not Keiran old screwed up car she wants, it's his sugary-sweet sports car... and he's not selling. This legal-yr-old plans on getting exactly what she wants, so when Keiran agrees to let her test-drive it with her, she heads straight for the stick.
Giselle had a soiree in her place, her beau can't linger over.  When everybody left, a man came in who was invited but was late. He has total  power to soiree. So "let's the soiree start" with his immense ebony sausage.
Allie is the fresh dame at ZZ school. She's been waiting forever for a taste of school guys. The joy begins when she sneaks into the mens locker apartments to catch a peek of school meat. The joy proceeds when she gets caught by James and he demonstrates her what College spirit is all about.
Erik Everhard is the hardass judge on the strike demonstrate "So You Think You Can Prance". When jaw-dropping Mia takes her turn on the stage, he laughs at her tap dancing spectacle. But naughty Mia is decided to display Judge Erik that she's more gifted than he can even imagine. Whoever said you can't tear up your way to the top?
Van Wylde has a duo ideas about how to make this Halloween a night his gf Cameron Dee will never, ever leave behind. He's bringing her to the pursued building in their hometown, which is ensured to panic the undies off even the thickest prude. She gets such a fright, the only way to turn her mood around is with some serious charm and all his sleekest paramour-guy moves. Van makes the most of this opportunity to get his palms on Cameron's big boobs and plush elastic ass, and plumb her til she bellows for more.
Jennifer White went to bug her diplomat parent at the U.S. Peace Summit and bang around with the goes of state. Those skimpy men nearly lost their minds when they spotted Jennifer taunting with her meaty all-natural orbs. Security had to step in and pull that biotch into the back apartment. John and Toni were prepared to do whatever they had to to instruct this teenager hoe a tiny respect, including dual-teaming her crevices with their massive stiffys. Once they'd both had their fuck-sticks deep throated, they tossed Jennifer on the sofa to take turns savaging her cunny and backside, and even doubled-down on a muddy DOUBLE PENETRATION!
Bill has just found out that his nanny Cameron has been drilling folks in his mansion. Well, he's not too excited, and he knows the only way to train her a lesson is to drill her brains out.
In part 2 of 'Are You Afraid of the Trouser Snake?', we find 2 scorching breezies, Katerina Kay and Lola Foxx, mourning the loss of Keiran, Johnny, and both their giant knobs. Fortunate for them, Johnny's ghost heard their prayers for his enormous stiffy and emerged right in their bedroom! Those ultra-kinky lil' nymphomaniacs embarked inhaling and drilling right away, working his man meat with their faceholes, humid fuckboxes, and even their pretty lil' soles! But the real question is, will Katerina and Lola be able to stop struggling lengthy enough for ghost Johnny to get his rocks off?
Ella has been out with her buddies all night. She eventually determines to come home, but finishes up getting caught by James. He's not too astonished to witness her coming home so late. Let's just say they're going to linger up just a tiny bit afterward...
After spending a yr exploring on the other side of the world, tiny, harmless Victoria has returned to flash her beau that she's learned a lot more than she bargained for.  A switched woman, her fucktoys and girls have been substitute by shining faux-cocks, and after munching foreign food for so lengthy, she's worked up fairly the appetite...for ginormous stiffys!
At Brazzers Crazy Services, we produce the best teenagers to all our gent clients. Taut teenagers is the promise we make to you. We will go over your cockslut preference list where upon a pristine model will be selected for you. Gratification is ensured.
Jessica is a web cam teenager, and she's pretty darn great at her job. She's been keeping it a secret from every one. Well, it turns out that Keiran knows exactly what she's doing, so he does what any gent would do in a situation like this. He offers her the real thing.
eighteen yr old Jodie Sterling is an up and coming agent at the ZZ school of Criminal Profiling. Her dean demand that she go on assignment to aid in the profiling of psychopath Dr. Harrison Lurker. Even tho' she is the youngest profiler to aid in such an endeavor she does bring confident figure to the task. Can Jodie get Dr. Lurker to open up before he opens up her vulva with his fat man-meat.
Lily Carter is addicted to internet converse lines. She clicks from boy to man to prefer the successful one she will have a killer talk with. It sadly becomes apparent that most men are not dude enough until her neighbor comfortably finds her. Sans thinking twice, Johnny, her neighbor, determines to ditch his ditzy computer for the real thing next door.
Veruca works at a mens outfit store and she hasn't seen a single customer all day. When Veruca gets bored she gets naughty and she's indeed bored today. The security camera gets a free glimpse at her nice lil' mounds and one fortunate mannequin gets the pawing of his life.  Veruca gets so caught up she doesn't even notice that she has a customer....but James notices her gorgeous tiny assets. While James is in the switching booth Veruca steals his clothes and will only give them back if James agrees to give her his big shaft in all her taut tiny slots.
Eventually, Dani Jensen's braces have come off! This feisty ginger teenager had to take some time off from tearing up, but now she's prepared to play. She calls up her lengthy-lost fuckbuddy Johnny to come over and have another violate at sealing the deal. He flashes up while she's fingerblasting her flawless tiny rosy cooter. Being the superb stud he is, Johnny helps this whore get off, lovinŠ¢ her oral abilities, then gliding his fat manhood nut deep in her moist twat.
After months of experience, Lily has ultimately gotten a tiny finer at toying the piano. Her instructor Keiran, indeed knows how to keep her motivated. She likes learning about chords, melodies, deep deep throating...wait...what? That's right, the only thing Lily likes more than the piano, is Keiran's hefty stiff man rod inbetween her lips...she also truly loves it in her vulva.
When Dani finds out naked pictures on the cellphone she found at the mall, she instantly determines to have some joy before returning the phone to its rightful possessor.  Upon learning that she's sent pictures of his manmeat to all of his contacts, Johnny determines to demonstrate her that a pic is worth a thousand words by making her gag on his boy meat!
Presley and Elaina are the finest of mates. Sadly, Presley is going off to school, and she's never had a meaty spunk-pump. Luck for her, her bff knows exactly how to get her well-prepped. Let's just say that she knows exactly who to call to take care of the situation.
Katreena has never been to the ghetto, the day she heard about bad guys with ginormous fuck-sticks, she knew she needed to get the prostate to go there and watch thick knobs for herself. Johnny Sins is part of the Grill Depot, a back yard group that spends all day chilling and making deals. Katreena is cornered into watching Johnny's shaft and when she does there is no turning down a teenage fashion grilling.
Country music starlet Alexis Monroe has a sloppy secret her record label won't let her share with anybody: a fetish for phat cocks. One day, she's just unwinding in her dressing apartment, when her security pursues in a man-groupie who wants to demonstrate her why he calls himself her "fattest" aficionado. Even nicer, her security guy's also got a yam-sized trouser snake, and Alexis has enough mouth-watering culo to go around.
It's an open secret Keiran's apparel company is the sleaziest workplace in all of LA. And yet, sizzling dolls keep applying there for work. Rumors of the huge trouser snake they get to love every day on the job have flooded his office with bitchy candidates like Adalisa. If she wants to get hired, very first, she's going to have to model his fashions on her fat all-natural boobs, and then mouth every inch of his lollipop.
Jynx is Johnny's largest aficionado. She is so obsessed with him, that she violates into his palace and jerks in his bedroom. Johnny is dazed and angry to find her waiting for him when he gets home. Jynx agrees to leave if he'll give her an autograph where the pen is his fuck-stick and the ink is his spunk.
Goth is dead! Lengthy live Hipsters! That's the fresh style that teenage gals have taken to. So, now boys need to know how to get into their undies and this movie does just that. With the help of Tiffany and Keiran we get to identify what a hipster looks like, how they interact and find out the easiest way to drill them.
Goldicocks went searching in the enchanted woods for someone to drill. It was when she was lost she knew she was out of luck. Then thru the trees she eyed a cottage to her disbelief. The ash-blonde hoe would saunter over there to end her distress. It's there she will find what she seeks. A face total of jism.
Riley is a ultra-kinky gal who enjoys to rail gigantic chisels and this time is no exception. When a door-to-door knife salesman knocks on her door suggesting high quality knives, she doesn't care about the stiff-verge of his blade so much as she does the stiffness of the his sausage !
Dani's magazine with Johnny Sins on the glaze eventually came in and she couldn't be more satisfied. She fantasizes about Johnny all the time...
Tori and her acquaintance are draping out at Memo's Pizzeria. A duo of fellows catch Tori's eye, in particular, Ramon. The only problem is when she approaches Ramon to embark a conversation, she mumbles and gets highly jumpy causing Ramon and his mate to make joy of her. Tori's mate then gives her a off the hook "mega-slut ring" that when worn, grants its bearer powers of allurement and complies as an indicator that the nymph wearing it is a bona fide biotch. Unnecessary to say, when Ramon witnesses Tori sporting this lump of bling, he continues to bang her backside with his thing!
It doesn't get any nicer than working as the custodian at ZZ Academy. Those cheerleaders are the best around, and so free with their figures, they don't give a pummel who witnesses them disrobing down and showering. When teenager ultra-cutie Alexis Venton and her pal realize they're being observed in the bathroom, they embark putting on a super-steamy display. Keiran is so active spying on teenage hooters, he doesn't notice Alexis sneak around to surprise him and plead for a rock-hard ravage.
Rebecca is dating Jordan and they haven't gone far in the bedroom yet. One day when they begin to idiot around, Rebecca stops herself again right before they get into it. To make her relieve up a bit, Jordan puts on a pornography which makes Rebecca truly insatiable and thrusts her to ultimately want to have romp with him.
Alexis is a ultra-cute stunner minding her own biz, alone at home on a Saturday night. When Johnny, a hooded boogeyman, calls her up and tries to spook her, his plan briefly backfires. Alexis is humid, prepped and looking for some excitement, so his call couldn't have come at a nicer time!
Jennifer is an goth lady who has a firm time making buddies so her mom arranges for her to meet her mate's daughter. She is a preppy doll and has nothing in common with Jennifer. While in her apartment, Keiran sneaks in thru the window and make-out in front of Jennifer. They catch Jennifer gawping at Keiran's massive manhood and claim that Jennifer wouldn't know what to do with a boy. Jennifer proves to them that she likes meaty fuck-stick and can treat it with relief.
Katie is fed up with her sis.  Ever since leaving their parent's home in Brooklyn, Katie's sis has taken every chance to unload her...errr...ovaries.  Fed up with her sis's bragging about the size of her beau's prick, Katie determines that if her sista is so antsy to watch it, then she'll just have to taker her up on her suggest.
It's Alec's sons 18th bday and Alec wants to film all the festivities! Turns out the soiree begins earlier than hoped when his son's gf, Lia, is the very first to arrive and she produces a bday message to the camera that Alec is never gonna leave behind!
Keiran is a fortunate executive who's climbing the corporate pyramid fairly well. His manager has just invited him to have dinner at his palace and discuss a hoist. They are chatting biz when abruptly the manager's daughter flashes up. Keiran realizes that is the doll he plumbed last night and that desired a serious relationship.
Corey and Gracie have been dating for a few months, and have already determined they want to get married. Sadly, things don't go over too well when they tell corey's mother. She thinks they're way too youthful. Fortunate for her, Corey's meaty brutha, Johnny, knows exactly what to do to coax his bro to call off the wedding. Time to penetrate the bride to be.
Jordan has grudgingly agreed to let Eve linger at his place as a favour to his joy button. He's been ensured that she's highly mind-blowing and they will get along supreme. Unluckily, when she arrives, Jordan is dismayed to detect that she doesn't speak a word of English! At very first he is upset and calls his mate to make complaints, but it briefly becomes apparent that what Eve lacks in communication abilities, she makes up for in sexual talent.


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